WHERE WE ARE ~ 2023 ~ WEEK 17 ~

WEEK 17 runs from SUNDAY, APRIL 23rd to SATURDAY the 29th. WEEK 17 is an 8 WEEK, (1+7=8). This is the 5th week of a 7-week cycle in which all the week numbers are KARMIC NUMBERS – TEEN NUMBERS.

And just LOOK at how teenagers – and young people in general – are being affected as this cycle unfolds. We are seeing just how powerless – and powerful – this age group has become, and is becoming. They are the future trying to form, but how can they form a survivable future if they feel that more of the same (or worse) is all they have to look forward to?

Today’s young people already understand (or are in the process of understanding) that in order to create the future they want, they must WILL it into being with a “new” intelligence, great courage, workable ideas, and simple kindness. Youth is the basis of the future, and it needs to be respected and encouraged, not belittled for its temporary inexperience. Young people are gaining experience quickly now.

2 is the number of sensitivity, but because we do not understand the depth of the emotions we are experiencing, many people have become irrationally fearful, dangerously oversensitive and overreactive. The crisis we are experiencing on Earth today affects us all, young and old, and in-between. It involves our minds, emotions, physical bodies, and that part of us in which the mind, emotions, and physicality MEET – the human heart, which is obviously broken.

We all have a role to play in shaping the future. We all have valuable experience to gain as we travel this evolutionary road together. And this is becoming quite apparent at this time of powerful karmic activity.

Karma is the learning of what we have been unable to learn – and must learn – in order to evolve. Karma represents the natural laws of cause-and-effect, which means very simply that if you do something “this” way, “this” will happen. If you do something “that” way, “that” will happen. We will see large-scale karma at work this week, because 8 is the number of investment, and for better or worse, it returns to us what we have given to the world, (which is what karma is).

Of course, this suggests that economic matters will also loom large in WEEK 17.

17/8 represents abundance. It teaches us how to combine one or more things of limited potential into something of greater value. It enables us to adjust our priorities as we go, in order to maintain balance.

8 represents all forms of POWER, and the multi-layered POWER GAMES that are going on in the world today. The circumstances of WEEK 17 also reveal the power that comes from ACCURATE UNDERSTANDING. The old greed-driven system maintains its power by keeping the population unaware, which is why we are being bombarded with disinformation and deception, and why factual history is being altered or erased. A confused population is easier to “steer” than a well-informed one.

Propaganda is a cruel weapon which alters our perception of reality. And even when we know what we’re hearing is propaganda, we don’t want to believe what is right before our eyes. We don’t want to believe what we know. But that must change as we move further into the 2000s because 2 represents both transparency and perception. The truth is in the details. The illusion is in the way the details are presented. Amid all the wars and atrocities in the world right now, it is the INFORMATION WAR that keeps it all going.

The so-called culture wars that so many are salivating over have nothing to do with culture, but are “variations on a theme” – the theme of greed, racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, mind control, and dictatorship.

POWER addiction is extremely destructive. In this winner-takes-all system, humanity has not learned the vital lesson of POWER SHARING. We have not learned that power is meant to EMPOWER, not control. And we have not learned that abundance is not a matter of what you’ve got, but of what brings you true joy.

As we transition from the corrupt and deceptive INFORMATION AGE – to the AGE OF TRUTH – we are encountering a barrage of revelations and shocks. As we come out of our own denials and  face reality, shock is a natural reaction.

2 represents FEELINGS and SENSITIVITY, and humanity is experiencing emotions on an accelerated and profound level, often without understanding the positive power and purpose of those emotions. 2 helps us to develop the powers of PATIENCE, PARTNERSHIP, and COOPERATION, without which it will be impossible to evolve beyond all this intolerance, impulsiveness, violence, and death.

We want everything immediately. We want instant answers. But 2 is the number of DETAIL – and PATIENCE with detail. So, we must allow adequate TIME to pass for the understanding to arrive – and sink in.

Time is a natural phenomenon, visible and measurable by the duration of the seasons, tides, sunrise, sunset, and other natural cycles. TIME IS THE RHYTHM OF MOTHER NATURE. (Clocks and calendars are the instruments humans invented with which to measure time). Patience is the ACCEPTANCE of time.

We are currently moving through a huge concentration of 2 energy:

the millennium of the 2000s

the decade of the 2020’s

and the 11/2 MONTH that occurs in April in a 7 Year (4+7=1+1=2).

When approached with loving intent, 11/2 shines its brilliant light on the details of what we are dealing with, and shows us, intuitively, how to deal with it. But when this energy is infused with hate or indifference, our natural sense of empathy withers into manipulation, discouragement, and more violence.

17/8 helps us to stand up to hate and confront it with personal truth. If we don’t, hate will have a free reign to define and control us. However, 17/8 also shows us the ineffectiveness of passivity and indifference, which many are mistaking for peacefulness. A conflict cannot be settled by avoiding the conflict. We have to assert our own power and make every effort to resist those who would capture and kill our FREE WILL, which is precisely what authoritarianism does.

The feminine WILL is emotional energy, and authoritarianism sucks us in by our emotions. When our feelings are under the control of someone other than ourselves, we have no WILL of our own. And if we cannot feel for ourselves, we cannot think for ourselves either. So, we have to PROTECT our emotions – not subdue them. We have to increase our ability to think and feel at the same time, without believing that we’re losing our minds.

We all have to wake up! NOW! And make this not the death of democracy, but the actualization of democracy. And no, our current understanding of democracy is not FREE WILL, but it is the first and most vital step towards it.

Hate is not an emotion. Hate is an infection OF the emotions – sick feelings – ill Will – bad blood – the absence of love. But the tendency, even in the most loving hearts, is to hate hate – and that’s how the infection spreads. Hate thrives on hate and therefore needs you to hate it.

When we equate justifiable anger with hate, it becomes frozen in guilt and cannot change or even understand the conditions that caused it. Anger is not hate. Very often, anger is reaction to pain, and can motivate us to find effective solutions to complicated problems.

8 is the number of POWER, and one of the greatest powers it offers is the power of CORRECT UNDERSTANDING. But the shadow side of 8 = abuse of power, and replaces correct understanding with lies, deceit, propaganda, and the re-writing of history in order to obscure the TRUTH of how we got to be in this dilemma in the first place.

The descent into authoritarianism happens when those in positions of power and privilege feel threatened – male supremacy, white supremacy, wealth supremacy, religious supremacy, and all the other archaic notions of superiority.

Cruelty is an offshoot of hate. It is an extreme weakness of mind and heart, which humanity is in the process of outgrowing. We will get through this awful phase, but not until we learn the unlearned lessons of the past which are showing us what we must evolve FROM. We are in the process of facing our personal and collective realities.

1 = you, the individual, and the millennium of the 1000s, out of which we are evolving.

7 = learning – gathering all the pieces of the puzzle and connecting them accurately to form a bigger picture.

8 = personal power by gaining correct understanding of the facts.

This week’s 1 7 8 vibrations create a wave of determination which can help expand your awareness. Wherever you are seeking answers, or when certain aspects of a situation don’t make sense, don’t be tempted to rush things along to get a quick result. Go more deeply into the details, and give yourself time to notice what you’ve been overlooking.

7 often brings fear to higher levels, but when fear is imposed on the population as strategy and policy, paranoia and the emotion of terror take hold of people, making their reactions irrational, extremely dangerous, and frequently deadly. Remember that 2023 is a 7 Year, (2+0+2+3=7).

Fear is bound to arise as we move through the turbulent uncharted territory of the 2020s, so don’t be afraid to be afraid. Only by learning what needs to be feared – and what does not – can you develop the courage that will see you safely through this rough but transformative energy.

Fear is not some blanket emotion which must be avoided at all costs. It is denied fear that allows atrocious events to occur and gives us the excuse to say we didn’t see it coming.

Meanwhile, the old system is still programming the populace to fear one another – and to fear almost everything. They use the natural emotion of fear as a weapon of control – and clearly, it works – and this is fueling the hate.

There may be some guilt or confusion this week regarding your loyalties or responsibilities. The 17/8 energy brings lessons about when to stay and when to leave; when to increase your involvement and when to withdraw. We are learning to gauge how much of ourselves we are able to give to others while pursuing our own needs, responsibilities, and interests.

8 is the number of APPRECIATION, and only by appreciating the value of what you already have can you recognize how blessed you actually are. In the 2000s, the key is not to strive to be better than others, but to simply give your very best. The less you focus on outdoing others, the more you can focus on what you have to give – your gift.

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2 thoughts on “WHERE WE ARE ~ 2023 ~ WEEK 17 ~

  1. Myrna

    I appreciate how you consistently spear right into the heart of the matter with such unflinching truth. The manner in which you communicate such pressing matters is breathtaking. I feel layers of slumber dissolving everytime I read your posts.

    I can see how the karma energy has been present recently. It absolutely is a force to be reckoned with. Thank you very much for the time you devote to being punctual with these posts and with the focus you summon to write out such complex and precise information. You’re a lighthouse in the middle of this stormy era.


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