8 family number

THE 8 FAMILY came together to learn about power on the material plane, wealth, tolerance, self-acceptance, love, sharing, and accurate understanding. They are often focused on success and status. They are willing to work hard for what they want. If they don’t have their own business, they gravitate toward the solid, traditional areas of the working world to make their mark, and they usually want to make as much money as possible.

Harsh words are spoken and tensions arise if anyone threatens to damage their reputation, or when too much emphasis is placed on money, job, or prestige. And yet, unhappiness also comes from ignoring their genuine need for these things. They need to find a balance in which the fruits of life can be attained, enjoyed, and shared, rather than used as status symbols.

8s want to be taken seriously, and this is achieved by recognizing the merits of others, and from exercising careful planning. They want the very best quality, including the quality of their relationships.


Reducing the stress that this number produces also reduces the possibility of headaches, constipation, rheumatism, depression, and problems with the blood, joints, teeth, and bones. When illness arises, members of the 8 family should get second and even third opinions as there is a tendency for misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and incorrect prescriptions. This family’s stress comes from denied anger, fear of scandal, and unnecessary guilt which stems from their emphasis on material and financial matters.

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