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January 20, 2017 - Turning Point
2017 THE POWER OF 10
2017 ~ WEEK 15

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The 1 Destiny

The 1 Destiny


...the life-long path of the PIONEER

"No bird soars too high,
if he soars with his own wings."

William Blake

The circumstances of your life will teach you the importance of believing in yourself and of satisfying your need for independence. You want to lead your own life and you tend to do this by using your individuality - your unique magnetism - to draw success to you. You are able to take care of yourself, to stand on your own two feet, and to get what you want out of life. And what you want out of life can be most unusual indeed.

The 1 energy embraces progress. This implies that steps must be taken, one at a time, which will lead to higher goals. You are able to perceive each step as a goal in itself, and your foresight here - your knowing what you want and how to get it - usually results in the achievement of your ambitions.

Others may see you as self-centered, inconsiderate, or even greedy. They may resent your positive forward-drive, all the time wishing they possessed some of this energy themselves. Your self-centeredness is, indeed, a fact because the self is precisely what you have come into this lifetime to learn about. Those who do not understand this natural "1" characteristic will often be jealous of you. You yourself must learn to appreciate who you are and that some negativity from others is inevitable on this path. But it is also avoidable once you more fully understand your role of leader and pioneer.

The 1 destiny provides the physical and mental energy which keeps you so busy, and urges you to be wherever the action is. You must lead your own life without the constant influence of other people. You can never be happy while you need the approval of others. But you will gain their admiration when they realize that you are not seeking it.

The feeling of having to "go it alone" is prevalent, however, because others are so resistant to the new, the progressive, and the different. You may sometimes find this resistance to be so heavy that the only person you can lead is yourself.

Your tendency toward impatience must be recognized and, where possible, toned down. Your ideas and plans will only materialize at their right time. Realize, too, that because your pace is so fast, others can find it difficult to keep up with you. They are not abandoning you. Rather it is you who are leaving them behind. An understanding here can bring improvements to all your relationships.

You do need an appreciative audience. How can you be a leader if no one is following? But when your "following" starts to slow you down or distract you from what you really want to do, you are likely to break free abruptly, leaving others feeling hurt, abandoned, and confused. It may seem as if you are retreating or running away from everything. Usually, though, it is a matter of you pushing others back so that you can reclaim the space you believe is yours. Patience is something that really does need to be developed on the 1 path.

It can be lonely at the "top". But do be honest with yourself here: the "top" is exactly where you want to be. It is where you are meant to be. But you need frequent periods of isolation so that you can focus on what is important to you. Meditation is a matter of focus, which means that you are often meditating without consciously trying to. Focus is one of the splendid gifts of the 1 destiny and is the key to achieving your desires, particularly once you learn to focus on the big picture instead of only one small part at a time.

When you do find the courage to go your own way and do what you instinctively feel is right for you, those who were once unable to appreciate your unusual vision will suddenly be only too willing to jump on your band-wagon and applaud your independent approach. Do not deter these people with an attitude of superiority, intolerance, or impatience. Learn the art of leadership by welcoming, encouraging, and nurturing your self-made following, while patiently and confidently retaining your position as originator and leader. Others will soon realize that you will not be forced, coerced, or tricked into anything that goes against your grain.

The very thought of having to depend on someone else for your happiness, security and success, is probably repugnant to you. Likewise, you do not take kindly to others who depend on you to the extent that they distract you from what matters to you. Other people do play a very important role in your life, but dependence, in any form, is just not natural for you. 1 is the path of independence.

This does not mean that you cannot be an excellent partner or team mate. But roles, schedules, and purposes do need to be defined, and parameters may need to be set as to how much of yourself you are comfortably able to give to others. People close to you need to know that while you will make sacrifices that are necessary, you will never sacrifice yourself, your time, your money,
or your effort, for those who can and must learn to help themselves. Consequently, you thrive around others who possess your independent nature.

The 1 destiny makes you a dynamo of positive energy. But you must be careful not to deny the negatives of life because they do, indeed, exist. Unless a problem is accepted as a problem, the solution you need may never be found. One of the often denied negatives on this path of independence is that of becoming attached and addicted to things, situations, beliefs, and people that enter the life alluringly, only to become major challenges to your free disposition. Always remain aware of your own addictions and dependencies. Some will be obvious, while others will control you more subtly. It is necessary to recognize, admit to, and overcome these challenges. Your dependencies are what stand between you and the creation of your destiny. These are traps that you, yourself, have set in place because you are afraid of your own feelings of greatness. It may be difficult for you to accept that this fear even exists because, to you, fear denotes weakness. Try not to deny your fear of being special. It is only by accepting and loving your uniqueness that you will be able to sense and avoid unwanted situations. Your denial of fear will slow down your progress to the extent that you will be unable to take important steps unless you have the approval of others.

Your very nature is to move progressively, step by step, with each step falling into place; creating yet another new foothold, and then another, which will lead to something greater. Yours is the nature of constant forward movement. Therefore you cannot allow your denial of fear, and especially your denial of guilt, to stop your natural progression from taking place.

When you are unsure of yourself, you may still want to lead, but you will have no idea of where you are headed. In this case, others may reject you, your ideas, your beliefs, your methods, or your lifestyle. But, once you stop depending on the approval of others for the results you want, you will gain a sense of direction and you will be able to accept meaningful leadership roles when life offers them to you.

Other people are already aware of your independent nature, as well as your many natural abilities. But what others see in you is not the point. You, yourself, must be able to recognize your talents and use them whenever you can, without compromising your individuality. You must learn to follow your driving force - your own WILL - your feelings. When you have reached this level of self-awareness and confidence, some very substantial opportunities will present themselves and will lead to material and financial reward, as well as recognition of your talents.

Some of the natural gifts of the 1 destiny cycle are those of assertiveness and courage. You have strong personal needs and desires which you see as goals and ambitions. Often, your goals can seem trivial, impractical, or grandiose to others. And, because they may sometimes consider your ideas to be too egotistically, financially, or whimsically based, it is often necessary for you to ignore their criticism and follow your own convictions. How else can a pioneer operate?

The other people in your life can sometimes disappoint you because they do not seem to share your passion for the various things you hold dear. You may find a lot of resistance from them, making you confused as to why they will not, at least, be happy for you. There seems to be no apparent reason why others disapprove of you so often. You dare to be yourself. Your Will is strong and active. You get things done. So why don't they accept you as you are? In this regard, you must learn that everyone's needs, desires, and levels of consciousness are different. Everyone is evolving at different speeds, in different ways, and under different circumstances. Everyone's personal nature is different. While, most of the time, you are a wonderful representative for Free Will, you must learn to allow others to be who they are and realize that there are no set ways for individuals to live, behave, or evolve. Once you have accepted yourself for who and what you are, you will be able to teach and inspire others about the importance of their individuality and their need to become more original and independent.

The world has outgrown its need for idols and heroes. Humanity now requires truthful information instead that encourages people to live their own lives. You have so much to teach about self-acceptance, determination, Free Will, creativity, and personal satisfaction. But you can only fulfill this potential by being self-accepting, independent, creative, satisfied with your own progress, as it progresses, and eager to forge the way for others even though your main focus, in this lifetime, is YOU. You may hide your self-centeredness very cleverly, but it is there anyway, just as it is supposed to be. You are probably already aware of this tendency even if you do not make it outwardly visible. In some people, this could be viewed as a negative trait but in you, however, self-centeredness is totally natural and it is beautiful - when it is balanced with consideration for others. Here, you may have to learn the difference between being self-centered and selfish; egotistical and self-deflating; impatient and lackadaisical; too trendy and too old fashioned; too rigid and too laid back.

One of the most difficult lessons you may have to learn on this path is that of EGO. Without an ego, it is impossible to know who you are, or what you are capable of doing. People who say we must bury our egos in order to be spiritually 'whole', forget that in order to be whole, the ego must be allowed its right place. The ego is part of the whole. We cannot exist without our egos, without denying a part of who we are. The lesson you must learn about your ego is that of balance. You must learn to balance your personality between having too much and too little ego and to allow the ego to rest so that creative excellence can be experienced. You need to develop a realistic sense of your own importance. You are here to learn about yourself and, therefore, it is natural for your ego to fluctuate wildly at times, so that you can learn how to balance it. You need to behonest about how you really feel about yourself. There is a lot to thinkabout here.

The 1 energy allows for a much 'easier' trip through life than the other destiny numbers, but only if you allow this 'ease' into your life. If you think that life is a struggle, you will find that what you are actually struggling with is a dependency of some kind. Honesty with yourself is essential because you tend to deny your dependencies even when they are obvious. When you are truly being yourself and following your heart, life and love will flow very easily for you. Problems will always arise when you are dependent on someone or something, and when you deny or exaggerate yourfeelings. Being yourself means being yourself and nothing more.

One of the principle gifts of the 1 destiny is your ability to influence others. At the same time, others often view you as someone who could do a lot better if you would only push yourself a little harder. This simply shows that other people are more aware of your potential than you are. They
sense what you are really capable of, and wonder why you haven't pushed yourself further. One of the reasons you do not push yourself as hard as others think you should is that, plainly, you don't want to. You want to live your life on your own terms. You do not want others setting your goals or agendas for you. You have your own ideas of where you want to go and how you intend getting there. Yet, in a crisis, you can amaze everyone, including yourself, as you step in and efficiently save the day. Recognize just how special, different, and powerful you are. This may sometimes leave you feeling that you are the only one who is putting any effort into a situation. There is a certain isolation attached to this feeling; a sense that, when all is said and done, you are very much alone in this world. Believe it or not, this feeling of aloneness is one of the gifts of the 1 destiny.

You see, we are only just learning, as a species, that we are all connected and related. But until this is learned on a global level, until more individuals understand the new information that is making its way into the world right now, we are alone, and there are no guarantees for anything. None of us knows what is around the corner. You, at least, are aware of this reality, which gives you a distinct edge over those who seem forever dependent on outside factors for their information and their security. Your sense of being alone can be used to your advantage by realizing that you were never meant to follow the crowd. To do so will bring you nothing but unhappiness. Instead, you must find your own truths, and understand that it is your role in life to be original, creative, innovative, influential, and self-satisfied. It is your place in life to stand alone - ahead of the crowd.

Be yourself, be original, take the initiative in all your life's affairs. Liberate and strengthen your Will by denying nothing about yourself and those around you. Express your feelings spontaneously. Accept your freedom, your independence, your individuality, your uniqueness. Take care of your own needs first and you will be able to take care of and inspire others, when the need arises, with an uncommon degree of compassion and understanding. Intent is such a powerful energy. If your intent is loving, love will materialize in your life most powerfully. Your personal relationships need to be looked at realistically because they will only flourish with those whose ego's are already balanced; or those who are actively working on balancing their egos, those who appreciate and encourage your creative and pioneering spirit; and those whose own sense of purpose is as intense as your own. You are a very strong and ambitious person who is attracted to the strength and ambition of others. These are the people you love. And, by loving them as you would like them to love you, love itself will flow to and from you in great abundance.

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