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January 20, 2017 - Turning Point
2017 THE POWER OF 10
2017 ~ WEEK 15

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The 2 Destiny

The 2 Destiny


...the life-long path of the SENSITIVE

"Fellowship is heaven,
and lack of fellowship is hell."

William Morris

The 2 destiny means that you will spend this lifetime learning about the feminine aspects of life, sexual balance, emotional expression, intuition, healing, peace, cooperation, relationship, diplomacy, patience, and attention to detail.  In the new millennium, it is the 2s of this world who will be leading the way through their refined powers of diplomacy and persuasion, and through their ability to inspire on an emotional level. 

In order to lead successfully, you must develop a peaceful approach and understand how the "big picture" is influenced by seemingly minor details. Yours is the important task of connection.  Great patience and dedication are required.

You are the one who encourages and promotes those who have something valuable to offer.  You are the one who takes care of the details that others are unable or unwilling to handle.  This makes you the ultimate networker, facilitator, and agent.  Your purpose is to provide a service which enables others to move forward.  You are the indispensable behind-the-scenes powerhouse on whom others rely.   At the same time, you will be given the opportunity to further your own unique ambitions, dreams, and higher purposes. 2 provides you with the power of illumination.  When you focus that special light of yours on other people, it enlivens and inspires.  You, in turn, become inspired by your own encounters, relationships, and experiences.

No matter how you think you fared in the 1000s, it is in the 2000s that life becomes your oyster and the world becomes your stage.  However, it is the manner in which you travel the 2 path which will determine the quality of the oyster's pearl.  The way you live your life, think your thoughts, feel your feelings, make decisions, and reach for your dreams, is likely to be quite different from the mainstream idea of success. Yet, it is from your example that the mainstream can learn, emulate, and embrace a brand new way of living which makes peace, love, and understanding their top priorities. 

You will need to bring forward ideas which were once considered mere idealism but are, in fact, evolutionary elements of life.  You must remain true to your own feelings, and you must have the courage to question so called authority and expertise.  You will have to learn to do this without force.   You must use your natural ability to persuade instead., PEACE is 2s objective.  It may be necessary to situate yourself close to those in positions of power so that you can gain their attention and trust.  You have very little inclination toward control, aggression, hard competition, or selfishness.  But without an acceptance for what you are here to accomplish, you may encounter serious problems as to where you actually stand in this competitive and aggressive world. 

The talents you possess - whatever they may be - are your "stepping stones" to accomplishing your vital mission.  Your emotional nature will provide the information - the intelligence - as to how peace can be created out of the chaos we now call life.  You have the ability to feel, intuit, and sense your way through life.  This is a gift you must  become comfortable with.  It is your recognition of reality which makes you so sensitive in the first place. But it is your acceptance of reality, and your burning desire to change, and not just camouflage realities that are painful, which will bring you out of emotional extremes and into a position of power.

The 2 path emphasizes emotion, which is the most positive driving force of humanity.  But it has not yet been recognized as such.  Until our emotional realities are accepted as positive factors of life, your own emotions may tend to overwhelm you.  Just as the power of emotion has not yet been recognized, you have not yet been recognized as the powerful being that you are. Humanity's misunderstanding of emotion has led us to deny our true feelings to an extreme degree. 

There is a tendency in 2s to gravitate toward one extreme or the other, making some of you extremely over-sensitive, shy, humble, passive, and self-depreciating - or - extremely aggressive, angry, controlling, judgmental, and even cruel.  Some 2s have to pendulate back and forth between the two extremes before a comfortable balance is achieved.  Both extremes are created by fear. Your various fears, therefore, are emotions which must be faced head-on. 

There is an inherent shyness in most 2s.  But if you remain true to yourself and follow your deepest feelings, your humility will be seen by others as radiance and dignity.  Remember that it is your acceptance of your own unique reality which makes you so utterly persuasive and believable.     Acceptance of your own reality is intelligence - and the very key to traveling the 2 path safely and successfully.

2 is the number of RELATION.  Your sense of self-importance is often overshadowed by your need to interact with and understand other people and their situations.  Your various circumstances will teach you to relate one thing to another so that a meaningful connection can be made.   You will need to understand your position within all your various relationships.  It is from these connections that you will both give and receive unprecedented love. 

Relatives are likely to play an important role in your life.  You will learn that your connection to them is relative to your perception of their reality. In other words, you do not believe that you owe allegiance to certain people simply because you are related by blood.  You are able to relate to others by sensing their needs, their motivations, and the causes of their problems.  You are able to clarify and relate your feelings, verbally or artistically.  You realize that, in some way, you are related to all human beings. 

The 2 destiny provides opportunities for you to become an organizer, facilitator, and peacemaker.  You will frequently find yourself in situations where your cooperation is required.  It is important that you understand what this means.  It does not mean submitting yourself to the demands of other people.  It means operating in your own right, within a team or group, in which everyone involved has a particular talent to contribute or roll to play. CO-operation means operating together.

You are here to connect other people.  You will find evidence of this in the way your social life is comprised.  Your friends and family are such a diverse collection of characters.  These are people who may never have found anything in common if it were not for the bond they share with you.   You are what they have in common.  As time passes, the people you introduced to each other may themselves become friends or even partners.  You may not be the leader of this pack, but without you there to keep making the connections, the pack would not have existed in the first place.  

Your younger years may have been difficult because, although your efforts were visible, and often invaluable, it is unlikely that you received full recognition or acknowledgment for your intelligence, contribution, or talent. You probably came up with some excellent ideas but, often, they were put into action far more effectively and dynamically by someone else. You may have found yourself in a position of leadership early in life, only to realize that your particular brand of leadership was not dynamic enough and was too idealistic for this aggressive world.  It is part of your life's experience to learn to feel comfortable with other people getting credit for your ideas and your work.   But that was then.  Now is a different story.  We are living in a new cycle of time in which the 2 energy takes center stage.

In the 2000s, it is your brand of leadership which will attract the largest following.  The 2 energy requires patience - and this is something you possess in abundance.  Playing "second fiddle" was a difficult role in your younger years, but the more you strive to understand and accept your past reality, the more likely you are to receive the recognition you deserve. 

It may be difficult to fathom, since as you were born on the 2 path of love, peace, and understanding, why you were thrown in to such a harsh, chaotic, traumatic, or insensitive childhood.  You will be able to release the pain, grief, anger, fear, and guilt of your youth by realizing that your early experiences were necessary to instill in you a desire for harmony.  Allow this desire to become so strong that it is your driving force.  Your early experiences also created your acute intelligence and your innate knowledge of human behavior.  An understanding of this will help you to become comfortable with the important role you are meant to play in bringing people and ideas together and of making things work harmoniously.  

Be patient and observant as you watch others achieve their results with a force that you simply do not possess.  Whenever you try to imitate the aggressive tactics of others, you will end up with many unnecessary problems. Others often receive the credit for your ideas and your efforts, or use you and your talents without giving due compensation.  There may have been times in your life when you believed you just didn't have what it takes to enjoy the kind of success others seemed to acquire with ease.  But this is a temporary situation in which you will learn what needs to be learned.  Eventually, you will emerge triumphantly, in your own right, and with the added satisfaction of knowing that your success has enabled others to succeed also. 

You are a natural diplomat.  Through your ability to interact with and relate to others, you will achieve personal happiness, success, and recognition.  You possess deep consideration for others.  You are a good friend.  But, when 2s become frustrated with their slower path, they are also capable of turning diplomacy into guile and deceit.  If you are ever caught in this maneuver, you could well find yourself with the reputation of being sly, slick, or two-faced.  You can be extremely clever at hiding the fact that your gift of persuasion has become the knack of manipulation.  And rather than apologize, you can twist a situation around and make the person you have offended feel guilty for offending you. Yes, 2s can send the rest of us on some confusing guilt trips at times.

While you are usually very sensitive to the feelings and needs of other people, your own  feelings can be all too easily hurt.  This need not be the case once you have learned to relax with yourself and with the realities that surround you.  Most 2s want to retreat from situations where others are insensitive, indifferent, or unkind.  But in doing so, they may deprive themselves of many beneficial experiences.  2s must learn to deal with the insensitivity of others without being overwhelmed.  You belong out there, in the big and bustling world, making things happen for others and, at the same time, for yourself.  You can be very patient, especially in situations which require attention to detail.  In fact, tireless, patient, and meticulous attention to detail is essential to your success. 

You like to think of yourself as a good friend, and you usually are.  You also need to know that you are loved by others.  You must learn about self-respect. You may give the outward appearance that you have no difficulty in this area but, inwardly, you may be intimidated by others who seem, somehow, stronger and more capable than you.  There may also be times when you question your own desirability or talent.   These are the times when your powers of persuasion becomes reversed, enabling others to talk you into things that go against your grain.  Here, life is trying to teach you to respect your own Free Will and say "no" when "no" is what you want to say, without being overwhelmed by guilt or fear. 

You must be careful not to give in to the pressures of others simply to avoid confrontation.  Your sense of self worth must be developed so that you can confront people and issues with confidence and authority instead of aggression or fear.   When you have learned more about the 2 energy, you will understand that your strengths can be found where other people's are totally lacking.  By doing for them what they cannot do for themselves, in some kind of service, you will create a powerful position for yourself in which you will be considered indispensable. 

Not only is the 2 energy extremely powerful in its own unique way, but it is becoming stronger in the new millennium - and so are you.  The magnetic pull of the Universal 2 energy is already being felt throughout the world.  It provides you with what is needed, not only to survive the drastic changes that are occurring, but also to understand and be constructively involved in them.

A strong intuition is one of 2s principle gifts.  In order to "hear" your intuitive voice, it is necessary for you to calm down and relax with everything that is going on inside you, and around you.  You must learn to do what you want to do in life without dominating a situation, or without hiding your light under a bushel. If you do not make an effort to reduce the stress and distraction in your life, you may never be able to fully accept this wonderful path, or enjoy the gifts it has to offer.  There is no place for unnecessary stress in your life because 2 is a slow moving and gentle energy.  The pressure that comes from trying to move against its powerfully slow current will make you physically ill.  Whenever you feel intolerable pressure, you can be sure that you are pushing too hard.  But once you really do accept this calmer path of yours, remarkable things will begin to happen.  To start with, you will finally realize just how powerful you are.

A certain amount of nervousness is inevitable because you may not be able to understand where this power has suddenly came from or what you are supposed to do with it.  You may question whether it is real or not - or whether you are somehow deceiving the people who have become your admirers and followers.  You may want to back away from this exciting but demanding role.  If you do back away from it, you will be dissatisfied because you will know that you are capable of so much more.  You may become frustrated with yourself for dreaming about what could be, instead of simply doing it.

You have probably always been aware of your "special" qualities.  But you were rarely able to define them or put them to constructive use in your younger years.  That is because you could not bring yourself to believe just how great your potential is.  But, as time passes, and your emotional nature receives more acceptance from your spiritual mind, you cannot help but feel the power that comes with this balancing of your energies.   Real spirituality has little to do with religion or philosophy.  There can be no monopoly on something as incredibly personal as the evolution of your own consciousness and your own Will.  Although the spiritual journey is a vital and life-giving one for us all, it is a unique and individual experience which can be taken as far as you want to take it - or completely ignored.  For some, life is a spiritual journey which eventually leads to the understanding of emotion.  Yours, however, is an emotional journey which will bring you deep into the spiritual realities of life.

Relax with your intent to find the truth, and the truth will soon present itself.  Allow yourself to "tune in" to your intuition.  Do not allow your thoughts to control your feelings but, rather, allow your feelings to express themselves freely.  Then notice how much more deeply you are able to think. This takes trust, courage and persistence, but it will enable you to live "in the moment", instead of being anchored to the past, or always worrying about the future.  Never deny what you are feeling.  It is not the feelings you hide from others that are important here but, rather, those feelings you hide from yourself!   FEEL your feelings so that you can know the truth of what has caused them, and how they need to be expressed. So much new intelligence can be gained from this ongoing experience.  It is not enough to simply acknowledge your emotions on an intellectual basis.  You must experience them. Let them pass through you and out of you.  This brings you to a state of emotional freedom and prevents you from becoming involved in things you do not want to be involved with.  Only by feeling your feelings will you be able to navigate the 2 path successfully.  This loving energy requires you to sense your way through it, rather than push or force your way.  To sense is to feel!

You are special!  You are capable of great accomplishment. But, of course, this is relative to your perception of what accomplishment is.  For some, it is to find fame and fortune while, for others, it may be to live comfortably and quietly in an atmosphere of love and harmony.  Others may be so disappointed in the way the world is turning that they will want to do something specific to change its course.  In this regard, it should be understood that the first thing any of us must do to change the world, is to change ourselves, on an individual level, toward the direction of Free Will. Without the freedom to decide the courses of our own individual lives, neither love or peace can prevail. 

Your 2 destiny allows you to inspire others by your own example, and illuminate the way for them, simply by being yourself and doing what you want to do.   You have more potential than most to learn from the drastic changes that are now taking place on Earth, and to show others the way to peace.

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