3 family numberTHE 3 FAMILY are learning about child development, happiness, friendship, humor, appearances, illusions, creativity, beauty, innocence, communication, and the power of words. This family have come together to learn how to communicate honestly and constructively.

There is something unique about the voices of this family. However, circumstances can create “enforced silence” so that certain issues cannot be discussed, or even mentioned. The feelings involved become trapped, and conversation is then limited to small-talk, trivia, gossip, hearsay – and argument simply for the sake of being right.

The 3 family can give the appearance of happiness and friendliness, but when they hold their feelings IN instead of expressing them outwardly, they can become critical of the general appearance of others, and overly concerned with their own physical appearance, or the general ‘impression’ they wish to make .

Struggling to take themselves and others seriously, they try to conceal their criticisms with what they believe is a sense of humor. This comes from guilt which, in turn, stems from the very topic they believe they cannot discuss. They have a habit of abruptly changing the subject which often confuses those who really would like to take these people more seriously!

When they allow themselves to heal from the past, they have the highest potential to experience pure joy and deep friendship – and to develop a form of communication which is based on honesty and spontaneity. Unrestricted creativity and conversation that comes from the heart, and from fact rather than hearsay, allows this family to shine.


Reducing the stress typical of this family number also reduces the possibility of diseases which effect the throat, liver, skin, urinary tract, blood pressure, and digestive system. This family’s stress comes from peer pressure, guilt, addictions, unexpressed feelings, and lack of creative purpose.

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