2 family numberTHE 2 FAMILY are learning about connection, emotion, intuition, patience, nurturing, peace, and self-worth. They are dominated by a strong feminine influence, are meticulous in their habits, and love to get deeply into detail. However, imbalances of power can cause a martyr-complex throughout the family which results in some uncomfortable and unnecessary guilt trips.

This family came together for the purpose of evolving into a new level of freedom – total openness – without taking everything too personally and turning everything into a major drama. Anguish can be avoided when they learn to speak from their hearts and not assume that others instinctively know what they’re thinking, what to do, or even what is happening.

Generally, this group sticks together even when there are serious problems between them – simply out of love for each other. They exude patience and diplomacy, but if they become too cautious with their words, their very strong feelings may never be expressed. Openness must be balanced with tact and kindness. Valuable connections can be made and peaceful solutions can be found through this family and, because they are so sensitive to feelings, (when they are not being over-sensitive), they can be wonderful mediators and helpful, cooperative friends and neighbors.


Reducing the stress that this vibration produces can reduce the possibility of diabetes, tumors, ulcers, hemorrhoids, and disorders of the circulatory or reproductive systems. This family’s stress comes from oversensitivity, fear of rocking the boat, and harboring secret grudges.

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