8 life path numberTHE PATH OF EMPOWERMENT

The 8 Life Path signifies a lifetime of investing in yourself and overcoming judgments that stand between you and your strong ambitions. You will learn that others can only dominate you if you allow them to, and that all circumstances can be changed by taking determined action. You are here to learn about life’s material and financial aspects, from an intellectual and emotional perspective.

Modern numerology often diminishes 8’s meaning with an almost exclusive focus on material and financial matters. Yes, 8 is the number of power on the physical plain, but it is also the number of true understanding and balance, without which personal power is superficial and material gain is easily lost.

“What this power is, I cannot say. All I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when you are in that state of mind in which you know exactly what you want and are fully determined not to quit until you get it.”  ~Alexander Graham Bell

True Understanding and Balance are conspicuously missing in the world, which is why peace is impossible. 8 shows you that POWER plus LOVE equals PEACE. The only thing that can stop you from achieving this balance, or sharing your understanding with others is greed, or the fear of losing what you have in terms of finance, material assets and status. There is plenty of information out there, and 8 represents accurate understanding of existing information. Be aware of the tactics of others who seek to manipulate and control through misinformation, outright lies and fear-mongering.

It is your nature to want to appear fearless, and you may deny that your fear exists even when it is obvious. As experience is gained, a certain fearlessness does develop but first you must learn to be authoritative instead of domineering. The only things you are meant to dominate are your own time and space. However, there will be times when you feel that the whole world is – or could be – your domain.

Eventually you will realize that fear is a natural emotion; the effect of something that requires caution on your part. It is impossible to exclude fear completely as this would deprive you of the information, the True Understanding, you need in order to keep yourself correctly informed and, above all, safe. Instead of denying fear, or dwelling in it, you must learn to welcome fear as the radar device it is supposed to be. Do not be afraid to be afraid. Instead of letting fear control you, let it be the messenger it is meant to be.

Of course, matters of the heart can take fear, or denial of fear, to more difficult levels. Your fear of emotional pain makes you vulnerable inwardly, no matter how much confidence you exude outwardly, until you realize that love can never hurt you. It is loss of love that hurts.

Your childhood may have had some oppressive elements such as financial, intellectual or emotional poverty. Adults may not have appreciated your potential for success. Perhaps your interests did not fit in with their expectations or with the reality of the world as it was then. There was either a strong emphasis on making something of yourself, or it was assumed you would amount to nothing. Your determination to be ‘somebody’ and your dread of being ‘nobody’ propels you to seek your own route to personal satisfaction.

8s can experience problems with matters of entitlement. You’re entitled to this; you’re not entitled to that. In some cases, your very title or name can be a problem. Childhood memories are vivid and motivate all your goals of today. At some point, you will decide that your background can no longer stand in your way. And because you want to succeed, you probably lean toward ideals that exemplify dignity, economy, and efficiency. Your behavior has a direct bearing on whether you will get what you want. You know how to behave. You know where your loyalties lie. And you know how to be discreet.

What a diverse collection of friends and acquaintances you have. You cannot adapt to them all, so you must present yourself in a way that does not offend anyone, and allows you to be seen as steady and reliable. People enjoy your presence. And you do have a strong and seductive presence.

You came into this lifetime to experience personal satisfaction. It is not a matter of forcing yourself to be content with mediocrity or pretending that you’re satisfied (keeping up appearances). Satisfaction is the relief that comes from knowing when enough is enough. Satisfaction is the opposite of greed. However, you do desire abundance. You want to make a lot of money. You are ambitious. You are also an excellent organizer, administrator and persuader, provided it is you who gets to call the shots. You are aware of how others fit in with your own plans and ambitions. You have an impressive ability to take control and direct. You want the freedom and the status that comes with money, and it is unfair to deny yourself these natural 8 desires. It is also unfair to deny yourself the education, the learning process, which enables you to fulfill these needs and helps release you from the guilt and anger that followed you through from childhood.

Of course, it’s not just about the money. Sometimes there is no amount of money that can give you what you want, since love and acceptance are your greatest desires. But money is a tool, and it is important that you learn how it works. Accumulate it; “play” with it; use it to get what you want without letting guilt tell you that your focus on money is wrong.

Take only what you desire from life, and no more. 8s who hoard and take everything are operating through greed. This brings no satisfaction whatsoever, even though they will deny their discontent. They will also deny that they feel guilt about their obsession with materiality. When guilt is denied, 8’s natural love of life is replaced by manipulation and/or bullying.

Under-evolved 8 energy develops a dangerous obsession with power. They reach their goals, but exclude the greatest power of all – LOVE – from their accomplishments. The fact that they are despised simply adds fuel to their belief that you have to be ruthless to be successful.

Then, there are those 8s who desire achievement and money but are afraid to take the risks they believe asserting themselves would require. They feel dissatisfied, resentful, and limited, but may deny these feelings completely, while the echoes of childhood tell them they do not have what it takes to succeed.

Under-evolved 8 can be avoided by accepting that there is nothing wrong with wanting something better from life. Just remember that too much emphasis on money can lead to limited thinking, stifled creativity and missed opportunities. Driving yourself and others too hard, or trying to go it alone so you don’t have to share, are also destructive elements.

You are a magician at heart. Your power to manifest is instinctive – the Midas touch – a strong magnetism that attracts material reward. But 8 reaches its true potential when its spiritual and emotional aspects are understood. You are here to discover personal satisfaction which cannot be attained without loving intent. It is through the power of intent that you are able to manifest anything at all. Intent is desire, desire is love. So, what is it you desire? What is it you love? Always be aware of what you are trying to manifest and how you are weaving your magic.

8 helps you to network, organize, convince, and connect. It helps to bring you to the right place at the right time, introduce you to the right people, and set you up in the right circumstances. Knowing this enables you to live and succeed by intuition; emotional awareness; the way you feel about something. Remember that balance is one of the key ingredients of magic. Another is presence. This means being there; being focused.

You learn quickly from those mistakes that you actually admit to. You are instinctively aware of the laws of cause and effect. You learn that if you do something this way, this will result. If you do something that way, that will result. And results are what you constantly seek along the 8 Life Path.

You like to play it safe in most cases, but issues will arise which require leaps of faith into the darkness of uncertainty. Visualize the end result. Plan the steps you will need to take to reach your goal. Treat each step as a goal in itself. Request the cooperation of others to take care of smaller details while you focus on the big picture. Treat others with compassion and respect. Their input and feelings are important. You have the ability to utilize the talents of others to manifest what you or they could not achieve alone. The end result is something which bears the trade mark of your creative genius although others did contribute to it. Learn to give credit where it is due, or the resentment of others will get in your way.

You want the best of everything, and you know you must give your very best. Your pride can be a positive force which prevents you from rushing into situations you are not ready for, or from assuming you are more talented than you are. Your strong desire for status provides dignity which, in turn, becomes part of the magnetism that makes you attractive. There may be aspects of you that are wild, but your sense of propriety will always bring you back to a more conservative and down-to-earth approach.

Life will connect you to influential people who can open doors for you. You can learn from them, and they from you. You may also have friends who focus on humanitarian or artistic pursuits. It is you who can open doors for them. Some people travel the 8 Life Path taking only its rewards. Others master it by taking its rewards and sharing them. You love success, and you can be as excited about someone else’s success as you are about your own. Well, almost.

Did you know that you often talk in tangents? Once you get going verbally, there is little that can stop you expressing everything in that dynamic mind of yours. One sentence is often interrupted by a completely unrelated thought, shifting your conversation from one topic to another without even a pause to catch your breath. Then, you will ask yourself, “What was I talking about?” and, with a certain grace, you’ll find a common link which will bring the topic back to its original focus.

You always want more; you always want to do better; and you always want a return on your time and investment. Or, you may deny that you are dissatisfied with your life because you are afraid to feel the guilt that comes from wanting more. Or, you may be too proud to admit your discontent, even to yourself. Eventually, your need to propel yourself forward will force you to face reality and realize that self-denial is unnecessary.

Satisfaction is never permanent. It is an ongoing series of stops in your journey in which to experience sensations of happiness and thankfulness for who you are, the way your life is proceeding, and for those who contribute to it. These are times when you feel compelled to stop what you are doing, realize how far you have traveled, how much love you give and receive, and feel genuine contentment. It is an exciting rush of warm emotion which saturates the mind and body. This is love of life, and you will not want these intensely personal episodes to be interrupted by your business agenda. This feeling is the reason – the main reward – for everything else you do.

You can be an excellent entrepreneur, but you prefer a stable environment. Once established, you don’t want to take chances or make too many changes. You like to stick to what you know. You cleverly disguise your traditional approach by adding just enough pizzazz to keep things looking interesting so that others keep coming back to something which is actually routine for you. 8 takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary; 8 takes what it already has and builds upon it.

There is nothing ordinary about the 8 ego. It pendulates from massive over inflation to the depths of self-sabotage. These extremes occur when you forget that you are walking a path on which that thing called guilt often jumps out and attacks you. And because guilt disguises itself in many different forms, it can catch you off guard and leave you either insecure and overly humble, or insecure and overly arrogant. But these feelings pass quickly as your sense of dignity provides the balance your ego needs.

Your need for dignity also has its negative side which produces feelings of superiority, a loathing for the mundane, a disgust for “bad taste”, a fear of scandal, and a terror of displaying emotional weakness. When 8s admit to these fears, a certain calmness takes over as they discover their true strength; the power to feel. When fear is accepted as a natural part of life, satisfaction is experienced, followed by new and higher goals.

You do not want to be told what to do, but others become irritated when you ignore their advice only to, somehow, figure it out by yourself. You can ignore other people’s ideas, only to incorporate them into something for which you are given credit. You don’t deliberately steal other people’s ideas, but you do hate to see a good idea go to waste. You simply do what 8 does. Incorporate. But it is when you incorporate love into your magic melting pot that you are able to manifest something which is loved by others. This is your key to success. Give people what they love.

Yes, love is a difficult issue. You may believe you are the most loving person in the world, but not everyone can relate to your detached and businesslike manner. You want the best of everything, including intimate relationships, but your actions can prove painful for others when business, reputation, or money come between you. Your own feelings can be hurt if a friend or family member oversteps your clearly defined social mark and does something to embarrass you. You may have already distanced yourself from family and friends who don’t fit in with your image. This is normal behavior for an 8, until a level of confidence is reached where you can accept the reality of your background without fear of being judged for it.

Your reputation is important to you. Any form of rejection can leave you unable to function. You can go to extraordinary lengths to prove just how likable you are. This, too, is normal for 8s who are uncertain of their higher purpose.

Only you can determine your higher purpose by the way you feel, and it is only on the 8 path of manifestation, money, power, and satisfaction that you will ever discover what it is. You will know what it is when your activities create passion, love, and enthusiasm in you. And, still, the only way you will be able to fulfill your higher purpose is from a position of True Understanding and Balance. How you reach this is entirely your own business – your own passion – your own calling. One thing is certain: You have the power.


44 is the most balanced form of 8. It gives you amazing levels of concentration and determination which can be used to accomplish just about anything you put your heart, mind , and feelings into. 44 just ‘gets on with the work’ and does not have time for airs, graces, or self-consciousness. Therefore, the ease at which a person with 44 energy can learn, grow, and transform themselves can appear quite remarkable to other people who are on a similar wavelength – and intimidating to those who are not.

Some people see you as ‘odd’ or eccentric. Others are in awe of your all-round competence and the smooth consistency of your personality. At least, this is your potential. 44 is not the easiest of the Master Numbers to live up to, but when you do, you can generate much excitement and inspiration.

You are certainly not immune to the nervous tension that all master numbers generate. However, since your 4 energy wants to understand the ‘mechanics’ of everything, including your own feelings, this fusion of logic and intuition can help you to recognize and deal more easily with the inevitable stresses involved. You are, after all, on a mission which you take very seriously. A great sense of purpose arises out of the 44/8 energy, as if you came here to save the world in some way – and you probably did.

Just remember that 4 is the number of limitation. This means that the enormous potential that 44/8 offers is a matter of finding your way through (or around) 4’s obstacles and roadblocks. “WE will overcome” could well be a mantra of yours. And I emphasize ‘we’, rather than I, because 8 represents ALL the other numbers – and produces 9. (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=3+6=9).

This number provides the impetus or motivation which leads to breakthrough, especially in matters of correcting inaccurate understandings. 44 enables you to be the catalyst for real and meaningful change on a very large, possibly global, scale.

44 signifies the need to better understand and balance (heal) the gap between the physical and metaphysical worlds. You are likely to have instinctive understandings in that regard, even if you are initially unable to put them into words. Eventually, if you really do want to understand, the most effective language will manifest for you, too.

The 44 energy can be used to build the foundation for an evolved and peaceful way of living by providing correct information about how it can happen, in language that people can relate to.

Yes, 44 is the most balanced form of 8 – the number of power on the material plane. The belief that ‘money is power’ and ‘time is money’, and that power needs to be heartless in order to sustain itself, has greatly limited growth and prosperity on Earth and has produced a hierarchy of tyrannical individuals and bullies.

The true purpose of 8 is to establish the perfect balance that keeps abundance flowing smoothly in all directions. The true purpose of 8 is to prevent the ‘system’ from collapsing in on itself by its own top-heaviness (greed). That is what the emphasis on the top 1%, the war on the poor (austerity), the war on women, and the war on immigrants and minorities, especially black people,  is all about.

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