BORN ON FEB 29? when is your birthday in a non-Leap Year?

Born ion February 29When do people born on February 29 celebrate their birthdays in a non-Leap year? I am frequently asked by people who were born on February 29 which day they should celebrate their birthday.

February 28? Or March 1?

The answer is specific.


You were still in the womb on February 28, so that is certainly not your birthday. And if your year of birth had not been a Leap Year, you would have been born on March 1st. Also, February 29 and March 1 both add up to 4, and this fact keeps you aligned with whatever your Life Path Number happens to be. You do not have two different Life Path Numbers.

A LEAP YEAR occurs every four years. An additional day (February 29th) ensures that the calendar remains in alignment with Earth’s rotation around the sun. However, that extra day can produce a vibrational “wobble” or see-saw-effect which is felt throughout the year, and in the case of LEAPLINGS, throughout the life.

BEING BORN ON FEBRUARY 29TH enables you to connect all the various aspects of your journey in an evolutionary way, even though you do have to contend with the Leap Year Wobble as you go through life. But rather than producing feelings of constant instability, this birth date can produce unusual levels of resourcefulness, adaptability, and determination.

So, whether it’s February 29th in a Leap Year or March 1st in those other three years, Happy Birthday, dear Leapling…

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