9 family numberTHE 9 FAMILY came together in this lifetime to learn about reality, love, the power and purpose of emotions (feminine energy), generosity, peace, humanity, global awareness, freedom, completion, and letting go.

This family often appears to be chaotic and lacking structure or planning. Although many lessons can be learned about planning ahead, the 9 family needs to be more flexible than most. Accidents occur more frequently than illness in this group. Sudden endings and unexpected beginnings take place simultaneously, and family life is often an emotional rollercoaster.

The number 9 contains the energies of all the other numbers – from 1 to 8 – (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36. 3 + 6 = 9), which explains not only their diversity, but also why, between them, they seem to know something about almost everything. They are usually outgoing people who will fight for what they believe in. Of course, this can add to the chaos because they believe in such a wide variety of things.

The common thread running through this group is made of compassion and the desire to understand. But when this thread becomes entangled in the everyday pains of life, their personalities can alter drastically. They simply must express their feelings. This is their natural way. Eventually, they learn that there are appropriate times and places to vent their strong emotions, but they must then be careful that their sense of propriety does not reverse the process and prevent them from expressing their emotions entirely.

They love each other deeply, and there is usually no game-playing among them. They are “family”. They are also individuals. It’s as simple as that.


Reducing the stress that this number produces also reduces the possibility of diseases which, in the case of the 9 family, could be just about anything. Accidents may be more common than disease. This family’s stress is caused primarily by resentment – the result of holding on to their feelings, instead of them letting go by expressing them outwardly.

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