WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 45

WEEK 45 is a 9 WEEK(4+5=9). It is the 6th week of a 10-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 4.

4 = restriction, obstacles, correction, hard work, dedication, focus, order, system, our sense of identity, breakdown, and breakthrough.

5 = freedom, change, resourcefulness, action, unpredictability, and learning from experience.

9 = endings, completion, and deep emotions. Drama. The end of an era. Forgiveness. Letting go.

WEEK 45 is often a volatile cycle in which the tracks switch back and forth, and we find ourselves on different ground – destination unknown. But whatever this week brings, for some, the evolutionary work is entering a new phase, for others, it is just beginning. But this is not a race. Judging others against ourselves is the basis of racism, sexism, and all forms of hate. This level of judgment is what we are evolving from.

There are also those who simply cannot accept the magnificent potential that humanity’s vibrancy and diversity offer, and will do absolutely anything to prevent the inclusiveness of this evolution. Being unable to accept present-day reality, they will fight maniacally to drag us back to a time that no longer exists.

This week’s 9 energy brings dramatic spirals and emotional conclusions. And because this is the final 9 WEEK of the 6 YEAR of 2022(2+0+2+2=6), we are likely to experience endings within endings – and spirals within spirals – which will make it all the more difficult to determine where it’s all heading.

However, 4‘s determination, 5‘s love of freedom, 6‘s desire for fairness and balance, and 9‘s focus on ending what is no longer relevant, will make us realize that it is up to each 1 of us to lean more specifically in those directions.

1 is the number of the INDIVIDUAL. So, instead of dwelling on our differences, it is time to focus on the difference that 1 individual can make.

In 2022, the 11th month of NOVEMBER produces an 8 GLOBAL MONTH (11+6=1+7=8) – and 8 is the number of POWER, in all its forms. This includes our own personal power as individual human beings, which is certainly being put to the test. But it is also being given a chance to recognize itself, and to rise – and shine!

In the USA, 45 has become synonymous with ex-president Donald Trump – just as ex-president Barack Obama was highly visible last week in WEEK 44. But the massive transition we are currently engaged in is not just about the United States – or any one country – or any one individual. It is about fascism’s world-wide attack on democracy. But in order for the past to move into its right place – behind us – we the people must learn what the past had to teach. Learning from the past, and how things have progressed throughout time, is the nature of this current evolutionary phase. We cannot move forward until we understand how the past created the present, and the present creates the future. Simple karma. Cause and effect.

Meanwhile, books are being banned, history is being white-washed (and outright denied), religion is being manipulated, lies are being spewed, and women are not in control of their own bodies, their own decisions, their own lives. It is denial of reality that makes fascism possible.

We are moving through concentrated 2 energy:

the millennial 2000s.

the decade of the 2020s.

the three 2s in 2022.

and the 11/2 energy of November

Since 9 amplifies our feminine emotional energy, an even greater concentration of 2 will emerge this week (2+9=1+1=2 and 11+9=2+0=2).

These ultra-sensitive vibrations will trigger our various emotions, no matter which side of history we choose to be on. 2 is emotional feminine energy, and feminine energy (our ability to feel), is the WILL of humanity.

This week’s intense vibrations can open a lot of previously closed minds to the absurdity of our old greedy and war-driven ways. And of course, they can also slam some minds even more firmly shut.

The expression of our feelings is where freedom begins, so in order to evolve – and survive – we must learn to express ourselves in a way that does not harm anyone or anything else.

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” But with so much hate in our midst, letting love in can make us feel vulnerable and protective. Humanity has become so divided that people are afraid to express their true feelings for fear of backlash or some form of malice.

If we are not free to express our thoughts and feelings, we are not free at all. But freedom of speech is not meant to be an outright free-for-all. Communicating hate and spreading disinformation, gaslighting etc., is the opposite of free speech. Bullying and deception stop free speech in its tracks.

George Orwell wrote – in his classic dystopian novel, “NINETEEN EIGHTY-FOUR”, 

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again, in new shapes of your own choosing.”

No wonder there is such confusion in the world when our thoughts and feelings are systemically repressed and “engineered”. That is how fascism builds its traps. It commandeers the lines of communication that enable our feelings and minds to interconnect naturally.

With social media being such a massive aspect of our lives, we must remember that “WHOEVER CONTROLS THE MESSAGE, CONTROLS THE PEOPLE,” and getting the masses to believe what they want us to believe is the obvious objective. The spreading of false information – LIES – and the HATE that accompanies them – has become a fatal disease here on Earth.

And with MENTAL HEALTH being such an important factor of our times, it is important to understand that it is not just the mental/emotional health of the general population at issue here. The mental/emotional health of a handful of billionaires, politicians, industrialists, and even artists, also needs to be scrutinized – people who believe that their wealth somehow makes them super-smart about everything. The self-proclaimed “genius” has become quite a problem in a world in which money is God.

Their minds are usually so narrowly-focused on money and power that there is no room in there for any other information to enter. But their power and influence make their small-mindedness, cold-heartedness, and denial of reality, a huge danger to life itself.

9 is the number of LETTING GO, and WEEK 45 urges you to let go of who you are “not”, so that the real you can emerge. You cannot continue to think, feel, and act in the same old way and expect positive change to occur. There is a time to hold on, and there is a time to let go. The heart of humanity is opening, but we keep closing it again with the fear we’ve been holding inside, in denial, for so long.

On MONDAY, NOVEMBER 7, your personal weekly forecast repeats as a daily forecast. This occurs whenever the month and day add up to 9. (11+7=1+8=9). Circumstances, memories, and intense feelings reach a peak on these dates. 9 represents commotion, emotion, and ‘letting go’ in order to move forward. 45/9 amplifies this already amplified energy.

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 8 is the final day of the USA’s mid-term elections in which democracy itself is on the line. 11+8+6=2+5 = introspective 7 – and the search for inner meaning. It is unlikely that the results will be known on the 8th, but whatever the outcome is, we must remember that as dangerous and frightening as these times are, in order to evolve, we have to pass through and gain more understanding of the hellish conditions we are evolving from. We have to learn from experience. How else can we evolve?

Humanity is the only species on Earth that is at constant war with itself. And if anything is obvious it is that war, aggression, hate, and greed are not the answer. They are diseases from which we have to heal!

The world itself goes into a 7 GLOBAL YEAR in 2023 (2+0+2+3=7), while the USA goes into a 9 NATIONAL YEAR – the number of endings, dramatic events, and deep emotions. Each and every one of us has a role to play in making our world a better place – if we choose to rise to the challenge.


This 9 Week is occurring in the 11th month which makes this a 9/11 Week – the emergency code in the USA and other countries. The combination of 9 and 11 runs prominently throughout the month, and particularly on November 9th, 18th, and 27th.

I call 9/11 and 11/9 the “code of reversal”. What happened on those dates at various times in the human journey created a complete turnaround from what we were accustomed to – just as the events of September 11 in the USA changed the world in such drastic ways.

9 takes us backwards so we can learn from the past, while 11 (the number of illumination), sheds its light on specific areas that are in need of adjustment and healing. 9/11 and 11/9 have historically brought massive reversals and changes of direction.

In Germany, there was the Beer Hall Patsch on 9 November, 1923, and Kristallnacht  on 9 November, 1938, both events leading to WORLD WAR 2. This week marks the 33rd anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989, the reunification of Germany, and the eventual breakup of the Soviet Union.

After WW2 ceased, the COLD WAR between Russia and the West began, the result of which split Germany into East Germany (which transformed Russia and much of Eastern Europe into the Soviet Union), and West Germany which was supported by what was left of Europe – and the western alliance, including the USA.

Wars do not end. They sleep. They change shape. They change players. But the pain, misery, and death they inflict stays within the people it affects, and is handed down from one generation to the next – until a new spark flies – and it is ignited all over again.

The whole system of the 1000s is based on war – occupation – colonization – and the quest for POWER over others. This is by no means a Russian phenomenon. All the major powers are prepared to go to war for reasons that simply do not belong in an evolving world. If that continues into the 2000s, we cannot survive as a species.

We all have a part to play in making the world more peaceful. Everything starts within. This is a week in which to tear down the inner walls that we ourselves are hiding behind, and be more aware of our strengths and our weaknesses. As we move closer to the end of this 6 Year (the number of balance), we need a more balanced appreciation of who we are as individuals. More truth. More honesty.

I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain. ~James Baldwin

Being unable to FACE our fears is a huge problem – and the more we refuse to face our fears, the more we attract situations which force us to do so. Very often, facing our fears and feeling our pain means accepting reality – including the reality of this awful imbalance in which we are living – which came about because of our inability to accept life’s magnificent and essential DIVERSITY.

The idea that one “race” or gender is superior to another is as ludicrous as believing that having money and power makes you a genius. The transparency of the feminine 2000s makes it clear that the old system is one big RACE for white male superiority, power, and privilege, which is now at the point where it will try to force itself on the world. We have been here before.

It is LACK OF FEELING that enables people to harm and kill so easily. It is also important to understand that HATE is not an emotion. Hate is a sickness. ILL FEELINGS. Hate is something to be healed, not hated. Hate + hate = more hate. And yet there is hate in us all (often in denial). Our evolution will progress by having the INTENT to heal whatever hate exists within us.

While the old system must break down in order for a new system to form, nothing is predictable at this time. The old regimes all over the world will do anything to hold on to power, not only because they will no longer be powerful, but because they will be held accountable.  2022 is a 6 YEAR, and 6 is the number of responsibility.

The final day of WEEK 45 is FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11,


NOVEMBER 11 is Veterans Day in the USA. And Remembrance Day in the U.K., Canada, and other British Commonwealth countries, (a war-related and sacred date).

11:11 has also become a numerological phenomenon. So, perhaps, this year, we will have a better idea of what 11:11 has been leading to. After all, 11+11 adds up to 22, and here we are moving towards the end of 2022. There is always a lot to learn as a yearly cycle comes to an end.

22 represents ‘the masses’, and BIG IDEAS for improving the conditions under which people exist. But in the wrong hands, 22 has the reverse affect and brings cruelty, shock, and utter chaos. Again, it is a matter of intent – the love – or lack thereof – in the heart.

11+11 in the 6 Global Year = 28, and 2+8 gives us 10 – the number of great change – a new phase – the next level. This will spill over into next week, which is the 46th week of 2022. 4+6 also = 10 – the number of NEW CONCEPTS (which the world is in great need of).

“Friends – you cannot do ugly things to people and expect to live a beautiful life. You cannot spew hate and expect to live a beautiful life. You cannot hurt others and expect to live a beautiful life. You cannot live that beautiful life when you lack empathy, and your soul is empty.” ~ John Feal

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14 thoughts on “WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 45

  1. Anthony

    Funnily enough,on 9/11,both my sims started operating in reverse.Spent all day yesterday trying to get it sorted with my provider,to no avail.Then today,11/11,both sims back to normal.Have an appointment today @11,received an sms reminder yesterday in the afternoon,time it was sent 11:11.Life path number 11/2,year number 2.Thank you for your insights and articles.?

  2. Abdulrashid

    Dear,Christine More grease to your elbow for the wonderful yearly prediction mr christen delorey.the year has come to an end but my one personal year have not yield me anything is there any blockage or the miracle Will still happen?

  3. Sylvia Markezinis

    Christine your wisdom is simply mesmerizing and it is so enlightening to read these most amazing insights. You are a very gifted and loving soul and from the depths of my tender heart I wish to thank you immensely for sending me your insights.

    Kind regards,

  4. Nancy

    Christine, you never fail to present a well-written account of Where We Are. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us, giving us Hope in an often hopeless time. I have shared this articled with friends, noting the many years that I have followed you, and Numerology. Always right-on, relevant, timely. Thank you!!!

  5. Teresa Jarabek

    I think it is also worthy to note that since we in Canada share a significant border with the US that Nov 11 is also Rememberance Day in Canada as well as the UK. Thank you for your most interesting numerical observations and education. I so enjoy your articles.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Canada certainly should be included, Teresa, and I have added it to the text of this article. I can remember my dad telling me about his great memories of Canadian airmen he served with in WW2. (He was with the RAF). I believe Remembrance Day is observed in most British Commonwealth countries, even some that were not part of the Commonwealth in WW2.

      Thank your for your kind words. I am delighted that you enjoy this work.

  6. Deb

    This is so very well-written and oh so true and insightful. Thank you for all your time and effort you always put into your work.

  7. Wolf

    You are absolutely correct on all of this. They are doing everything to pull the wool over all of the people’s eyes. I saw through this from the very beginning. Sleep is the correct word. Have you ever seen the movie ‘They Live?’
    This fits their campaign against the people perfectly. They want us all to stay asleep. They live….we sleep.
    It fits. It’s based on Eight O’clock in the Morning. A short story. But we are definitely not sleeping.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      I vaguely remember that film, Wolf. It goes back quite a few years. But, yes, I get your point. I have a feeling that by the time the 2020s are over, the majority of people will be more awake than we’ve ever been. I hope so, anyway.

  8. Michelle

    Dear Christine,, so you are aware 11 Nov is a Friday, not Thursday as stated in your article.
    Thank you for such fabulous insight as ever x


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