WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 36

WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 36


WEEK 36 is a complex cycle which has the potential to create meaningful change in our lives, and in the world. Opportunities for new beginnings exist, but until we can clearly see the “next step”, the chaos will continue.

Fear of what we don’t understand creates resistance to change and keeps our minds closed. But this “fear of fear” tells us that fear is the problem, when very often, fear is the messenger. Denied fear can cause us to ignore real and present dangers. In WEEK 36, we can gain a deeper understanding of this natural emotion by recognizing what needs to be feared and what does not.

“If we only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, we would have the answer to the Universe” ~ Nikola Tesla

The magnificent 3 6 9 sequence gives us continuance – unfolding life – perpetual motion – reproduction – replication – and repeated process in order to produce ongoing movement. But in an evolving world, nothing can stay the same indefinitely. Everything must change.

369 signifies the EMERGENCE of one thing out of another. We are deeply involved in this process as a new millennium emerges out of the old one. 369 energy repeats and repeats – until a lesson is learned. Then, something changes, and the entire pattern takes on a new shape. That’s what is happening now.

Lessons HAVE been learned about the huge effort to keep feminine energy down. And not only are women fighting back, but men are supporting them, too.

Lessons HAVE been learned about the ultimate source of feminine energy – Mother Earth herself – and our ignorance of climate change. By ignorance, I mean how we, as a species, have ignored the impact that our “way of life” has had on the Mother.

Lessons HAVE been learned about the evils of fascism, although it is astounding that so many people still don’t understand what fascism is. Fascism is the sheer HATE that comes from GREED. It is important to understand that HATE and GREED are not natural emotions. They are emotional diseases.

Fascism is a far-right authoritarian ideology based on a belief in racial and social “superiority”. Its’ iron grip is maintained through militarism, and all forms of violence. Cruelty IS the point. There is no dissent. You are either with them, or they kill you. Fascism does not rise. Fascism is an abyss into which we descend.

Throughout history, in the name of national or racial “purity”, there have been wars, genocides, massacres, mass deportations, and forced sterilizations to prevent the growth of “inferior” populations. In the USA right now, anti-abortion laws have been put in place which force women and girls to “breed” even if they have been raped, or if the pregnancy threatens their lives. Fascism is the total subjugation of the human WILL – forming at a time in the human journey when the WILL is in the evolutionary process of freeing itself.

WEEK 36 is likely to produce important answers to important questions, and place more human beings on the same page of understanding – playing the same tune – by feeling the same feelings, even if they don’t speak the same language.



The only way out of this mess is to move through it. We can only do that if we, as a species, act in unison. The principle lesson of the 1000s is simply: WE ARE 1 — (a phrase that is often misused).

1 is also the number of the individual, which means that each of us is unique. The horrors of racism reflect our inability to accept our own uniqueness, let alone each other’s and our fear of anything “different” – the fear of “other”. And yet, we HAVE learned lessons in this regard, and are developing a greater sense of EMPATHY – an emotional awareness of other realities besides our own. Empathy is a product of both the masculine mind and the feminine feelings working together in kindness and peaceful intent – in unison.

3 reminds us that we are a species of storytellers. Everyone has a story to tell. 3 is the number of COMMUNICATION, which enables us to absorb information, and LEARN.

6 is the number of HOME and FAMILY. It reminds us that Mother Earth is our home, and we are ALL vital parts of 1 big human family. 6 is the number of EXTREMES and CONTROL, and in the 6 Year/6 Month of September 2022, the battle to control everything is likely to escalate, (although the transparency that comes from 2 will be most revealing).

9 represents compassion and generosity, as well as endings, completion, and letting go of what was in order to create what can be.

Dramatic 9 brings out our emotions as no other number can. There are always elevated levels of emotion in a 9 WEEK, and since WEEK 36 occurs in the 9TH MONTH, we are likely to experience a wider range of emotions than we are accustomed to – along with the confusion of not being sure of what we are actually feeling (mixed emotions).

But how else can it be as we evolve emotionally in the 2 energy of the 2000s, the double-2energy of the decade of the 2020s, and the triple-2 energy of 2022? Feminine 2 is the number of FEELING, SENSITIVITY, and INSTINCT.

The transition from 1 to 2 is not about competition. It’s about TEAMWORK. It is certainly not about getting back to the way things were. It’s about combining our energies, finding balance (equality), and efficiently making things happen. It’s about partnership. It’s about chemistry. It is not about controlling the world. It’s not even about ‘saving’ the world because SHE is going to save herself no matter what. She is in the process of doing that now. Our own survival depends on our helping her to do so.

No one is coming to rescue us. The whole point of FREEING THE WILL is that WE, each of us, must rescue ourselves – and help to free others where possible. The assumption that all will be well in the end without effort on our part is pure self-deception. If peace and healing is not the true intent, great harm can result. This is a week in which we will better understand the power of INTENT – the power (for better or worse) that we – and others – hold in our hearts.

WEEK 36 is the 7th week of a 10-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 3. Nothing is quite as it seems when 3 is as concentrated as it is right now – made more powerful by the fact that 3, 6, and 9 are all divisible by 3.

3 is the number of illusion. This is not new to us. We have been living in illusionary vibrations all along, and we thought it was reality. But the further we move into the transparency and realism of the 2000s, this abhorrent “reality show” can be seen for what it is – and much more will be uncovered as the journey unfolds.

Creative 3 is the number of people, population, and all things ‘popular’, including music and the arts. The old system depends on illusion and deception, not only to hide its cruelty – but to maintain control of the people’s true potential – our natural power to create what we desire and BECOME who we really are inside. We must learn to do this without harming ourselves or others – and without harming the living, breathing, conscious, feeling, physical world, that enables our physical existence.

369 shows us the EXTENT of something, the MAGNITUDE, the EFFECT. 369 increases our understanding of POTENTIAL and POSSIBILITY. The events of WEEK 36 will also give us a realistic idea of what will happen if the current patterns continue in the same direction.

Let your imagination open. Don’t be afraid of your own ideas, but be prepared to work at them, modify, hone, shape, and nurture them, until they emerge as real and worthwhile CHANGE.

As mentioned in previous articles : 1 is the nucleus of all the numbers…. therefore, nuclear matters cannot help but surface as we move through the millennial shift between the electrical 1000s and magnetic 2000s. We must experience our most basic realities – our atomic nature – if we are to understand the extreme danger of nuclear energy in hostile or inept hands.

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