WHERE WE ARE – 2021 – WEEK 48


EMOTIONAL SPARKS ARE FLYING in WEEK 48, some of which may fire up our compassion, optimism, enthusiasm, and creativeness, while others may ignite bonfires of fear, rage, hate, and selfishness. As we try to move forward on the road of life, we are held back by old misunderstandings. Mixed emotions continue to express themselves, some of which can be volatile and dangerous – because we misunderstand our feminine energy – the human WILL.

FREE WILL applies not only to individuals but an entire species of individuals. The WILL is our ability to FEEL and SENSE – and does not involve “doing whatever we want” without regard for others. That misunderstanding created many of the problems we now face on Earth. In the words of Albert Schweitzer, “I am life that wills to live in the midst of life that wills to live.”

48 represents CONTRAST. It reveals just how afraid we are of anything “different” or complex. Contrast is the essence of diversity. As a matter of survival, the diversity of life is what we must ALL learn to accept – and protect.

This fear includes our mixed reactions to the Covid pandemic, from which another variant, Omicron B.1.1.529, was detected on 9 November, 2021 in South Africa. That’s 11/9 in the United States, but in the rest of the world, it’s 9/11, both of which have great historical significance. That was Week 45 – a 9 Week.

And then there is:







  On 9 November 1923, in Germany, there was the Beer Hall Patsch.

  15 years later, on 9 November, 1938, there was Kristallnacht .

 And 51 years after that, long after the hostilities of World War 2 had ceased and Germany had been split into East and West, there was the tearing down of the Berlin Wall on 9 November, 1989, and the reunification of Germany.

But the tensions between the USSR and “the West” still exist today in the form of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, the rise of the “strongman”, and the push for global authoritarianism.

The Omicron variant was also found at a Belgian University, on 22 November last week (week 47 = 11), in a young woman who traveled there from Egypt. That was a significant date – a 33/6 day (11+22=33), and when you add the 5 Year of 2021, you have an 11/2 day (33+5=3+8=11/2). As you will see later in this article, 33 is a prominent number this week. And 11 was a prominent number last week.

week 48Even the name OMICRON (the 15th letter of the Greek Alphabet) also gives us 3, 3 and 6. All the vowels add up to 3, all the consonants add up to 3, and all together, Omicron adds up to 6, which is the number of health, education, balance, and responsibility. There is no point in speculating in these unpredictable times – but if this viral nightmare is to end, caution and caring are essential. 

I call 11/9 and 9/11 the “code of reversal” because what has happened on those dates at various times in the human journey created a complete turnaround from what we were accustomed to – just as the events of September 11 in the USA changed the world in such drastic ways.

WEEK 48 represents power, achievement, and manifestation. Both 4 and 8 recognize opportunity when they see it. But they approach these matters from different perspectives.

  4 succeeds through hard work, precision, detail, planning, organization, determination, order, system, and tested method.

  8 succeeds through attraction, desire, feelings of entitlement, incorporating resources, and sensing avenues of potential.

Despite their vibrational differences, 4 and 8 belong together. The most balanced form of 8 is 44. When 4 and 8 work together for a common purpose, their energies create harmony, satisfaction, and prosperity. But the balance is destroyed by greed and hate.

Imbalance between 4 and 8 is also visible in the disparity between the worker (4) and the executive (8).

  4+8 = 1+2 = 3.

  3 represents people and population, friends, enemies, communication, creativity, outward expression, outer appearances, entertainment, social structure, happiness, gossip, and propaganda.

  2021 is a 5 global year (2+0+2+1= 5) – the number of resourcefulness, unexpected development, change, and freedom.

When 3 and 5 mix, suddenly we are in a more creative time and space, giving new ideas and new life a chance to develop. 3/5 enables us to feel our individual and collective heartbeats – our creative sparks – and transform our destructiveness into constructiveness, and our misplaced guilt into self-acceptance and dignity.

  5 transforms. 3 is the child. Humanity is growing up … evolving. But there is still a large contingent who are terrified of such change and are prepared to go to any lengths to prevent it from happening. It is essential to maintain the optimism that comes from 3, but also to heed the realism that comes from 5.

  3 represents art and all forms of communication. 5 represents the exciting, the exotic, sex, gender, and reproduction. 3 = expectation. 5 = the unexpected. Together 3 and 5 conceive and form new life. 3 and is the ultimate pregnancy vibration. To be pregnant is to expect! And yet we have no idea what to expect.

There is now great potential to heal the fear of being judged, (worrying about what others think of us), and allowing our feelings to be the inner strength they are meant to be. WEEK 48 facilitates this healing through outward expression, 3 provides the optimism that carries us through any rough patches ahead, and keeps us aware of how unpredictable those rough patches can be.

  3 is also the number of distraction, which is a BIG problem on Earth. While we’re busy looking the other way, we cannot see what’s happening in present time, or how it is affecting us.

All of the day-numbers this week begin with 33. The 333rd day of the year falls on Monday, November 29, leaving 33 days left in the year. This week brings us into the 12th month of December (1 + 2 = 3). And December in a 5 YEAR is an 8 MONTH.

WEEK 48 is the 9th week of a 10-week cycle in which all the weekly numbers begin with 4 – the number of order, system, work, and how things work. 4 represents limitation and obstruction. It helps us to recognize the way this system works, and how it prevents us from fulfilling our true potential as human beings, by programming us to believe we are much less than we are. Creative 3 gives us the ideas and the insight. Hard working 4 pushes us toward the means of bringing those ideas to life.

  3 is one of the most complex numbers of all – and yet 3 is often thought of as ‘shallow’. Far from it! Every number has its opposite side, and while 3 does indeed have a shallow end, its other end is one of depth, understanding, and the ability to communicate complex matters with ease.

The shallowness in which we have been living has given outer appearance too much importance. We judge people on how they look, rather than who they are inside. The circumstances of WEEK 48 will enable us to venture into deeper waters as our journey through 2021 nears its end.

Racism is a form of unconsciousness. Any time we judge a group of people based on a stereotype we are being racist. The very notion of being superior by birth, gender, or wealth is an inability to see beyond one’s own deficiency – lack of depth.

We all have a shallow side, but we also have a choice as to whether we stay there. Why do obvious racists hate being called racists? Because they know they are wrong but can’t admit it. That is denied guilt – the most dangerous form of denial.

We cannot move beyond the horrors of racism until we realize that the “human race” is the system, not our species, and that the entire system is one big RACE to the “top”. And now, those at the “top”, certain billionaires, are racing among themselves as they push themselves “upward” to their next level – outer-space.

However, in recent weeks and months, there has been considerable movement in matters of justice and more and more people are starting to realize that the system itself is the problem, and great empathy is arising out of that, new understanding, and new levels of decency. But there is still a long way to go before the wrongs of the past can be healed, and it is the 4 energy that reminds us that this will take HARD WORK and PERSISTENCE.

  33 adds up to 6 – the number of justice, balance, and extremes! As we move into the 6 YEAR of 2022, the extremes are likely to be even more extreme. So, we must learn what needs to be feared and what does not – and know the difference between rational fear and irrational fear. We must have acceptance for both fear and confidence because both feelings contain the messages that we most need to hear.

Fear of our own feelings keeps us anchored to the past. We must give our emotions what they need in order to heal: understanding, acceptance, love, and outward expression, without harming ourselves or anyone else in the process. Compassion is the healing balm that will save humanity from itself – kindness for its own sake.

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  1. Sandra Smyre

    Thank you, Christine, for your commitment and service to many of us. I always look forward to your weekly, monthly and special articles. You do an outstanding job!

  2. Terezia

    Hi Christine,
    For several years I have wanted to purchase your year books, but finances have prevented it.
    Now I’m finally able to do so, but you no longer show that you have the hard copies. At present I don’t have a computer and PDF downloads would not work for me.
    Is there a possibility that you will once more offer the hard copy versions?
    Thank you.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      I am so sorry to disappoint you, Terezia, but I will not be printing hard copies again for a variety of reasons. However, I am currently negotiating with a book printing company to turn them into paperback books, but that could take several months to organize because it’s not just one book, but nine!

      In the mean time, I’m hoping you might be able to take the pdf to your local office supply store and have it printed and bound there. Again, I am so sorry to disappoint.

  3. dora

    love your work especially yearly and monthly advice and have your book… just a piece of info, O omicron is the 15th letter of the greek alphabet, the 13th letter is N… I know the expression “it’s all greek to me” here we say “chinese to me” so this is not criticism 🙂 best wishes always


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