1 family numberTHE 1 FAMILY came together in this lifetime to learn about independence, originality, individuality, masculine energy, change, ambition, and leadership. They have a strong competitive streak. They like to be first, and each generation can usually boast a family member who is, for example, the first in the family to have twins; the first to become famous; the first musician, the first doctor; first teacher, etc.

Originality and independence from peer pressure are essential. What an impressive bunch they can be when they are being themselves. Problems arise when they strive to impress or emulate others. 1 is a strong masculine energy which often regards emotional expression as a weakness but, as time passes and they learn about the positive power of emotion (feminine energy), the true depth of their love and compassion emerges. Knowing that they don’t always have to be invincible and in control of their emotions also enables them to heal from adverse situations more easily.

Individuality, within the family, and outside in the big world, must be respected. Their potential for creative achievement is enormous, but they must learn that there is no set way to “be”, and that one person’s idea of success, or happiness, or love, is not necessarily another’s.


Reducing the stress that this number produces can reduce the possibility of diseases affecting the eyes, heart, lungs, and blood. This family’s stress comes from over-competitiveness, dependencies, and the fear of being wrong.

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