WEEK 48 – 2020

WEEK 48 runs from Wednesday, November 25th to Tuesday, December 1st. WEEK 48 is the 9th week of a 10-week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 4.

48 can help us manifest something really worthwhile by expressing outwardly what we are feeling inside. It gives us a sense of enthusiasm and the willingness to exert whatever effort it takes to produce a desired result. This is very creative energy.

Life is movement. Movement is change.  We have to change with it, even when change brings upheaval and chaos. If we try to get back to what we call ‘normal’, nothing changes, stagnation sets in, conditions fester, and disease prevails. WEEK 48 is a week of forward movement, provided we do not overstep 4’s very real boundaries and move too fast, too soon – or act irresponsibly.

When 4 and 8 combine, (4+8=1+2=3) the resulting 3 energy opens the imagination and conjures up new workable ideas.

4 = work and determination

8 = vision and manifestation

3 = creativity and communication

4 governs our sense of IDENTITY, making WEEK 48 the ideal time to ask yourself these questions, with genuine curiosity and seriousness:

“Who am I?”,

“\What am I doing?”

“Where am I going?”

“What do I want?”

48/12/3 helps us to determine what we most need and find a way to obtain it. These numbers remind us that we get out of life, what we put into it. And because WEEK 48 occurs in the 11th month, there is plenty of light and inspiration to go around. But this interim cycle between the 1000s and the 2000s is a dangerous and unpredictable slice of time – and we have to be wide-awake and attuned to reality.

We are evolving, stretching, pushing, and pulling ourselves into a much wider and deeper awareness. And it’s not a comfortable experience at this stage! We are evolving emotionally, and we are meant to be feeling it profoundly. We are learning to feel our feminine feelings, without our masculine minds throwing them into denial.

Both 4 and 8 strive to ATTAIN what they want – but from different approaches:

4 succeeds through hard work, routine, order, system, formula, patient attention to detail, organization, efficiency, and the precise execution of well-laid plans. succeeds through attraction, strong desire, the merging of resources, and sensing the deeper potential in existing conditions. 8 succeeds through incorporating what it has, to get what it wants – and delegates the all-important details to 4.

As emotional highs and lows continue to flow this week, it is important to understand that emotions are multi-layered and complex. We must learn much more about this vital part of us as we move forward in time. That’s where our creativity comes from.

Despite their vibrational differences, 4 and 8 have a unique relationship. They belong together. The most balanced form of 8 is 44. Both 4 and 8 can make BIG things happen when they work together. 4 and 8 give each other optimism and confidence because they appreciate each other’s natural functions.

As 4 and 8 exchange information from their various viewpoints, a bigger picture forms, from which all kinds of possibilities emerge. Nothing spreads information and atmosphere as effectively as 48/12/3 – and this includes disinformation. 3 is the energy through which things SPREAD, and with the holiday season upon us now, and people wanting to throw caution to the wind and ‘get together’, we must remember that this also applies to the spreading of disease, confusion, and anxiety. 3  is the number of people and population; of happiness and sentiment. 3 is the energy that enables anything to “go viral”.

3 is the number of ILLUSION, and we can never be certain, when 3 is active, whether something is real or staged. 3 represents the stage, and the creative arts. 3 can be wonderfully entertaining – and cleverly deceptive. And when fading power clings to power, as it is doing now all over the world, its vindictiveness and desperation can do terrible damage on the way out.

48/12/3 provides us with ideas, creative urges, and optimism. The step-by-step motion of 1, 2, 3, gives us the WILL to carry on. 3 creates patterns and platforms which provide CONTINUITY. 3 enables happiness, love, information, and understanding to spread. But every number has its shadow side which in this case includes the spreading of shallowness, rumor, gossip, hearsay, lies, spite, threats, bullying, blackmail, and other social viruses.

3 represents friendship, but the shallow side of 3 is where enemies reside. And because this old system maintains its power by keeping people divided, we have little understanding of the true meaning of diversity – which we can’t really know at this time because we have never experienced the extent of how spectacularly diverse life actually is, and how it is all connected.

We do know that diversity is CONTRAST, without which we would be unable to tell one thing from another! Contrast has an essential sensory function. Diversity is the richness that enables the great tapestry of life to keep going, expand, transform, and evolve. Diversity gives life its color, texture, and other vibrational tones. Without differences, there is no chemistry, and without chemistry, there is no choice, no potential, and no future.

The old system uses the power of communication to program our minds – by manipulating our emotions. This is why the freeing of the human WILL is so vital to our evolution. The WILL is our ability to feel and sense. And THAT is the part of us that is most under attack! Emotional energy is feminine energy, which is why women have always been kept down.

And yet, it is women who are rising up in the 2000s, most effectively, and most courageously – especially women of color, and women who are not afraid to EXPRESS what they are feeling. Emotion is our honesty. What’s been happening in the world since the 2000s began is making us ALL feel our feelings more deeply than ever – including men. This does not mean that men are becoming ‘feminized’. It means that men (and women) are attaining INNER BALANCE and becoming more whole. More complete. More intelligent. More loving. More evolved.

The 333rd day of the year usually falls on the 11:11 day of NOVEMBER 29, but because 2020 is a Leap Year, the 333rd day falls on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28th, leaving 33 days left until the end of the year.

333 is a different dimension – a different atmosphere. 3 is the square root of 9, the number of deep emotion, endings, and inevitability. So, what happens, physically or emotionally, on November 28 and 29 in this evolutionary 4 Year of 2020 is worth noting. And then, the 3 energy that occurs on November 30th creates a 9 Day (11+3+4=1+8=9). These are intense times – and we are by no means out of the woods yet. We have yet to pass through the 3 energy that comes from the 12th month of December.

Communication is not just about humans exchanging information and interacting with each other. The body is communicating within itself all the time. The natural world communicates in the most miraculous ways.  But this depth of purpose is diminished when serious matters do not have ‘entertainment value’, (cannot hold our attention), and are dismissed as ‘boring’ and irrelevant. Being more able to understand complex matters – and finding simpler ways to describe them without over-simplifying – also has a large evolutionary role to play.

3 is the vibe in which we are most easily distracted – and most easily swayed by other people’s opinions. The shallow end of 3 is where harsh judgment, trickery, deception, ignorance, blackmail, negligence, revenge, and the wicked ‘games people play’ are found. There is no forgiveness at the shallow end of 3, so until we move into deeper waters by the power of our own Free Will, take in more detail, and broaden our view of reality, we will remain stuck between the old millennium and the new one.

Used creatively, intelligently, and with peaceful intent, 48/12/3 helps us to counter destructiveness with creativeness, lies with truthfulness, and hate with love. 4 and 8 bring reward for effort and dedication – and 3 brings the joy that comes from doing something exceptionally well. 3 is the number of OPEN EXPRESSION – which is the whole basis of FREE WILL.

2020 is the first year of the decade of the 20s. This concentration of 2 energy has brought us into a whole new era. The old ways of the 1000s are holding on, and their force is still formidable and deadly, but they WILL fail in the end simply because present time does not support their archaic tactics.

The practical side of 4 and the survival mode of 8 remind us that life on Earth is going to get worse before it gets better, but the power of ‘accurate understanding’ that comes from both 4 and 8, gives us a reason to keep going through thick and thin. 3 is the number of OPTIMISM, the number of HOPE. 48/12/3 provides the INCENTIVE of knowing that we can make the changes we need to make. We are far more capable than the old system has ever allowed us to realize.   

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4 thoughts on “WEEK 48 – 2020

  1. Yoke Thie

    Dear Christine,
    Thank you so much for your inspirational posts. It really is a supporting knowledge to cherish during this period of time. Here in the Netherlands we are also in the virus-mode like everywhere else. On my birthday 1st of december we will be obliged to wear mouthbandages!
    I am concerned of how we shall go forward as a species. I want to stay positive and awake.
    These are exciting times indeed.
    p.s. : the day 28th november, yesterday, is on a friday. You wrote thursday 😉

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      These are indeed confusing times, Yoke. I don’t see face coverings as “mouth bandages”, but just a thin piece of cloth to wear over our mouths and noses – a temporary measure that will help stem the spread of this deadly virus. These are not easy times, but we have it in us to evolve our way out of them.

      LOL – we both got the day wrong for the 28th. It was Saturday.

      Most importantly, Yoke, Happy Birthday! And my very best wishes for your upcoming 9 Year in 2021.

      With love,

  2. Damien Adie

    Thank you so much Christine- as per usual! Inspiring, interesting and full of guidance/ fair warning.

    I wish we could give this advice to world leaders, but so far they are hand and fast, and rarely listening….

    Although Jacinda Ardern is an example to me, as you say, of Women rising, and she’s a shining example to so many!!

    On a personal note, I’m on a 3 year and my 7 year old (girl) is in a 7 year. Next year I will be in a 4 year and she in an 8 year… so this felt directly relevant with the numbers you talked about.

    We’ve achieved a lot in a very unusual and challenging year, thank you for your constant guidance and wisdom,

    I have followed closely your writings all year and will continue!

    Thanks Christine

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      I couldn’t agree more, Damien, Jacinda Ardern is a brilliant example of feminine power.

      Sending my very best wishes to you and your daughter. I hope that 2021 will be a great year for you both. Much can be achieved with that 4/8 combination.

      With love,


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