Hang in there !

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32 thoughts on “HANG IN THERE !

  1. Shelley Rains

    Christine you are a blessing and a wonder. You have your finger on the pulse of what we are all going through, and your message just rings like a bell. Thank you so much – this has been a tough year for everyone, no exceptions, and many have given up and left the earthly plane. For those of us who stubbornly stay, hanging on and hanging in, there is your beautiful message.
    Thank you so much for all that you do, and may we all have a blessed day of giving Thanks and letting our gratitude for the small things that help keep us sane and give us a reason to live, to hang on there and wait for this year to end. Remember everyone -The darkest hour is just before dawn!!

  2. Heather Becker

    Thank you Christine! This year has been so tough and I truly appreciate this message and all of your continued guidance. Sending lots of love your way and grateful to have found your page.

  3. Dayna

    Dearest Christine,

    Found your message in my inbox today and wept, finally. I’ve been bottling up all the emotion from the tension. So many decisions to make and everything, it seems, on the line. I’ve been unable to release it until I saw your message. Of course your readings always get me right where I am. I wasn’t expecting your sweet message of encouragement from the heart. Thank you so much for your uplifting contribution to us all. Warm wishes to you. You are a treasure.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Oh Dayna. I’m glad you were able to release all that heaviness – or some of it anyway. I strongly relate to your situation. You will find your way on these uncertain evolutionary roads.

  4. Carmen A Griffith

    Thank you for letting me read other people’s heartfelt messages and aches, I am Not alone in this world drowning, I find solace in these situations that times can only get better and it’s time to heal.

  5. Maura J Allard

    Wow…I have intentionally let my business and the place I call home die so I can move into a new life in January. I feel all of what you wrote. Thank you for sharing those words of encouragement as I truly feel suspended and not quite sure where I’m going and I’m looking for the truth to be revealed.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      I can relate, Maura. Not knowing how or where you’re going to land is no small feat. Keep in mind that people, everywhere, are seeking their “right place”. As we evolve, familiar landscapes change. You will find your way…

  6. Naulene

    Thank you Christine! and for the other comments above, , not feeling sorry for myself, it just is alll happening isn’t it? perfect timing for a heartfelt “HANG IN THERE” message
    Much appreciated

  7. Linda

    WOW talk about divine timing. Thank you Christine for this message much needed and appreciate knowing I am not alone feeling these emotions or instability. When we have kindred spirits walking the same path even if we do not know one another it makes us stronger. Blessings to you.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Knowing that others – all over the world – are also experiencing these things does take some of the pressure off and helps us to appreciate how strong and capable we actually are.

      Thank you Linda.

  8. Wolf

    I lost my other half last year.
    This last 16 months has been a struggle. I have people in my complex who won’t leave me alone. I truly get it.
    Thank you for those words. They fit.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Oh Wolf, I know it’s been such a struggle for you, and I’m sorry to hear that those people are still affecting you so adversely. Literally, hang in there. Grief is such a long drawn-out heaviness. But it gets lighter as time goes by, and when it does, solutions will come to you more easily. Sending all my love to you.

  9. Rameshwar Deokaran

    I feel tired the more I work the less I Have but the struggles continues
    Thanks for your encouragement of faith.

  10. Myrna De Jesús

    With a heavy and exhausted heart I read your words. The solace knowing we’re together moving through such a challenging time of evolution is great solace. Grateful for your warmth, Christine.

  11. KJ

    PIN POINT ACCURACY! I went to bed last night rereading the past few weeks of weekly forecasts. I awoke from a dream between 3-4 am with the clear interpretation of what it meant: IT IS TIME FOR THE MANIFESTATION OF THE END OF A STRUGGLE. HOW QUICKLY THIS MANIFESTATION TAKES PLACE IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO HOW MUCH YOU LOVE YOURSELF! I realized this wasn’t just for me as soon I got on and read this post. This isn’t just a generalization-there is a specific area in the lives of many that if we will work with LOVE, confusion/fear/discouragement will begin to dissolve away. What is lacking will be fulfilled (law of correspondence /compensation). What will be revealed is what comes as a result of your self-love being turned up to a frequency greater than thoughts of unworthiness and doubt. All that will remain is an increasing clarity to walk towards your healing by following LOVE’S guidance. This ever-expanding self-love will have a ripple effect on those around you (both directly and indirectly). This a major key in countering the hate that is in the world. It starts with overcoming self-hate. Keep up the excellent effort Christine!

    1. Rosalind

      Thank you KJ; your message is just what I need going forward! Very powerful and true. It’s time to let Love be our light in this darkness. And we’re really all in this together. And thank you, Christine, for hope and starting this important conversation.


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