All the atrocity, chaos, hatred, cruelty, and destruction going on in the world today are extensions of what has happened many times before. They are the effects of causes that we did not have the knowledge or the WILL to put right and heal from. They are the result of learning nothing from past experience.

Such will-less ignorance is the nature of this ignorant system that we believe is “life”, but is actually a sad and terrifying reflection of our inability to CHANGE.

1 IS THE NUMBER OF CHANGE, but we are almost 25 years into the 2000s now, and we are trying to live as if we are still in the 1000s. We are still rehashing the same old injustice, unfairness, bias, discrimination, oppression, inequality, colonialism, and all the suffering imposed on particular groups of people throughout time. This is the great IMBALANCE that such actions could not help but manifest. The imbalances on Earth are now so immense that we risk self-annihilation if we don’t see what we are doing as a species and turn ourselves around quickly.

The decade of the 2020s appears to be a karmic GAP in the course of time. This GAP OF AGES contains all the unresolved matters of the past, individually and collectively, which we cannot move beyond until resolution occurs. And yet, time moves constantly forward. So, until we face our various realities, our movement on the surface becomes blocked and we become stuck in time, broken records, and always re-enacting history in one form or another.

This 10-year cycle of the 2020s can take us out of the old archaic ways and into an entirely new millennium in which peace and our greater potential is achieved – through the DESIRE for peace – and the WILL to make it happen.

Or the 2020s may turn out to be the point at which humanity refuses to learn from the past and denies itself the ability to evolve.

The WILL is our ability to CARE, FEEL, and SENSE – our feminine energy – which all beings possess. Lack of WILL is ill Will – which enables HATE to walk in and take the place of love.

We all carry the emotional weight of our past, but we have to release all that in order to heal and “grow up”. No matter what our age, we have to parent ourselves, and teach and do for ourselves what our parents could not, and at the same time, parent our own children in a way that does not push upon them the same misunderstandings that were pushed on us.

The decade of the 2020s is a 10 year cycle in which the numbers 202 are consistent. Those two 2s add up to 4 – the number of PURPOSE. 4 gives us our sense of IDENTITY. 4 is the number of PRIORITIES – knowing what matters and what does not.

4 is also the number of HARD WORK, “HOW” THINGS WORK (mechanism), OBSTRUCTION, LIMITATION, STUBBORNNESS, and DELAY. Serious 4 also produces DETERMINATION and STAYING POWER.

4 is constantly looking for answers and making corrections. It can help us to take a deeper and longer look at who we are as individuals so that we can truly know ourselves. We cannot BE ourselves until we KNOW ourselves.

Our priorities and procedures need to change, in a way that elevates us beyond “self”. And because we know that we have to take responsibility now, at least for our own lives, instead of leaving it all to ‘fate’, it becomes more apparent that what we do or don’t do in the present, shapes and creates the future. We are evolving and creating at the same time.

In the 2000s, and 2020s, humanity is in the process of saving its own WILL, which is why, since the turn of the new millennium, our emotions have been running at a much deeper frequency than ever before. These are fragile times. These are times in which the vibrations coming from our feelings are prying open our minds where our minds have been closed.

We are not “losing our minds”. We are in the delicate process of changing our minds as we continue to accept life on Earth as it is. And this includes Mother Earth herself who will become completely inhospitable to human beings if we do not cease our attempts to dominate her. There is nothing on this planet that does not come from the planet herself, and that is why nations dominate other nations – for the resources they contain.

We can face today’s brutal realities with hope and resolve, or we can shrug them off and convince ourselves that it’s all a hoax, or even if it’s true, there’s nothing we can do about it. But there is plenty we can do about it if we would just understand the sheer power that each of us possess inside.

1 = SELF = “I AM”.

1+1 = OTHERS = 2.


“WE ARE” refers to all human beings, not in terms of the horribly misnamed human “race” (which is the basis of all racism and war), but humanity, as a whole, ONE entity made up of the spectacular diversity that we are.

We are ONE, and we are many, and we are not all the same. Humanity is one species, but it is made up of unique individuals. Change spreads across humanity through changes that occur one person at a time. It all starts within – and that is why we are feeling so strongly about so many things right now.

The “human race” is the old “class system” which needs to compete and WIN. It held itself together in the 1000s by dividing, sorting, “classifying”, and even color-coding the people, and keeping us in life’s shallowness, rather than the depth, height, broadness, and abundance that life actually is.

In the class system, “winning” is everything, to the extent that “winning everything” is the ultimate goal. Consequently, we have billionaires whose egos are so narrowly focused on money and power that they cannot possibly relate to people whose minds are open to learning new things. Their shortsightedness produces lack of empathy, which produces cruelty and the need to control.


2 is the result of 1 connecting with another 1. And the further we move into the 2000s, the easier it is to see the obvious disconnects which put humanity in constant danger. And because psychology is a major aspect of war, the story behind each war is never exact and always disputed. The old system needs to keep the truth obscure.

In this cause-and-effect world, it is not enough to look at what happened on a particular date without understanding the history behind it. 1 teaches us that things happen 1-step-at-a-time. And 2 provides the background, the details, and the original cause.

2 is also the number of TRANSPARENCY, enabling us to SEE THROUGH the emotional tactics and mental trickery surrounding history and matters of war and entitlement. 2 represents the feelings and senses which have been thoroughly battered by the old system. This means that our feelings and senses – our feminine energy – have quite a bit of healing to do if they are to gain their power and move into their correct “place” – in balance with the masculine mind. Equality!

This BALANCE OF POWER, within EACH ONE OF US, is the evolution we most need at this time.

SELF ACCEPTANCE is a most vital step on this journey into Free Will. This is done by healing from the damage done in the course of this lifetime. And we have to learn to do this while living our lives, and taking care of our responsibilities.

Emotional Healing will increase our intuitive capabilities, and open our imaginations – and this has nothing to do with modern technology (which is now thrusting us into the terrifying world of artificial intelligence). No, this involves a natural technology that we ourselves possess in the form of our MINDS, EMOTIONS, and PHYSICAL BODIES. With no one power overpowering another, but just working in perfect balance, all conferring and discussing, adding to our intelligence, and moving in the direction of our true INTENT.

Balance doesn’t mean that we all have to be the same. On the contrary, balance means arranging things in a way that enables diverse energy to flow smoothly, so that we really can be our individual selves and lead our own lives.

2 = COOPERATION and COORDINATION. People working together. Diversity is life’s beauty, it’s color and texture, it’s RICHNESS.

But we live in a time of great chaos and confusion, and with everything so “up in the air”, it’s easy to lose our bearings – our sense of perspective. 2 represents the emotions and senses, and we are all learning how to use this part of us which comprehends a situation by how it feels, and transmits those perceptions to the mind.

One of our major stumbling blocks over several decades has been this strange and arrogant belief that we should already know all the answers, or that there is some ’expert’ or ‘guru’ who knows all the answers. This is not the case. We are only just beginning to understand how much we do not know.

As evolving beings, the learning never ends, and our constant state of imperfection is actually perfection. But if we continue to take irresponsible actions just because we can, terrible mistakes will continue to be made, and the suffering will expand.

What an extraordinary year 2023 has been. A 7 Year – the number of the MIND. So it is no coincidence that so many people believe they are losing their minds when in fact their minds are waking up to the realities that we human beings have created over the ages – and now feel helpless to change.

Some are determined to drag us backwards, to a time that no longer exists – a time in which they believed they had some power, but never really did.

And some are determined to make the changes that are so desperately needed in order for humanity to finally move out of this death trap we call “the system”, and into the higher POTENTIAL that BALANCE provides.

Every single one of us has a role to play in the future of life on Earth, and one of the principle lessons we were meant to learn in the 1000s is that 1 represents the individual, and every single individual has EQUAL value. There is no superiority or supremacy. No chosen ones. No divinely selected ones. Just ones.

creative numerology1 = the individual and 11 = other individuals. When those two 1s accept each other as equals, we experience peaceful interaction, and genuine caring. 11 has flexibility. Turn 11 on its side and what do you have? The equals sign.

But where there is no caring and no flexibility, our emotions suffer terribly and become sick. That is where all this ill feeling – all this hate – is coming from. Fear of change, fear of “others”, and unabashed self-interest.

1 is the number of TRUE SELF, and not the mere SELFISHNESS that we find so difficult to move beyond. And hate is not an emotion, but a disease OF the emotions.

11 symbolizes 1 (the individual) reflecting on oneself for the purpose of growing beyond mere selfishness – to self-awareness, and self-acceptance. If we want peace in the world, we must first find peace within. There is no getting away from that fact.

Just as rage is the most heightened form of anger, terror is the most heightened form of fear. Both of these natural emotions are highly active in the world right now. The masculine mind tends to rely on the physical body for its outer strength, and on its own ability to avoid physical confrontation in the first place. But the feminine emotions are what develops inner strength, which is where courage and caring come from.

“Friends – you cannot do ugly things to people and expect to live a beautiful life. You cannot spew hate and expect to live a beautiful life. You cannot hurt others and expect to live a beautiful life. You cannot live that beautiful life when you lack empathy, and your soul is empty.” ~ John Feal

As we move towards the 8 year of 2024 (2+0+2+4=8), remember that 8 represents POWER, and it is very likely that certain people – and nations – will be exerting their power in heartless and dangerous ways. But do remember that the power of people – the WILL of the people – is on the rise, too. When our individual and collective feelings trend in a certain direction, massive changes occur on Earth. The real power of 8 is not physical might. It is accurate understanding, which must start with correct information.

Current events have shown that what were once trusted news sources do indeed shape information to suit their own vested interests. But finally, people are aware of this – which is a good start. Not only are we in the 2000s and the 2020s, but they are running concurrent with the 3 energy of the 21st Century (2+1=3), and 3 represents the enormous power of COMMUNICATION.

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12 thoughts on “THE GAP OF AGES

  1. Cynthia

    Hi Christine. I “feel’ your energy & a sense of peace as I view your notes here. Good soulful woman! Requesting 2024 (year #) ? DOB::—— NOV 28.

    May you always experience “Love”!!!
    Jan 7/2024. TXS!!!!

  2. Melissa Szewczok

    I am wondering which book will be suitable for me for 2024.
    My birthdate is: September 6,1983
    Thank you!

  3. Tammie Ellis

    I love your insights; they are spot on. I’ve been given the gift of time the last few years, so I have actively worked on healing my own inner issues. Self acceptance truly is the way to freedom from judgment for yourself and others.

    What can the average person who is working and raising a family do to promote their own healing? They don’t have the luxury of time to do the necessary work.

    I wrote a few articles in a blog, promoting equality and self-love, and I told some of the practices I have used in my healing process. I hope it has been a resource for some.

    What suggestions do you have for people to get to that place of self-love and acceptance? Thank you for your articles.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you, Tammie. My life is a little hectic right now. But perhaps that can help answer your question to some degree. We get on with our lives, do what we have to do, and we learn from THOSE experiences. I don’t see it as taking the time to “do the work”. My life is as busy and demanding as anyone else’s, and I find that those various responsibilities and situations provide the background on which to heal. Those everyday experiences very often ARE the work. Where do you start? Wherever you are. I think this is the gradual and ongoing work of a lifetime.

      If emotional healing is what you genuinely want, the natural emotion of desire (which is a form of love and attraction) will form a strong INTENT. And this will draw to you the experiences you need in order for it to happen.

      I hope this is helpful, Tammie. I send you love, and wish you the VERY best!


  4. Nanette Yannuzzi

    As always l, your insights are deeply connected & meaningful. You’re one of the very few spiritual/metaphysical healers that who possess such a deep knowledge/awareness, of the relationships between our existence as a society, our spiritual evolution (or our de-evolution) and the politics that surround all
    of it.
    Thank you for your work.,I only hope that those who need to contemplate what you are saying can hear it and act on what they are hearing….


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