2 life path numberTHE PATH OF SENSITIVITY

Being born on the 2 Life Path means that you came into this lifetime to learn about feminine energy, relationships, equality, self-awareness, diplomacy, intuition, patience, healing, cooperation, peace, courtesy, and the importance of detail.

In the 2000s, we have embarked on a new cycle of time in which the power of the feminine 2 energy predominates. But the energy of 2 does not seek to control, but to achieve balance. Those born on the 2 Life Path have the potential to lead the way for humanity through their refined powers of persuasion, their ability to inspire on an emotional level, and most importantly, their desire to bring equality and peace to this planet.

“The destination of mankind is to become more and more humane.” ~Albert Schweitzer

The way in which 2 will lead is going to be very different from what we previously understood “leadership” to be. For some, the transition between the masculine 1000s and the feminine 2000s may seem too slow, but, in the 2000s, in order to lead successfully, you must develop a calm and gracious approach that is based on reality rather than outdated ideology. Yours is the all important task of connection. You must be able to see how the big picture is influenced by seemingly minor details, and yes, this will take time, dedication, and great patience.

You are the one who encourages and promotes those who have something valuable to offer. You are the one who takes care of the details that others are unable or unwilling to handle. This makes you the ultimate networker – or agent – who provides a service which enables others to progress. You are the indispensable behind-the-scenes organizer on whom others rely, and you will be given much opportunity to fulfill your own ambitions and dreams along the way.

The way you live your life, feel your feelings, think your thoughts, make your decisions, and reach for your dreams, may be quite unusual. It is from your example that others can learn, emulate, and embrace a brand new way of living which makes peace, love, and understanding their top priorities. But it is important to understand that your days of dreaming about a better life are over. The days of actually creating those improvements are here!

The 2 Life Path enables you to bring forward ideas which were once considered idealistic but are now recognized as the basis of a more peaceful world. Remain true to your feelings and have the courage to question so-called authority and tradition. You must learn to do this without the use of force. Use your natural ability to persuade instead.

There is a cleverness about the 2 energy which you must tap into. It provides you with the intelligence to achieve your objectives without jeopardizing your security or reputation. Your sensitive nature provides you with strong intelligence. If you are patient enough with the details, you will know how to create peace out of chaos. You have the ability to feel, intuit, and sense your way through life. You must become comfortable with this gift, or you could become overwhelmed by your own feelings and shut them down completely, rendering you cold and seemingly heartless. Your recognition of reality is what makes you so sensitive in the first place, but your acceptance of reality and your desire to change – rather than just camouflage painful realities – can place you in a position of power and great personal satisfaction.

Our misunderstanding of emotion has led us to deny our feelings – our true sensitivity – to an alarming degree. Most people have forgotten how to feel. They do what they can to suppress any feelings that may arise. On the 2 Life Path, your ability to feel is your primary resource. If you cut yourself off from it, you cannot feel happiness. You can not feel fully alive or aware. No matter how reality makes you feel, your acceptance of reality is what makes you so intelligent, and it is the key to your success and happiness.

2s tend to gravitate toward extremes. Some are oversensitive, passive, and self depreciating, while others are aggressive, angry, controlling, judgmental, and even cruel. 2s often pendulate between extremes before balance is achieved. These extremes are created by your various fears, which must be faced head-on. Only then will you know what needs to be feared and what does not. There is an inherent shyness in most 2s. But when you remain true to yourself and follow your feelings, your humility turns to radiance and dignity.

2 = relation. Your sense of self is often overshadowed by your need to interact with and understand other people and their situations. 2 teaches you to relate one thing to another so that meaningful connections can be made. Relatives play important roles, although you do not believe you owe allegiance to certain people just because you are related by blood or law. You are able to relate by sensing their needs, motivations, and the causes of their problems. You are able to clarify and relate your feelings about other people, verbally or artistically.

2 represents cooperation. It provides you with opportunities to become an organizer, facilitator, partner, and peacemaker. You often find yourself in situations where all-round cooperation is required. This does not mean submitting yourself to the demands or ill-will of others. It means operating in your own right, usually within a team or group in which everyone has a talent to contribute or role to play. CO-operation means operating together.

In many ways, you are a catalyst. As you connect to other people, you tend to connect those people to each other, often without noticing it. Your friends and family are such a diverse collection of characters who may have little in common except for the bond they share with you. You may not be the leader of the pack, but without you there to keep things connected, the pack may not be able to hold itself together.

You may wonder, since you were born on the 2 Life Path of peace and understanding, why you experienced such a harsh, chaotic, or insensitive childhood. Although your efforts were visible, you may not have received recognition for your intelligence, contribution, or talent. You probably came up with some great ideas that were discounted or put into action by someone else. You may have found yourself seeking a position of leadership, only to realize that your ideas were too idealistic for this aggressive, judgmental world.

Understand and accepting your past will release you from the pain, grief, anger, fear, guilt, shame, and blame that have followed you into adulthood. Your early experiences were necessary to instill in you the desire for peace. This acceptance may not be easy to make, and until maturity is reached, you may want to take revenge or otherwise control those involved. But you instinctively know that forgiveness is the key. The desire for peace, whether you can equate it to your past or not, is the driving force for all that you aspire to in life today.

Your position of diplomat is an important one. You must learn to express yourself in a way that helps others to see things from other points of view. This talent can only be accessed through developing your ability to see the merits of other views; through impartiality, broadmindedness, and patience. True settlement means that all concerned must feel satisfied with the result. If this is not the case, then true settlement has not occurred and someone is being forced to accept something that is unacceptable to them. The underlying sense of loss, betrayal, and anger remains, and over time, (sometimes generations), these emotions fester until they can no longer be held in. Eventually they explode. This is one of the principle reasons that history repeats itself, and lasting peace cannot be achieved. This must change in the 2000s, and you are one of the people who can help change it.

You must be patient and observant as you watch others achieve their results with a force that you simply do not possess. Whenever you try to imitate the aggressive tactics of others, you will end up with unnecessary problems. Other people are sometimes tempted to take credit for your ideas and efforts, to emulate your style or method, or to use you and your talents without giving due credit. You may believe you just don’t have what it takes to enjoy the kind of success others seem to acquire with ease. But this is a temporary situation in which you will learn what needs to be learned, and eventually emerge in your own right, with the satisfaction of knowing that your success has enabled others to succeed too.

When 2s become frustrated with their slower path, they are also capable of turning diplomacy into deceit. If you are ever caught in this maneuver, you could find yourself with the reputation of being sly or ‘two-faced’. You can be clever at hiding the fact that your gift of persuasion has become the knack of manipulation, and rather than apologize, you can twist a situation around and make others feel guilty instead. This is your own guilt in reverse. It is called blame. 2s can send the rest of us on some confusing and unnecessary guilt trips.

Your own feelings can be easily hurt. This need not be the case if you learn to relax with yourself. You may want to retreat from situations in which others are insensitive, indifferent, or unkind, but in doing so, you may deprive yourself of beneficial experience. You must learn to deal courageously and intelligently with the insensitivity of others. You belong out there in the big bustling world, making things happen for others and for yourself.

You want to be a good friend, and you need to know that you are loved. You may give the appearance of self-confidence, but inwardly, you may be intimidated by those who seem more capable than you. There may also be times when you question your own desirability or talent. These are the times when your powers of persuasion become reversed, enabling others to talk you into things that go against your grain, or talk you out of things that you really want. Learn to say ‘no’ when ‘no’ is what you want to say.

Be careful not to give in to the pressures of others just to avoid confrontation. Your sense of self-respect must be developed so you can face life with confidence. Your strengths are often found where other people’s are lacking. By doing for them what they cannot or will not do for themselves, in some kind of service, you will create a powerful position for yourself in which you will be considered indispensable.

The magnetic pull of 2 is being felt throughout the world. It is providing you with what you need, not only to survive the drastic changes that are occurring, but also to understand them on such a deep level that you can become constructively involved without placing yourself in danger

A strong intuition is one of 2s principal gifts. In order to hear your intuitive voice, it is necessary to feel your feelings as spontaneously as possible. It has long been believed that intuition is a function of the mind, but this is not so. To intuit is to ‘sense’. To sense is to feel. Therefore, it is the power of the emotions that allows your mind to really ‘know’ something. You are one of humanity’s ‘sensitives’, and it is SO important for you to learn more about the power of our feminine emotional energy – our honesty!

Reduce the stress in your life. 2 is a slow-moving and gentle energy. The pressure that comes from trying to speed things up against its deliberately slow current can make you physically, emotionally or mentally ill. Whenever you feel intolerable pressure, you are probably pushing – or being pushed – too hard.

You may have a lot to do in life, but you will do it better if you proceed at a slower pace and observe the details and nuances involved. Never deny what you are feeling. Feel your feelings, understand what triggered them, and how they need to be expressed. Valuable intelligence can be gained from this ongoing experience. It is not enough to simply acknowledge your emotions on an intellectual basis. You must experience them. Let them pass through you and out of your physical body. Only by truly feeling your feelings will you be able to navigate the 2 path successfully.


11 gives you the power of illumination. When you focus your special light on something or someone, it enlivens and inspires. You then become inspired by relationships and experiences. Insight is gained when you allow yourself to see how powerful you are when it comes to connecting the right people to each other, and the right information to the right people. Your sensitivity is the basis of your intuition. Seeing the bigger picture and ‘connecting the dots’ is natural for you.

You are capable of great accomplishment. You may want to find fame and fortune. Or you may want to live comfortably and quietly in an atmosphere of love and creativity. You may want to do something specific to change the world. Whatever your aspirations happen to be, they can only be achieved through Free Will. Without the freedom to create your own reality, neither love nor peace can prevail. You are able to inspire others simply by being yourself and doing what you want to do. You have more potential than most to learn from the drastic changes taking place on Earth, and to show others the way forward – away from hatred, war, and destruction, and towards love, peace, and creativity.

There can be no monopoly on something as personal as the evolution of your own soul. For some people, life is a spiritual journey which eventually leads to the understanding of emotion. Yours is an emotional journey which will bring you deep into the spiritual and material realities of life. Some nervous tension is therefore inevitable.

\At times you may not be able to understand where your power is coming from or what you are supposed to do with it. You may question whether it is real or not, or whether you are somehow deceiving yourself. If you back away from this exciting but demanding role, you will be dissatisfied because you will know that you are capable of so much more, frustrated with yourself for merely dreaming about what could be, instead of creating it.

11 emphasizes philosophy, science, ethics, spirituality, metaphysics, and the arts. These areas are the most likely to provide you with the inspiration you desire. Once you are comfortable with the 11 energy, you are likely to find yourself in a position of popularity because others will be attracted to the “power” you hold, even if they are unable to pinpoint why they like you so much.

11 is called the number of fame because the people within its influence attract others to them simply by being themselves. If you do not aspire toward fame, then at least be prepared for your fair share of “followers” or admirers.

In many ways, you will become indispensable to someone – or a lot of people – and you will be amazed at the power that this position entrusts to you. However, do not allow the needs or circumstances of others to consume your own freedom. 

If you are too self-absorbed, impatient, or dictatorial, problems will follow. Allow everyone to be who and what they are – and expect the same from them in return. Try to find peace and harmony within yourself first, so that others can benefit and learn from your example. Learn to relax and be at ease with yourself, enjoy yourself, and love yourself. Be aware of everything that is going on around you, without using denial as a shield from reality. 

We are living in precarious times, which are the effect of causes that must be dealt with individually and collectively. You are likely to find yourself in “group” situations, rather than going it alone. Never doubt that you have much to offer your particular group. If you are in a leadership position, you will need to lead by persuasion rather than force. In fact, this is the only way you will be able to lead. The probability, however, is that you will hold a position in life which enables someone else to lead or, better still, enables others to lead themselves.

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