OLD MEETS NEW (week 37)

This week’s 37 / 10 / 1 energy contains opportunities to be more aware of what we are truly feeling, to shake ourselves awake, expand our awareness – and discover who we are and where we stand. But as this millennial segment of the human journey moves further away from the old masculine 1000s and ...

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TRUMP IN THE MILLENNIAL SHIFT As we evolve from the masculine 1000s to the feminine 2000s, we are experiencing a change of frequency in which the old male-driven system (1) is breaking down under the incoming power of 2’s feminine vibration which is slowly bringing equality, fairness, justice, and a much needed ...

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Tesla: His Astonishing Life and Death Numbers

Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856. He died on January 7, 1943 – and his lifespan contains a very interesting numeric pattern. His work helped to revolutionize our understanding of electricity, radio waves, x-rays, and many other important scientific aspects. and some profoundly spiritual aspects, too. If you are ...

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The Iran Agreement

Creative Numerology – The Iran Agreement: when an event affects us on a global or national scale, its impact sends out clusters of numbers which expose a specific theme, revealing how various aspects are connected. 2 was the most obvious number that jumped out as this historic agreement was announced, between ...

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Evolution is transformation. We evolve, not by discarding or destroying what is, but by transforming it into a higher form of itself. We heal our ill feelings, not by casting them out or holding them in, but by transforming them into the love they once were. We heal our karma, not by ignoring it or suffering ...

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