Part two - Year ahead (PDF by email)

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(The current wait time for this profile is 32 WEEKS)

Each profile is individually compiled, and a lot of time goes into their production. They are not computer printouts. Therefore, there is always a wait list for PART 2 (The Next 12 Months of Your Journey). It is a very popular service. Please be aware of this when you order. Thank you.

This 'moving Personal Profile' accompanies you for an entire 12 months of your life, day-by-day. It explains the nature of the yearly cycle you're in, followed by full descriptions of each month.

Your Personal Profiles contain 53 weekly and 365 daily forecasts, as well as 13 or 14 very personal additional readings which delve even deeper into what’s happening in your life. Your Personal Profile also includes several long term and mid-term cycles which are derived from your name, along with enlightening Aspirations Cycles and Name Progressions.

ORDER ANY TIME OF THE YEAR. Your yearly profile will always contain a full 12 months of readings from the date you receive it. (Approx. 86 pages)

PLEASE NOTE: Before you add this profile to your shopping bag, please complete the extra fields above. The information is required in order to compile your profile. Thank you.

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