THE 5 FAMILY are learning about freedom, new experience, adventure, variety, change, presence, sexuality, and the physical body. They possess a strong presence and a memorable physical look. Their attitudes, beliefs, temperaments and occupations can be quite different from one another, making it difficult to find any kind of common thread. Each has their own unique view of the world and their own definition of success and happiness. Although this is true of most families, 5s are the most diverse. They learn quickly about tolerance and usually encourage others to be themselves. They can end up a long way from home and from each other, yet a strong bond usually remains. Having to deal with sudden and sometimes traumatic situations enables them to accept that, over time, people, places, and circumstances really do shift, change, adapt and evolve.

If their need for excitement is not being met, 5 family members can be prone to substance abuse, addictions and excess of all kinds, gambling, and sometimes foolish chance-taking. They are sensitive to each others’ feelings, but tensions arise when differing opinions and feelings are held inside rather than expressed. They thrive on openness.


Reducing the stress that this number produces also reduces the possibility of nervous tension, mental and emotional exhaustion, dizziness, facial twitching (often around the eyes and nose), and sudden exotic illnesses. This family’s stress comes from unaddressed fear, lack of freedom, oppressive relationships, being unfairly judged, overindulgence, and prolonged boredom.

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