'Life Cycles' by Christine DeLorey

your emotional journey to freedom and happiness

~a book for our times~


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January 20, 2017 - Turning Point
2017 THE POWER OF 10
2017 ~ WEEK 15

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Healing Power

An Excerpt from LIFE CYCLES
Your Emotional Journey To Freedom And Happiness

Part Three
Life, Love and Liberty in the New Millennium
(The Healing Power Of Emotion)

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Copyright DELOREY 2010 - all rights reserved

We tend to think of the rational as a higher order,
but it is the emotional that marks our lives.

Merle Shane

How else can you measure the quality of your life if not by the way you feel about it? To feel is to sense or intuit. Sensitivity, intuition, emotion, feelings, are all different words which describe our sixth sense which, in turn, defines the WILL.

We all possess this sense. It is as natural as taste, sight, touch, hearing, and smell. As our consciousness expands and evolves, we are realizing that emotion is an essential source of our personal power if only our consciousness - the mind - would allow it to emerge fully and be felt.

Our minds are reasonably tolerant of what we believe are "positive" feelings but, because not all of our feelings feel pleasant, we tend to cut ourselves off from those so called negative emotions and pretend they are not happening. Although feelings are being constantly triggered inside us, we are not fully aware of them and, eventually, we become weighed down by all that unaddressed and unexpressed emotion, without actually knowing the cause of our unhappiness.

Rather than risk the heaviness of depression, we tend to suppress our emotions and rely largely on our consciousness, our minds, to steer us through life. Of course, this has enabled us to expand our minds to the great evolutionary proportions of today and, as our minds evolve to higher levels of understanding so, too, does everything else on Earth.

But we are also experiencing a sense of loss as we notice that our relationships, in their many different forms, are not providing the warmth or the love we imagine they should. The mind, alone, is not a very warm place to be. And, yet, it is from the coldness of pure intellect that we try to fathom why it is so difficult to maintain our existing relationships, to form relationships we believe would be good for us, or why we find ourselves with people, or in situations, with which we have little or nothing in common.

We have reached a level of consciousness where further expansion is impossible until we accept that we are so much more than just consciousness and physical mass. "Going within" has been a marvelous and enlightening experience, but we have now reached an exciting cycle of time which forces us to look at reality and to feel things about it that we thought our expanded consciousness had long ago learned to control. We are learning that positive thinking without positive feeling is nothing more than self-deception.

Surprisingly, emotion is a largely unexplored dimension of human existence. Emotional freedom, or free Will, is the integral next step in our evolutionary journeys. It is the key to peace, love, and creativity. It is the theme of the new millennium.

Free Will is also the theme of this book. It has been written for those who are seeking the freedom to live their lives according to how they feel; spontaneously doing whatever they feel driven to do; creating realities in which love, truth, peace, and joy are abundant.

We are discovering more and more about our unlimited nature, the unlimited nature of creation itself, and the power of love and satisfaction over purely commercial ambition. Our creative abilities are simultaneously exceeding all conventional and commercial boundaries. We are learning that when we feel something deeply enough, we can bring it to life, give it form and substance, and prosper from it in ways that far outweigh commercial success alone. This is why the most emotionally expressive people are also the most creative.

Money and material gain may well be at the top of your list of priorities, and while these things are certainly important, they are by no means the ultimate rewards involved here. Releasing yourself from the heaviness of life is the ultimate goal, so that the lightness of freedom and genuine happiness can be experienced.

Neither money or the power that money creates can buy love or joy. Genuine love and happiness are energies which, quite simply, cannot be bought, sold, or otherwise manipulated. This is because the quality of their vibration is higher than any other energy with which we might try to manipulate them.

Love and joy are the highest forms of energy in the Universe - the highest highs. But at this stage of humanity's evolution, none of us is able to remain in the magnificent energy fields of love or joy for very long before we start to feel ourselves being dragged down again by the sheer weight of our own unexpressed feelings; dragged down not only to a lower level of emotional energy, but also into less desirable situations in our day-to-day affairs.

We believe that our happiness is depleted by outside realities. We try to comprehend our lives forever looking outward, facing one problem after another, dealing with the occasional and inevitable crisis, and forever concerned about what our next crisis may be.
There are also those dreaded times when our sense of loss is so acute that we have no choice but to feel the awesome power of our emotions. Then, through burning tears and constricted throats, we face the world and vent our rage. Or we retreat from the world in fear of being seen as the emotional creatures we really are. And we beg to know, from whatever higher power we believe in, "why is this happening to me?"

Although the world is full of suffering,
it is full also of the overcoming of it.

Helen Keller

When we look at this world of ours and observe the dangerous absurdity in which we are living, it is often difficult to believe that human consciousness really is evolving to higher dimensions. We sense a tremendous potential for peace, only to have our hopes dashed by the fear that others cannot accept this possibility and will destroy life before we even get a chance to understand it.

We desire a safer and more loving existence, but are often unaware of our own contribution to the world's chaotic situation. We judge and blame others for all the ills in society, and even for the problems in our personal lives. Then we look to different others - politicians, scientists, doctors, religious leaders etc - to solve our problems for us and make the pain and the fear go away.

But when we analyze the "solutions" and dogma being handed down by those who are often less spiritually or emotionally aware than ourselves, we realize that our dependence on "others" to make decisions for us and to tell us how to live, has given them a power they are not qualified to have. Our dependence on others is killing the freedom we claim to want so much. Others cannot give us freedom because, quite simply, it is not theirs to give.

There are those who believe they are not personally involved with humanity's present confusion and they focus only on what they believe is the "positive". In doing so, they are failing to notice their own role in the "negative" and are unable to change those aspects which need to be changed. There are also those who focus only on the "gloom and doom" of this world. But from this perspective of hopelessness, it is also impossible to contribute to positive change.

Yes, it can be frightening to look at this world as it really is because it often appears that evil is on the rise, outweighing whatever good intent we may have. However, a closer look at what is really happening on Earth shows that what seems to be the expansion of evil is actually evil being exposed far more frequently and courageously than ever before and, often, in the most unexpected places and situations. Such exposure shows us that evil is not so much on the rise, but on the run. It is also bringing us face to face with our outdated judgments as to what "right" and "wrong" actually are. In the midst of such colossal change, it is easy for us - too easy - to pre-judge the unfamiliar before we feel the reality of it, and then miss the opportunity to learn something new and constructive.

In order to prioritize, we must learn to look at life from the balanced position between purely positive or negative points of view. It is from a state of balance that we realize that our problems, no matter what form they take, are the result of our resistance to accept our personal responsibility to live in freedom. Our transformation begins when we accept that denial of reality is what we are evolving from, and that FREE WILL is what we are evolving to.

The important thing is not to stop questioning....
Albert Einstein

It is scientifically accepted that everything in creation, including people, is comprised of a consistent vibrating substance which we call energy. Within the continuum of this energy there are distinct differences in vibrational speeds and characteristics. In order to sustain itself, all energy must flow freely to pursue its eternal "journey" which is made up of 9 numerological cycles. The purpose of these cycles is not to keep us confined to one unchanging reality or system. It is to provide openings and gateways and ladders with which to discover new realities of human potential which are free from the stagnation of organized belief systems.

The problem is that until we learn what needs to be learned within each cycle, all we do is repeat them, along with the same old misunderstandings and mistakes we have always made, without actually getting anywhere. Perhaps this is why the human species has failed to learn much about its own nature in all the time we have existed, and why history has always repeated itself at regular and predictable intervals.

It is no coincidence that humanity's first important physical discovery was the wheel. The circle, or cycle, has far more significance than many people imagine. The wheel was the first invention because its shape is the first element of life. The wheel was invented through humanity's desire not to merely go around in circles, but to move forward with greater ease.

Our circular planet also moves in regular and measurable cycles. Earth's constant motion accounts for the four seasons, day and night, time and tide. Earth is a small dot on the universal map and, yet, an integral part of an incalculable planetary system in which cyclical predictability is its common denominator. But it is the emotional cycles of human life - how people feel - that account for trends, wars, laws, creativity, economic and ecological shifts, and evolution itself.

Just look at how emotional our lives have become. The way we feel determines the course of all creation and destruction. And it is only through the spontaneous expression of our feelings that we will ever learn what it feels like to be "on track" with our own unique magnetic emotional paths.

The science of numerology observes and monitors energies which most people cannot yet distinguish simply because these forces are invisible to the physical eye. The way they effect us, however, can be clearly seen in our day-to-day affairs. These aspects of human nature can be mathematically quantified, but they also need to be felt in order to be experienced and understood. The more components something has, the more intricate it is, and the more cycles, within cycles, occur. Human beings have become unnecessarily complex beings because of our inability to recognize our cyclical nature. We have become trapped in certain cycles, particularly the cycles of time.

For most people, time is the great dictator. There is either never enough of it, or it is all we have. The more we revolve mechanically around clocks and calendars, the less spontaneous we become as we try to stay on or ahead of time. Yet, we fully expect time to catch up with us and, when it does, our time is "up", and we die. Now, with free Will as our objective, we can use life's natural cycles to actually transcend time and exist as human beings - instead of the human "race" against time and each other that we are all presently engaged in.

For many years, I struggled to understand how we can have free Will when we are so heavily influenced by these energy cycles. As my experience of the science expanded, I found that numerology provides us with the mental, physical, and emotional framework of potentials with which to break free from the time-trap in which we are currently ensnared. In other words, by learning what needs to be learned within each cycle, numerology provides the way out of that eternal rut into an evolving freedom of higher understanding. Knowledge of our individual cycles allows us to flow freely with nature instead of struggling against it, and shows us that nature itself is the miracle from which all miracles are created.

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship,
and the most successful ones are between people
who regard themselves as individual, independent entities,
rather than someone else's appendage.

Sally Brompton

When we are being ourselves and doing what we love to do, we lose track of time and we are happy. Is it not happiness we are looking for? Time does not fly when you're having fun, it stops. This state of loving who we are and what we are doing is the nucleus of free Will, peace, love, and creativity. Through our own natural cycles and the feelings they trigger, we can recognize who we really are and what we really want.

Who we are and what we want determine the personality of our Will, which may be very different to the personality we present to the world. Often, we are so busy trying to "create" personalities which we hope will live up to the expectations of others, and doing things we don't even enjoy, that we have precious little time for attaining our real desires. We imagine that love comes from our relationships with other people, and we often fail to realize that love must be given in order to be experienced, and that love has many different forms.

If you are unhappy with yourself and with what you are doing in life, you will reflect your dissatisfaction to those you love. Then you will suspect that the relationship itself is the reason you are unhappy. So much true love is lost because people believe they are no longer free when they are in a relationship. In fact, the first thing we seem to do when love enters our lives is to place rules upon it and chains around it. But when two people love and trust each other and remain free and independent individuals, they reflect their personal satisfaction back to each other - and the love thrives. This is as true of relationships with children, relatives, and friends, as it is with our romantic partners.

Some people are afraid of love. They believe that love hurts. But this is not true. Love is incapable of inflicting pain. It is the loss of love that hurts so much. And it is our fear of this loss which causes us to hold on to love too tightly so that it cannot move freely between the people involved. And that is where guilt enters the situation and begins its slow and deceptive process of tearing love apart.

This is the return to innocence...
Enigma, "Cross of Changes."

Feelings are a natural energy which must flow and evolve freely. Therefore, it may be difficult to accept that there is a substance among us which is not at all natural, nor is it made of the energy of which all life is made. GUILT is nothing more than the conflicting echoes of judgments that humanity has made throughout time. Sometimes these judgments are correct and, very often, they are totally wrong.

The more we base our beliefs and decisions on these judgments without feeling the reality of the situation for ourselves, the more guilt we create. Its presence prevents the movement of natural energy. Ultimately, it will cause us to destroy life itself unless we learn to recognize it and remove ourselves from its influence. And we must do this without denying its existence. The most frightening thing about guilt is that many people have either become complaisant about it, or they revere it. Some of the most judgmental doctrines hail it as the voice of righteousness.

Peace is not the absence of war.
It is a virtue, a state of mind,
a disposition for benevolence,
confidence, justice...

Benedict Spinoza

We see the violence, hatred, war, and all kinds of despicable actions taking place, and we are disgusted by the absence of guilt and shame in the people involved. But what we are seeing in them is guilt and shame, which they are denying. Guilt's perpetual voice has deceived us into believing that it is love, compassion and innocence when, in fact, love, compassion, and innocence are what guilt is destroying.

During the course of this journey you will learn to recognize guilt as it contradicts everything you feel and think. The moment you decide to do what you want to do, guilt will rush in and tell you why you can't do it. And then, after it has stopped you from doing what you want to do, it will rush back at you and tell you that you were wrong to back down. Guilt tells you that you are inadequate. Guilt always tells you that you should be doing better than you are. It convinces you that you do not have what it takes to pursue your true desires and that your desires are inappropriate anyway.

Whatever is making you unhappy in life, you will find that guilt is stopping you from making the changes you need to make. If you think it's fear, be aware that guilt thrives on fear, and this is where it often hides. Guilt cannot be felt and released like any of the natural emotions because it is not an emotion of any kind. Guilt is what stops emotion from expressing itself. And, yet, it is nothing but an echo; a wall of judgment which has no reasoning power of its own. It is nothing, and yet it exists. It is this great echoing nothingness which never shuts up, that you must learn to recognize and tolerate, so that you can withdraw from its influence, and from the people who would use it to control you. The only way you can do this is by developing your own freedom to feel, think, and decide everything for yourself, without pre-judging the situation.

You cannot deny the existence of guilt and hope to lead a happy or healthy life because it does, indeed, exist. Accept its existence. Learn to distinguish it from your own thoughts and feelings. When you start to recognize its confusing, contradictory, and deceiving commentary you may, at first, feel overwhelmed by it. It is in every move you make and every thought you think. The theme song of guilt is: I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't. And it's not a pretty tune.

Feelings are neither positive or negative. They are just feelings. No matter how they make you feel, they are natural energies which are triggered by the various realities of your life. It is our conditioning, both the correct and the incorrect judgments we have been imprinted with, which determines how we react to our feelings. All the violence and upheaval we are seeing in the world today is the result of the Will of humanity breaking loose in a state of denied guilt.

Denied guilt is extremely dangerous because it has the tendency to reverse itself. We then call it blame. But blame is still made of the same unloving unfeeling stuff that guilt is made from. Judgment. The obsessive need to be right.

Guilt itself cannot be destroyed and its presence cannot be denied. When consciousness expands with the recognition of one's own reality, however, it has the effect of pushing guilt further and further away without one's having to deny it is there.

Each time you recognize guilt and refuse to be ruled by it, you will gain more free Will to live according to your own desires. Your Will is your desire. You will experience compassion, love, and innocence, instead of the fear, resentment, and anger which guilt creates by making you do things that you don't want to do, or by stopping you from doing things that you do want to do.

The Will is natural, guilt is not. The Will is creative, guilt destroys. There is no such thing as "healthy" guilt. You will be facing guilt frequently on your journey toward Freedom. Don't let it govern your course, because it will keep you at a standstill. Whereas free Will guides you from one loving experience to another.

Mistakes will be made and, oh, how we judge against those who make them, especially ourselves. Do we really want more laws to prevent us from making mistakes and, thus, never learning anything new? The more laws we create, the more we sacrifice our freedom to learn. Isn't it better to learn to live in freedom than to be so afraid of freedom that we just give it away to those who seek to dominate us with their denied guilt? There is only one way to live in freedom, and that is to recognize mistakes, learn what needs to be learned, and to change our approach accordingly. Like everything else in creation, a mistake needs to evolve and, when it does, it is no longer a mistake. It is EXPERIENCE.

I dream for a living.
Steven Spielberg

The inventors of the aeroplane made thousands of "mistakes" before it was actually airborne. Just take a look at some old film footage of those early avionic attempts. They are often humorous and embarrassing; sometimes fatal; but from each mistake made, they learned something new. Now we are able to fly around and beyond our world. We are able to do this because a group of people, who were once thought to be crazy or eccentric, were brave enough to endure the frustration of their mistakes, so that something could be learned. Their achievements were the direct result of their undaunted passion to do what they wanted to do. In their case, it was to fly. This was their desire; their love; their will.

If you look at your life's mistakes in the same way, you will be exhilarated by your innocence and your potential. Allow others to make mistakes too, because we are all in the learning stages of how to live. This simple understanding enables your consciousness to expand dramatically, leaving less and less opportunity for the guilt of your past, present, and future mistakes to weigh you down.

We lie the loudest when we lie to ourselves.
Eric Hoffer

Through the pages of Life Cycles, you are embarking on a journey which leaves denial behind and exposes you to your own reality. If this statement does not invoke a feeling of fear in you, then you have a good indication of just how adept you have become at denying your emotions. You see, the exterior reality surrounding us all; the chaos, the confusion, the judgment, the violence etc., is a reflection of our own denied feelings. We have given up our ability to feel fear and, so, we are now surrounded by all the situations we were always too afraid to be afraid of.

Fear, like everything else in creation is made up of an energy which has its own characteristics and its own necessity to move, express itself, and evolve. When an emotion has been expressed, it evolves into understanding, and then into love. True understanding always evolves into love. We evolve by allowing our feelings to evolve.

Like all energy, our various emotions must be allowed to flow without obstruction to a state of completion. A feeling cannot complete its cycle until it is recognized, felt, and expressed out of the body. When we deny or cut off from a feeling, it remains imprisoned within the physical or mental body where it cannot proceed. It becomes greatly distressed and then manifests in our personal lives as disease, misfortune, or some other form of adversity.

There is a tremendous difference between a thought and a feeling. Thoughts are made up of words, ideas, and images, and are a form of electricity. Feelings are felt. They arise and move inside the body and their magnetic quality can be felt moving inside the body. Although they can be defined after the fact, feelings themselves contain no words or commentary. Feelings draw out our thoughts with their magnetism, which is why creativity is impossible without emotional involvement. In order for a feeling to complete itself and evolve, it must be felt, accepted fully by the body and mind, and then expressed outwardly, vocally, through whichever sound is natural for it; whichever sound is natural for you.

The vibration of your own sound provides the vehicle on which your feelings leave the body. But often, it is fear of our natural guttural emotional "noise" being heard by others which prevents true expression and healing. And, because the fear of being "abnormal" is so prevalent in our society, it is wise for us all to heal ourselves in an environment of privacy until a wider understanding is reached.

There will be times when you feel it is in your best interests to hold your emotions in, particularly where anger and hatred are concerned. In these instances, it would be prudent for you to acknowledge these feelings through the simple act of writing them down. This way you are, at least, allowing them to move. Their actual release can be achieved at a time you feel is right and safe for you. Emotional healing must take place within each individual first. Global healing will not suddenly happen. It will spread, one person at a time, and during a cycle which is right for that person.

It is difficult to get people to understand something when
their salaries depend upon their not understanding it.

Upton Sinclair

Feelings have a powerful and tenacious survival instinct. Unexpressed feelings will dutifully eat away at the body that is imprisoning them. Their violent struggle to be free then creates dis-ease within the body. Denied or suppressed emotion causes all disease.

Of course, we run to a doctor when symptoms arise. Doctors are trained in the surgical or chemical removal of symptoms, but not in removing, or even acknowledging, the emotional cause. The pharmaceutical and medical "industries" will never be able to eradicate disease because they refuse to consider that illness is the result of emotional denial. After all, if self - healing is recognized as a natural and automatic process, these empires would soon crumble.

And, yet, conventional medicine is evolving, albeit reluctantly. Even this mighty field cannot help but be swept into nature's own process of self improvement. Today, many hospitals are employing holistic approaches and practitioners right along side their state-of-the-art technology and their highly specialized doctors.

This merging is inevitable however. The more specialized doctors become, the less they are able to focus on the big picture, the whole being, including a patient's feelings. People are demanding a more humane, holistic, and natural approach to health matters, and the fact that we are now spending billions of dollars per year on "alternative" medicine, is certainly helping to create a "new and improved" health care system.

Because we heal ourselves by expressing emotion out of our bodies, it is likely that during your own healing process some outer symptoms may arise in the form of a cold or aching sensation in certain parts of the body. You are probably aware that you are more susceptible to colds when you are emotionally "low". There is no medical cure for the common cold and this is because the symptoms represent the physical materialization of unexpressed feelings which are trying to push their way out of the body. This makes the common cold not an illness, but an opportunity to be well.

Instead of allowing emotions to leave the body freely, our use of chemicals pushes them back down again. So, if cold-like symptoms do arise at any time in the course of your healing journey, try to ride it out without medication for a while. Eliminate distractions which deter you from feeling what needs to be felt. If you feel miserable, get to the root of what is really making you unhappy: not the outer symptoms, but the deeply buried feelings which were triggered by specific events that occurred at some time in your life.

Relive these incidents fully, along with everything you feel about them. Then, the incidents, the feelings they produced, and the past itself can move into the present. Only then will you be able to see the new potential ahead of you. The more spontaneous you are with your feelings, the less likely you are to get a cold and the more freely and happily your life will flow. The emphasis is not so much on "catching" a cold, but on releasing it.

A little learning is a dangerous thing .....
Alexander Pope

But do use common sense here. If you think that what you are experiencing is more than just a "common cold", see a doctor. You see, self healing certainly is a matter of Will, but if you do not know precisely what your Will is, or how to use it correctly, healing cannot take place.

The concept of self healing is often misunderstood. People whose intent is to naturally heal themselves, frequently find that their health is exacerbated by lack of knowledge. It is impossible to heal yourself if you do not know how. Good nutrition and exercise are essential, but until healing takes place at the roots - your trapped emotions - it may be necessary to seek the aid of a doctor or other qualified healer until you fully understand the process of genuine emotional release.

We have all been conditioned to believe that it is wrong or weak to show certain feelings, such as anger, hatred, fear, grief, or pain. These natural emotions may now be so heavily denied that you don't even know they are there. All you need is the genuine INTENT to allow these feelings to surface, and to start expressing them as they emerge. You will need to become much more aware of how you feel on a moment-by-moment basis.

Emotional freedom does not mean that we should be crying and yelling and screaming and ranting 24 hours a day. It means that when we consistently allow ourselves to feel our feelings, we realize that many of the things we feel so negatively about are superficial and are simply a measure of our intolerance for ourselves and each other. When somebody argues or complains all the time, it is usually because they are angry. They are angry about something far more significant than the petty issues they appear to be obsessed with. And it is likely that they are using anger to camouflage a different emotion, pain or grief perhaps, which was triggered by a painful event in their past. Sadly, they are unaware of how free and happy they would be if they would allow themselves to heal from the experience.

Emotional freedom develops genuine tolerance and not the stress we currently think is tolerance. It allows us to become AT EASE with life's realities so that our feelings, in general, are pleasant and creative ones. Each of us has a lifetime of denied emotion to release, and this cannot be done overnight. Spontaneous emotional expression is a natural, permanent, and ongoing function of life. Therefore, we must learn to LOVE our emotions, no matter what form they take, just as we are learning to love our minds and our bodies.

There is no need to adversely effect others with outbursts of new or old feelings, even though it may take the provocation of another person for you to recognize the feelings which need to be addressed. Healing is a personal affair. You must have a genuine intent to heal. And you must make private time and space for yourself where your self-consciousness around other people will not deter the process. If you believe that it is impossible to create your own space and time for this, then you may be in serious need of reclaiming some freedom.

Make no mistake, there are many people around you who are unable to relate to any of this material,. It is a violation of their Will, and a waste of your effort, to impose your understandings or your feelings on them. There are also people out there who fully understand where this is leading and will do anything they can to oppose free Will, either because they are afraid to accept the responsibility that comes with freedom, or because of their addiction to control. There are, however, millions of people, all over the world, who already understand that freedom of Mind, Body, and Will, is now the only acceptable direction for human life.

Peace cannot be kept by force.
It can only be achieved by understanding.

Albert Einstein

During the course of your journey, you will learn that you do not have a soul but, rather, you are a soul: a complex being, who happens to reside in your particular physical body. We are comprised of Mind, Will, and Form. When these three elements achieve genuine acceptance for each other, absolute balance is achieved, and the soul emerges as the perfect four-dimensional entity it is meant to be.

You may wonder where spirit fits in to this equation and I have to ask, "what is spirit if not consciousness - masculine energy - the mind?" It has been our marvelous, masculine, spiritual minds that we have been expanding so dramatically in recent years. "Going within" has meant venturing into the far corners of one's mind. I believe that, in the near future, we will drop the phrase Mind-Body-Spirit, and replace it with Mind - Will - Body. In doing so, we will finally acknowledge and accept feminine energy - the Will - as an equal and vital part of life. This is exactly what is taking place on Earth today. The masculine mind is discovering and learning how to accept its feminine counterpart - the love of its life - its own feelings - its WILL.

No one can tell you how to feel your feelings or what a particular feeling feels like. It is up to each of us to regain our sensitivity here through our own effort, intent, and action. Working with others on this can be helpful but it is not necessary. orking with others can sometimes retard the process. Only the individual can interpret his or her unique emotions along with their causes and then make the appropriate outward releases. However, as well as accepting your own emotional reality, it is necessary to accept that others must have the freedom to express their feelings too. This is how peace is achieved.

Let fear be a counselor and not a jailer.
Tony Robbins

If any of this sounds a little frightening to you, accept that it feels frightening. You see, when you deny your fear it manifests in your everyday reality as terror. The magnetic energy of denied fear draws to you the very situations it hopes will trigger you into releasing it. But you cannot do what is necessary to protect yourself if terror is paralyzing you. This is why spontaneity is so essential. If you express your feelings of fear, as you feel them, you will have no denied fear to draw horrific situations to you.

The feeling of fear evolves when: (1) you face the reality of what is causing it; (2) you understand the options available to you based on the nature of the problem; (3) you make a choice which will determine an outcome; (4) you accept the outcome. With practice, this process can proceed and repeat itself in a split second. It can even save your life. Panic is the result of fear being denied its natural course, whereas the acceptance of fear enables you to recognize those things you do need to be afraid of, and those things which need not be feared at all.

As your healing journey proceeds, you will become aware of many old and new motions which need to be expressed. As each buried feeling is released out of your body, new understandings strengthen your ability to be yourself and to live your life the way you want to live it.

for the times they are a-changing.....
Bob Dylan

Numerology provides us with a chronological map of Earth's energy cycles. We are feeling the magnetic pull of the emotional and feminine 2 cycle of the 2000s before we have fully comprehended the intellectual, competitive, and masculine 1 cycle of the 1000s. As exciting as this era may be, it is also a confusing and dangerous time.

We are living in a world which is not only constantly changing, but also in a world which has already changed. It is only from this spark of acceptance - the shock of it all - that our minds can open wide enough to see beyond the gloom and doom, and to recognize humanity's fabulous potential for peaceful coexistence and individual fulfillment.

We have entered a new cycle of time and space in which we are learning how to be the spiritual and emotional beings we are in this material and physical world we're in. We are learning to be independent. We are learning to be free. And we are learning how to protect ourselves from those who feel threatened by the freeing of our Will energy.

The millennium of the 1000s took us through a massive cycle of time and space which was masculine in nature. This is why our world has always been considered a "man's world". It is why we have always called ourselves "man"kind, and why God has always been depicted as male. The 1000s represent all that is physical, intellectual, competitive, progressive, independent, self centered, pioneering, territorial, and aggressive. This is the masculine energy of the mind which exists in both men and women.

But, now, the mind of humanity has evolved to such an extent that it can evolve no further until the feminine Will - emotion - is recognized and accepted by the mind. Now, as we travel the great 2 cycle of the 2000s, we are starting to understand the feminine aspects of life. Feminine energy is sensitive, intuitive, caring, cooperative, diplomatic, creative, and peaceful. It is connected to everything in existence through partnership and relationship. It facilitates the emotions of both men and women.

Why must we argue so loudly
when peace is our one salvation?


Feminine energy does not seek superiority. It was the very notion of superiority in the sexes which created the world's imbalance in the first place. Feminine energy demands equality, not by emulating masculine energy but, rather, by accepting itself as the powerful and different force of nature that it is. 2 = balance = equality.

What some see as a "war of the sexes" is actually the feeling of discomfort (fear) between two energies who know they must live and interact in balance, but are confused as to what is expected of themselves or from each other. In the process, we are realizing just how confused humanity is about sexuality itself and that we have judged sex from only a traditional masculine point of view which is riddled with shame which, of course, is just another word for guilt.

Even the word "history" (his story) reveals the imbalance through which we have tried, throughout time, to preserve the truth. Now we are starting to listen to her story. We are now listening to and acting upon a barrage of issues concerning women, their rights, and their connection to life itself. The Will's energy has been with us all along, just as women have. But, because we did not realize its unique power, we denied it and put it down, just as women have been denied and put down throughout history. And, yet, it was the emotional feminine Will, and not the mind, which constantly changed the world and continues to do so.

It is the emotional feminine Will of all men and women which votes governments in and out, shapes economies, and produces trends. The Will exposes atrocities throughout the world which, in turn, stir the emotions in us all. It was the emotional feminine Will which, in 1989, tore down the Berlin Wall and rose up in Tiananmen Square. And in 1997, it was the emotional Will of men and women all over the world that was shocked and devastated by the sudden death Princess Diana, a most visible reflection of emotional feminine energy. But isn't it unfortunate that Diana's emotions were so often considered to be her "flaws" when, in fact, they were her strength?

It was also the emotional feminine Will of African-American men which, in 1995, marched a million strong on Washington to claim equality as human beings. However, the exclusion of women from the Million Man March shows that although the original intent was loving, feminine energy was, yet again, denied equal status and recognition. Here was an amazing event which had the potential to change the world in unprecedented ways. But it could not achieve its true potential because, while claiming equality of "race", it also upheld the notion of superiority of male over female. The importance of the Million Man March should never be underestimated, however, because the exclusion of women was an inevitable "mistake" from which much has since been learned.

It is humanity's feminine Will which sets the pace of the entire planet, by the way it feels about things. You need only spend a morning on the floor of a stock exchange, an emergency room, a movie studio, the locker room of a pro sports team, a school, a busy shopping mall, or your own place of work to realize that the way we feel moves and drives the entire world. The mind is a wondrous thing, but it is also a cold and lonely place to be without the compassion, love, and affection of emotional involvement. Positive thinking is inevitably and consistently outweighed by denied feelings.

I was locked in by the system
where no freedom is the rule.
Van Morrison - It used to be my life

The Healing Game

For as long as we continue to label ourselves the human "race", how can we help but be rac-ists? Racism will continue to retard our progress until we realize that the human "race" must end in order for a free and peaceful humanity to begin. Only then will we understand what freedom actually is.

Ignorance of our cyclical nature has led us to believe that competition is the way to proceed through life. This is how the word "race" came about when describing the diversity of human existence. Everything we do is a race or contest of some kind. And because we are still denying the effects of guilt, the race has become very dirty, with not competition, but war, being declared at all levels. This is the "racism" our judgments and beliefs have created.

We deny our racist behavior, insisting that there are different meanings to the word "race". There are not. Race means CONTEST. And what is a contest if not a declaration of superiority? The human tendency to race and compete has caused us to divide ourselves up into many different races, each of which must have its "winners" who can only be winners for as long as there are losers. And, when somebody becomes a winner, it is then the duty of the losers to tear that person down, knowing that the masses will devour the spectacle as "entertainment". And at the same time, it is the duty of the winners to keep the downtrodden down. What a vicious cycle we keep in place with our judgments of how life "is". Our inclination to compete has, on many occasions, placed our very existence in serious jeopardy.

But our desire to learn about race and about peace has taught us that the problem is not only a matter of color or culture and that the evil of racism penetrates all aspects of life, all nationalities, classes, and belief systems. Racism effects every individual on the planet, even those who claim they have "risen above" such ignorance.

A bend in the road is not the end of
the road .....unless you fail to turn.


There are many dangerous "races" being run today in total disregard for the well being of our planet and the life upon it. This includes the well hidden race for world domination which is being disguised as freedom by certain factions of industry, military, politics, religion, and science. As our ability to feel becomes stronger, we know that the freedom we have always taken for granted is a mere illusion.

But the survival instinct of the human Will is now stirring. We can clearly hear the cry for peace and freedom all over the world. It is from the recognition of our past mistakes that we have been able to progress to the point of knowing that we cannot continue as we are. We know that violence and control are not the answer. We know there must be more to the human experience than only materialism, technology, war, dependence, destruction, disease, work, worry, taxes, and death. We have started to search, en-masse, for the "meaning of life", and in our desperation to find true understanding, we are finally becoming emotional about it. We know that we are on a path of destruction and that a change of course is imperative.

Life is very short, and there's no time
for fussing and fighting my friend...

John Lennon / Paul McCartney

The 1 cycle of the 1000s teaches us to live independently of the beliefs and judgments of others and find our own truths. At the same time, we must allow others to do the same. This sentiment is being echoed globally. The 1 energy emphasizes leadership, not by ruling and controlling others, but in having the freedom to lead our own lives as we truly desire. Desire is love. The 1 energy teaches us that all is attainable through free Will if we do what we really love. And, yet, we continue to do things we do not love or desire simply to give the appearance of being ahead in the "race".

The 1 energy represents SELF AWARENESS and shows that self acceptance is the only alternative to the stagnation of guilt or the evil of denied guilt. It teaches us that great strength, and greatness itself, comes through love and compassion.

The emphasis on individuality, on doing what you want to do, and on free Will, is not a matter of selfishly bulldozing your way through life without compassion or regard for others. It is a matter of using your individual and unique desire, talent, and intent, in harmony with the desire, talent, and intent of others, to create a much more livable world for ourselves.

As the world evolves into the 2 energy of cooperation, we are becoming more willing to utilize our personal talents in teams and groups. Each individual must learn to recognize and accept his or her purpose within their team or group, so that the maximum effect can be attained. But it is only through the Will - the way we feel - that we will ever know who our group is comprised of and what our individual functions are. It is only through the way we feel that we can know when our experience with one particular group has been completed and it is time to move on. Otherwise we become stuck in places and with people with whom we no longer have anything in common, unaware of why we are so unhappy, bored, or frustrated.

It does not take a numerologist to tell you that there is strength in numbers, but, in order for these groups to work effectively, each member must know his or her own purpose within the group. This can only be achieved by each individual contributing their love. And I do not mean this in an abstract way. Love has as many forms as there are people. Our individual contributions, therefore, are specific. What is it that triggers love in you? What do you love to do? What do you love to experience? What brings you satisfaction? What are you good at? What do you have a passion for? What makes you happy? Whatever your answers are, these are your contributions. And your answers may change as the future unfolds.

Half of the harm that is done in the world
is due to people who want to be important.
They don't mean to do harm. But the harm
does not interest them.

T. S. Eliot

We are all feeling the magnetic pull of the new millennium's 2 energy. We all desire positive change and, yet, we still cling to the familiar, knowing very well that many of these aspects contribute to our ongoing and escalating problems. We are afraid of this new incoming energy because its "feel" is unfamiliar to us.

It is scientifically accepted that the Earth is slowing down. Our planet has reduced its speed and, yet, the human "race" has accelerated its own pace. This is why it feels as if the years are flying by more quickly than ever. Now, the more we rush, the slower we proceed. Never before has humanity had so much information and technology at its fingertips. And never before has humanity been so confused this so called "progress". Yes, everything will be slower in the new millennium because peace is the very essence of the 2 energy, and peace cannot exist at the frenetic pace we are currently traveling.

Of course, all is not "peace and love" when the 2 energy is misunderstood. It is so hard for us to dispense with age-old beliefs and ideas, even though we know these judgments have always prevented lasting peace. When the process of peace is approached only from an intellectual point of view, without understanding the age-old emotions involved, hostility is prolonged. In order to achieve peace, we must learn how to achieve it. We must find peace in ourselves first.

Another characteristic of the 2 energy is that it uses the power of nature to destroy anything which pushes against it. It will not tolerate force. It does not seek superiority, but equality. It knows that any push for control creates an imbalance in which life tips over on itself and cannot survive. The 2 energy is made up of EMOTION, PARTNERSHIP, LOVE, PEACE, COMPASSION, PATIENCE, INTUITION, FAITH, CONNECTION, COOPERATION, TRUTH, and BALANCE. It will teach us to bring the same properties into our own lives.

Fear about the Earth slipping from its axis and destroying us all, and many other environmental concerns, have emanated from an awareness of the imbalance we have created in the last thousand years. Although these concerns are legitimate, such catastrophic events can be prevented by a mass awakening, now, which restores complete freedom of movement, thought, and emotion to Earth's energy flows. This global awakening has truly begun.

In the meantime, we will continue to experience extreme weather conditions and other natural disasters, the harshness of which will accelerate the movement of our emotions. If you do not understand how human beings influence Earth's weather patterns, you need to know that everything on Earth, in Earth, and surrounding Earth, is operating through the same planetary network of electromagnetic energies. An imbalance or blockage in one part of Earth's energy system, in people for instance, cannot help but effect all of its parts. Direct assaults on the planet such as underground nuclear testing, produce violent repercussions as the planet expresses the feelings of pain and rage that such attacks trigger in her.

The Earth expresses outwardly what she feels inwardly. We experience this as "natural" but extreme ecological conditions. It is not only our assaults on the planet which causes her to react in this way. Emotion is an energy in itself, the quality of which effects the planet profoundly. All over the world there are vast pockets of emotional energy such as misery, fear, and rage, which weigh heavily on the planet's ability to move freely. This is why it is essential for us all to free our Will energy and encourage and help others to do the same.

Violent storms, flooding, volcanic eruption, earthquakes, animal extinction, extreme temperatures, etc., are the effects of our planet trying to heal herself. And, because the survival instinct of the planet is now moving to protect her own existence, human survival instincts are also being activated. The mass Will of humanity is beginning to speak up. Just like the Earth itself, we must learn to express our feelings so that we, too, can heal.

I am learning that if I just go on accepting the framework
for life that others have given me, if I fail to make my
own choices, the reason for my life will be missing.

Liv Ullman

The fact that the feminine 2 cycle has replaced the masculine 1 cycle does not mean that women will be ruling the world. Women certainly do have an opportunity to dismantle the proverbial "glass ceiling" and change what has always been a "man's world" into a balanced world. But there is a rage brewing on Earth because of the anger which exists between men and women.

We deny these feelings to a large extent because the love between men and women is a natural and a most desirable union and is vital for the survival of our species. But until our sexual anger is truthfully addressed and released from within, it will remain a most unpleasant barrier between the sexes. If we are to continue to exist, let alone coexist, we must accept that each of us is made up of both masculine and feminine energies which need to be balanced. Only when this level of harmony is reached will any of us know just how magnificent love really is.

Women's rights are a huge issue of today because we are living in a cycle of time which is right for this balancing process to occur. We are seeing not only an improvement in the way women are perceived and treated by men but, first and foremost, a huge surge of self awareness and acceptance by women themselves.

Sexual balance is taking place even though some women have developed more masculine energy than feminine energy in the name of competition. This balance is taking place even though some men are so afraid of the increasing power of women that they will go to any lengths to curtail it. It is taking place even though some women are so afraid of losing the men they are dependent upon and so afraid of the responsibility that comes with freedom that they openly denounce equality of the sexes. Still, sexual balance is taking place on a massive scale.

Many men are discovering that an acceptance of their feminine energy actually enhances their masculinity because, along with balance comes increased intelligence and creative capacity. And many women are discovering the immense creative and intellectual power that comes from accepting themselves exactly as they are.

Far from making us an androgynous society in which sexuality itself is denied, our current journey toward feminine recognition serves to bring equilibrium to this world. This healing can only be attained by realizing the enormous role that guilt (shame) plays in suppressing the natural flow of sexual energy. Something is very wrong with the judgments that war is righteous and sex is scandalous. And it is the balancing of mind and emotion - spirit and will - masculine and feminine - that is breaking down the structure of such judgment and is forcing us to embrace reality instead. And this is producing the spectacular creative and humanitarian renaissance of our times.

We live in a world far more slavish in its obedience
to ancient custom than we like to admit.

Russell Baker

Meanwhile, female babies in India and China and other places around the world are still being slaughtered by their own parents because females are considered to be of no "value". Also in India, upon a husband's death, it has been a woman's "duty", until very recently, to kill herself; to burn to death along side her dead husband. In Egypt and other sub-Saharan countries, little girls still undergo a savage procedure in which their clitoris is removed with a razor blade, often at the local barber shop, without anesthesia. This ancient belief, which goes back to the time of the pharaohs, considers it "wrong" for a female to experience the natural and loving sensation of orgasm.

In China, elderly women are now severely crippled because, as young women, they were enslaved to a tradition in which their feet were bound tight, causing them to walk in the tiniest, most subservient of footsteps until, finally, their arches collapsed under their weight. The slavery of women (and children) is still practiced in many African and Arabian countries.

It should be said, however, that great strides are being made in these and other countries, by brave women and men, who are bringing these matters to the attention of the world and are demanding basic human rights and equality for women.

Still, it makes us feel glad that we live far away from such places, doesn't it? But, think again. These barbaric acts against the feminine are echoed strongly and consistently in our so called "civilized" society and are often a lot closer to home than we care to admit. For instance, why does a woman, in civilized society, throw away her very identity by changing her name (which, in most cases, is her father's name) in marriage? Why are the bride's parents expected to pay for the wedding? Why is the groom given his parents' blessing while the bride is given AWAY?

Tradition? Perhaps. But surely the parents of those slaughtered or maimed little girls throughout the world will claim that their practices are also a matter of tradition. Tradition which is upheld to this extent is totally illogical in world where everything evolves, especially when it is held in place by the erroneous judgment that male is superior to female.

Why do we use words like "bitch", "son of a bitch", and "mother", when speaking adversely of someone or something? Even the word "bastard" is a derision of female energy. It implies wrong doing on the part of the female because she was not "legitimized" by marriage when her child was conceived or born. We use these words with such nonchalance. Is the ease with which we employ this kind of language a measure of our ignorance, our blindness, our denial, of the deep-seated hatred we all have for the feminine?

Feminine energy is the very essence of love, peace, and freedom. We have heard it said that "if women ruled the world, there would be no wars". Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that "if the feminine energy that is in both men and women became balanced with the masculine energy that is in both men and women, war would be a thing of the past".

Ultimately, human intent is the most powerful
evolutionary force on this planet

George Leonard

During the 2000s, humanity will discover its vast powers of intuition and will realize that we are all connected and related in a vast variety of ways. This recognition enables real peace to manifest rather than the mere tolerance which now passes as peace. Of course, tolerance is a vital beginning provided it is exercised with the genuine intent to achieve peace. Otherwise tolerance is simply denied anger which becomes hatred and, eventually, erupts as rage and war.

Guilt has told us to deny anger; to cut off from this feeling entirely. In doing so, we have become a society with so little free Will left that we are all victims of one kind or another. And, while we see ourselves as victims, we cannot possibly have onsideration for others because we are so preoccupied with protecting ourselves from whatever we believe is going to attack us. It may seem heartless to tell someone who has experienced trauma to "get over it", but that is precisely what they must develop the intent to do. And the only way any of us can move past our old wounds is to express our feelings about them fully, and without feeling guilty for doing so.

The past was the course you had to take in order to gain the understanding and the experience you have now, in the present. And your present understanding and experience will enable you to create the future you want.

It's about being able to extend love to people.
Not in a big "capital letter" sense, but in the everyday,
little by little, task by task, gesture by gesture, word by word

Ralph Feinnes

We want to be seen as "normal" even though "normal" is just another word for commonplace or average. We frequently judge, criticize, and resent those whose Will is strong enough to enable them to live freely. We label them eccentric, selfish, or even crazy. The social structure we call "political correctness" has, in many ways, expanded our victim status because it is based in guilt. It labels everyone who is not clumped into the mainstream as a "minority".

At the same time, political correctness insists that we tolerate each others' labels and categorizations, regardless of how we actually feel about them. This is a massive denial of guilt, fear, and hatred. In reality, it is impossible to have acceptance for everyone. It is impossible to accept those who horrify and disgust us without denying the feelings of horror and disgust. Those who cannot accept themselves cannot accept acceptance from anyone else. Our negative feelings toward other people will only be able to move out of us when we stop denying that we have them.

It is our loving intent which will prevent us from expressing hateful feelings in a way which could harm ourselves or someone else. Self acceptance is the key because the more we learn to love and accept ourselves, exactly as we are, the easier it will be to love and accept others, and be accepted by others in return. Every desire, every intent, starts on the inside first and is reflected back to us in our outer reality. The way other people treat us is always an accurate indicator of how we are treating ourselves, on an emotional level.

I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man's;
I will not reason or compare; my business is to create.

William Blake

When we first discover our greater potential, we often fear the new level of thought and feeling we have suddenly reached. It is logical that when one's mind suddenly expands and exposes new realities, certain fears and denials will arise as we face what we always thought was the unknown. Sometimes we refuse to believe that we have experienced something evolutionary because old mental programming - old judgment - tells us that such a thing is not possible. We need to be more aware, therefore, of just how drastically our reality, as human beings, has expanded and continues to change. Fear keeps the old programming in place, and we need to face our fears by allowing ourselves to truly feel them.

Humanity is literally waking up now. We are slowly facing our expanded reality. It is not always a pleasant awakening, but it is reality nonetheless. Observe those who are assuming control and declaring "change." at every turn. In many cases, their proposals for change refer to only economic or "moral" issues and are desperate attempts to change things back to the way they were - which is the very same road of denial and homophobia we are in the process of evolving from. People want to be free. People do not want to be led by those who can no longer FEEL anything.

Freedom itself is evolving to a new and exciting stage, making it impossible for intelligent leaders to set firm agendas and specific political platforms, or to enforce laws which are decidedly out of place now. It is comforting to know that politicians are not immune to the evolutionary process. There really are some evolved and visionary leaders out there in the world who, unfortunately, must learn to deal with the plague of opposition which now confronts them.

We, ourselves, are generating the information needed in order to make our lives more livable. If you think that computers and satellites are the basis of the information age, realize that these technologies are only reproductions of human capacity, and are only as effective and accurate as what has been programmed into them by human beings. The most valuable information at our disposal is coming from within.

One cannot discover new oceans until one
has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

Patrick Walker

Each one of us, no matter what our age, sex, creed, ethnic origin, or circumstance, has information to share at this time. Everyone has valuable information to offer because everyone is involved in this emotional journey to freedom. Everyone has their own story to tell and their own way of telling it. This is the information age which, I believe, will evolve into an era of far greater significance: THE AGE OF PEACE.

Good luck my fellow traveler, God bless, and may your journey be magnificent!

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