Week 22

WEEK 22, 2021 – Creative Numerology

When the world changed from the fast, electrical, masculine 1000s to the slower, magnetic, feminine 2000s, we did not change with it. We are on a completely new wavelength now, and the increase of suffering all over the planet, is the result of our inability to change with the times. Instead of slowing down when ...

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   9/11 is the CODE OF REVERSAL. It turns things around. And one of the prominent numbers that came out of the brutal murder of George Floyd is 9.29 – the exact length of time – 9 minutes and 29 seconds – that a depraved white police officer cut off his air supply by kneeling ...

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9 energy


I started writing this in the 9th week of 2021, (Feb 26 to Mar 4), but this focus on 9 is not just about one week. It is about the ongoing effect that 9 – the number of ENDINGS and RENEWAL – is constantly playing in our lives. Not only are we experiencing the end ...

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We are moving through a segment of time that is different to anything we have experienced before. Multiple historic events are converging in the millennium of the 2000s – and the decade of the 20s. We thought 2020 was behind us, but it’s not that simple. We are still in 2020, but this year, we’re ...

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WEEK 48 – 2020

WEEK 48 runs from Wednesday, November 25th to Tuesday, December 1st. WEEK 48 is the 9th week of a 10-week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 4. 48 can help us manifest something really worthwhile by expressing outwardly what we are feeling inside. It gives us a sense of enthusiasm and the willingness to ...

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