7 family numberTHE 7 FAMILY came together so that its members could learn about spirituality, the inner self, introspection, reflection, privacy, secrets, dignity, criticism, snobbery, and the quest for perfection.

There are usually secrets in the 7 family, many of which need not be secrets at all. 7 family members want to retain their dignity at all costs and often feel that it would be undignified to let certain truths about themselves be known. They usually keep a low profile, and can go to great lengths to maintain their privacy. The problem is that this tendency arises out of a fear of being seen as less than perfect. This creates a family of worriers who suffer from headaches and, sometimes, paranoia. While they cannot bear criticism of themselves, they do tend to analyze and criticize others. However, when they become comfortable with the spiritual and intellectual path they chose to travel together, 7 families can achieve a level of perfection which not only allows them and others to make mistakes, but also prompts others to seek their advice on a great variety of matters.

The 7 family is usually interested in the sciences, religion, spirituality, philosophy, and/or technology , and there are probably a lot of text books in the home. These people are ‘the thinkers’ of the numeric spectrum. They need quiet, peaceful, and elegant surroundings in which to delve deep into their ultra-active minds. They must learn, however, that thinking alone achieves very little. They must learn to express their feelings with as much passion as their thoughts because this will help to counteract the feelings of loneliness that often plague them.

They must learn to accept the human body, along with all its juices, and burps, and farts, as part of the perfection that human life is. They must learn to accept the mundane aspects of life along with the highlights.


By reducing the stress that this number produces, you can reduce the possibility of hereditary diseases such as insomnia, migraines, and stomach and digestive illness. The 7 family stress is caused by pessimism, intolerance, worry, shame, and the tendency to imagine the worst.

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