2017 ~ WEEK 15

In this 1 Year, April is a 5 month.


April = 4.

1 + 4 = 5.

Week 15 runs from April 9 to 15. It has been a breathtaking week so far – because both 1 and 5 represent fast-moving action and fundamental change. The 4 energy of April corrects inaccuracy, and works hard to get to the truth. 4 operates through fact, detail, and precision. Of course, we will have to wait and see what all this is leading to. But in true 1/4/5 fashion, something significant seems to be unfolding here.

This is likely to include the American aircraft carrier, guided-missile destroyers, and other vessels, which are headed to the Korean Peninsula – at a time when the numbers 1 and 5 have tremendous significance to North Korea itself.

Not only is a large-scale military parade scheduled in Pyongyang for Saturday, April 15, to celebrate the 105th birthday of the late Kim Il Sung, the founder of the Kim Dynasty, April 15 is also the 105th day of the year. Kim Jong Un, according to American records, was born on 8 January, 1984, which places him right now in a 1 Year – 5 month.

1 + 5 = 6, and Kim Jong Un is preparing for his 6th Nuclear test.

ADDED APRIL 18: It now turns out that the aforementioned American war vessels were not headed for the Korean peninsula after all. It was either a lie – or great incompetence – bringing further question to the Trump administrations credibility. Given out by the American government as news, does this not constitute ‘fake news’?

Also, on Saturday April 15th, which is traditionally ‘Tax Day’ in the USA, protest marches are planned in Washington DC, and multiple cities and towns across the country, to demand the release of Donald Trump’s tax information, which would show where his true interests lie. Are these two events, in very different parts of the world, connected? With RUSSIA still very much in the picture – and possibly connected to the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom as well, again we will have to wait and see.

Numbers tend to cluster, visibly, around important events or potentials. And the numeric patterns forming this year are extremely complex because they occur in TRANSITIONAL energy – a gap that exists between one cycle and the next. This one is super-complicated because the 10/1 energy of 2017 is connected to the 10/1 energy of the decade – and the other cycles involved are a thousand years long.

This gap , or vacuum, forces us to confront the past – the 1000s – so we can finally learn what 1 has to teach, and then move into the 2000s without destroying ourselves – and the planet. We are seriously hampered by those who are trying to drag us BACK to a time when they felt most comfortable. FEAR OF CHANGE, and losing ‘position’ in the ‘race’, is so immense that it is dripping down on the world as terror.

The closer we get to the year 2020, the more intense life is likely to get. Therefore, because 2 is a slow and detail-filled energy, we have to slow ourselves down, individually, to the pace of 2 – the pace at which the details come into focus, instead of being just a blur because we are RACING past them. It does seem that 2020 is indeed going to be a year of vision and decision.

“everybody moving so fast – makes you feel like you’re already part of the past..” ~Ray LaMontagne, “Airwaves.”

2 is a gentle slow-moving energy, but if you try to push against it or speed it up, it pushes back hard and slows you down even more! 2 is the number of PATIENCE and TIMING.

1 is the number of THE SELF and a principle lesson of 1 is that we must BE ourselves, rather than what we are told we should be. We are human BE-ings. A principle lesson of this 1 Year is how to BE the unique beings we are in a world full of other unique beings.

2 is the number of COOPERATION and PEACE. 2 exposes hypocrisy like no other number, and reveals what’s going on under the surface and behind the scenes. Not only do we see it, we also feel and sense it. 2 is the number of sensitivity, intuition, and inner knowing.

2 represents the group – which is made up of individuals. 2 also holds the feminine desire for equality – not domination. The Black Lives Matter movement grew out of this dual focus and its impact has created a turning point in our understanding of racial matters, by exposing our systemic racism – not only in the USA, but everywhere.

It is so important to remember that the human ‘race’ is not our species. We are HUMANITY. We are DIVERSITY. The human ‘race’ is a system that is based on unfair competition, and “winning” at any cost. That was the way of the 1000s. The way of the 2000s is unity and cooperation – and the principle lesson here is that we are all in this together. WE ARE 1 .

 This one-two combination is helping us to recognize the extent of our diversity (potential), and the fact that human beings exist in SO MANY different forms. The old system keeps us boxed in to its categories (judgments) which keeps us at war with ourselves and each other. This 1-2 combination will eventually bring an end to this futile RACE to be #1, but meanwhile, the shaky balance continues to shift in all directions – and there is chaos.

What’s happening at this point in the journey goes way beyond party politics. This is survival – and NOT just survival of the ‘fittest’ (the richest). It is survival of all human beings – and all forms of life.

“If you don’t become the ocean, you’ll get seasick everyday.” ~ Leonard Cohen

We are being pushed and pulled in all directions, but in these ongoing jolts and stretches of uncertainty, humanity is evolving, emotionally and intellectually. We are feeling everything more deeply every day, and the vibrations coming from our feelings open our minds and release us from denial.

Notice that denial is highly visible now IN 2017. It is everywhere. As we recognize our own denials and stop denying, reality falls into view and the truth reveals itself. We see that many people in positions of power are demented and very sick individuals. The insanity of the old system has pushed its way to the top, and the inmates really are running the asylum. How power is used depends very much on whose hands it is in!

This week, the fiasco of White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, suggesting (during Passover) that “not even Hitler used chemical weapons”, shows the astounding ineptitude and ignorance of those in power. Spicer was reminded that over 6 million Jews and other groups, who were classified ‘subhuman’ by the nazi system, were gassed in Hitler’s concentration camps, which Spicer referred to as “Holocaust Centers”. In January, a White House Statement issued on Holocaust Remembrance day, omitted all reference to Jews. While nationalism has been a mainstay of the Trump campaign and presidency, it must be remembered that the very word ‘nationalist’ gave birth to the word “nazi”.

The heart-breaking images of Syrian children choking to death had a horrifying global impact. And yet, an estimated 274,000 Syrian civilians were killed before the images of the babies emerged. We all saw the images of Aleppo and the plight of the refugees as they were forced from their homes by the violence of our oil wars and literally made to roam the Earth – on foot – or at sea – looking for a safe place to exist. Where was the concern for Syria’s children then?

When we see people being abused, such as the airline passenger who was dragged from his paid-for seat because United Airlines wanted to dead-head some crew, most people could emphasize with what that poor man was going through, but at a time when it is imperative for us to learn about emotions in general, what about those inflicting the violence and indignity on him. What were THEY feeling? What do bullies feel when making others suffer? They feel POWERFUL … rendering the victim helpless with physical restraint, terrified of what might happen to them as every vestige of their Will, and their dignity, is taken away from them. Bullies inflict the weight of their “might” or “authority” on others because that is the only way they can FEEL powerful. The world is full of these weak, frightened, self-loathing individuals. The fear of failure involved here needs to be recognized and healed, because that is what lays the foundation for authoritarianism and dictatorship. All fascist regimes rely heavily on bullies in positions of authority.

The injustices, wars and atrocities going on in the world are the manifestation of the battles going on inside us, between our masculine minds and feminine feelings. Peace requires cooperation and forgiveness – and after a thousand years of constant conflict, it will not be an easy task. For as long as ‘winning’ is our objective rather than fairness, forgiveness, cooperation, and peace, these inner and outer wars can never end.

The chemistry of 1 and 5 acts as a catalyst, and the 10 energy of 2017 (and the 10 decade) adds SPEED, FOCUS, ORIGINALITY, and NEW POTENTIALS to the equation. This is a pivotal moment in the human journey – or at least, the beginning of a measurable evolutional movement which continues all the way through May – which is the 5th month of this 1 year.

The mind is a powerful thing, but when masculine mind and feminine emotion cooperate, we develop a balanced appreciation for who we are, what we are capable of, and why we are on Earth at this particular time. And we see this potential in others, too – without insecurity or jealousy, and with acceptance, not defensiveness. Feminine energy is our emotional energy, which exists in men and women alike. Feminine 2 does not seek to dominate. Rather, 2 supplies the balance and stability currently missing from life on Earth.

When mind and emotion work together in partnership with the physical body, we are whole. Or at least, we are more whole than we have ever been. Who knows what our potential then becomes.

The prominence of 1 and 5 is occurring within the 3 energy of the 21st century. In order to successfully transition from the 1000s to the 2000s we must learn about 3, since 3 is the product of 1 and 2.

3 is the number of EXPRESSION – and we must be aware of the effort being made to subdue all forms of expression that go against the old system. 3 is the number of the child, and the potential for some kind of rebirth, possibly of the human heart, (compassion). Meanwhile, images of suffering children are constantly showing on the world stage, to open our hearts to the plight of others.

Part of the art of brinkmanship is to keep people’s emotions jangled and frayed, so that any form of respite would be welcome. One of the main lessons of the 1000s is that war is not the answer. And more war is simply that – more war – the same old thing that we’ve always had. Peace cannot result from force.

George W. Bush famously said: “There’s an old saying in Tennessee. I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee.. (pause) fool me once, shame on… shame on you. (pause) fool me can’t get fooled again.”

Well, we must not – get fooled again. This is not real and meaningful change. Nationalism (nazi-ism) is not something that “rises”. It is something that we descend into – whenever the self-designated ‘ruling class’ feels threatened. The oil industry is the mainstay of the old system but its relevance is fading in the course of time. Clean, sustainable, renewable energy pours down on us – freely – from the sky, in the form of sun, wind, and rain, and is emerging as the obvious replacement. Bring back coal mining? Why?

Remember the days and years after 9/11 when it was deemed ‘unpatriotic’ to protest a “war president”. After the deadly debacle that the occupation of Iraq turned out to be, and still is, hopefully we have learned how easy it is to demand the allegiance of the people through deceptive words, images, and the staging of evidence.

“War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it.” George Orwell

In 2010 while he was the CEO of Exxon, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said that he acknowledged the fact that humans were affecting the climate to some degree, but the extent of it was unclear. “Therefore, what can you do about it?” He also said, “The world is going to have to continue using fossil fuels, whether they like it or not.”


3 is the number of drama. 3 is also the number of people and population. People have a BIG appetite for drama. We love to be entertained. And the entertainment industry knows how to trigger particular emotions. 3 is the number of the arts – both creative and destructive. Art reflects reality. But what are now called “reality shows” are false realities.

‘Reality shows’ are staged and scripted and designed to keep the audience engaged, eager, and distracted. Entertainment is BIG business. But we are at a stage in the journey here in 2017 at which we must regain our connection to the real world because we all have a part to play in creating what we desire life to be.

We have to be aware of the manufactured chaos, melodrama, and riveting cliffhangers. We have to be ultra-careful that we are not being drawn in to false story-lines. We have reached a new level of uncertainty, and we have to find our courage, weigh-up what we learn, and believe in our ability to feel, sense, and intuit our way through this rough ride into the future.

As humanity continues to evolve as a species, we will continued to be pulled back by the fear of change. No one wants to feel fear, but until we accept fear for the natural emotion it is, we will attract fearful situations which force us to face our fears. Fear is NOT the opposite of love. Hate is the opposite of love – and hate is NOT a natural emotion. Hate is a sick emotion – an ill feeling – which desperately needs to heal. And it is here in the interim – the mean time – that we have the opportunity for enormous inner healing. Fear is rising in the world, and we have to find a way to express it honestly rather than hold it in, transfer it onto others, or deny it altogether. Fear denied is the basis of terror.

 3 is the number of EXPRESSION. This is our power. We move forward by expressing what we feel – by being honest with ourselves. Emotion is our honesty – which is why this dishonest system programs us to subdue any feelings which do not serve the system. It is vital that we better understand the 3 energy of the 21st century because its 100-year span is playing an essential role here on Earth.

It is here and now, in this 10/1 year and this 10/1 decade that we must make these observations because the 3 energy is being used to deceive – on a global scale. It always was used in this way, but along with all the creative aspects of 3, its ability to conceal and deflect also reached a new level.

3 represents the enormous power of communication: words, images, appearances, creativity, beauty and the beast, sentimentality, attraction and repulsion, gossip, hearsay, ART in all its forms, artfulness, illusion, game-playing, drama, the stage, and how things are staged and presented.

3 is all about THE SHOW. And right now, life is being presented as a “reality show”. Communication must take place in a way that informs rather than confuses. Facts must be explained in whole sentences and paragraphs.

Finally, the following people, countries, and even one currency, are all in the 3 Year in 2017. Their 3 monthly and weekly forecasts have been very interesting just lately:
















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