THE 2 YEAR is a slow journey of connection, partnership, relationship, patience, attention to detail, cooperation, sensitivity, and gradual progress.

Time is always short, from birth to death. Why? Because we do not know how to stop.  ~Unknown

The 2 Year is an inspiring twelve month journey in which you will find exciting connections between your past, your present, and your future. Eventually, you will be able to use this information to set an ambitious goal in motion. But make no mistake, what happens this year is going to take perseverance and, above all, great patience.

First, you must slow down and stop pushing to get results. What you want will take longer to achieve than expected, so tone down any high expectations of yourself and others, and pay patient and meticulous attention to the details.

You must learn to move more slowly, attentively, and with mutual interests in mind. If not, you will miss too many clues and connections to make any kind of measurable progress. Widen your lens. See a bigger picture. Discover your connection to everything that is influencing your life.

Of course, it can be difficult to slow down when you are so sure that you need to be moving faster, but until you do slow down – enough to see the finer and often overlooked details of your reality – you will have no idea where you have come from, who you are becoming, where you are, what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, where you’re going, or the roles that others are playing in your life. Clarity is one of the principle gifts of the 2 Year, just as long as you slow yourself down enough to be able to claim it.

Try to accept everything that happened in your past and, simultaneously, live in the present. This is no easy task, but if you make this your genuine aim, and do not struggle with the slowness of it all, or repress the emotions that it triggers, the insight you gain will carry you into a future of your choice.

Let go of all that stress by letting your emotions flow freely. Once they have been expressed out of your body, you can relax. Being relaxed is being at ease with yourself. Dis-ease (illness) manifests when you are not relaxed or when you are ill at ease. If you hold on to stress and refuse to slow down, your body will become even more burdened by the pressure of the 2 cycle’s slower speed. Illness can result.

Remember: stress is the pressure of feelings that cannot leave your body because they are being held in rather than expressed out. Whether illness is involved or not, if you do not significantly reduce your pace and your stress in the 2 Year, the 2 energy will find a way to do it for you.

You cannot compete with 2 because PEACE is its nature. Cooperation must take the place of competition. There is no need to push yourself. If you do, the results you desire will not materialize in the way you desire. But you will be amazed at what you can accomplish when you live your life at the same pace as the cycle you are in.

You may find yourself retreating from aggressive and stressed individuals. If you cannot physically move away from them, you will only prevent their problems from becoming yours through a relaxed and patient frame of mind. This is a time of deep awareness, civility, and kindness.

When the journey gets confusing, imagine yourself standing at the top of a hill looking down on your life and all those people and situations in it. You will not be able to stay there for long because your down-to-earth presence is required this year. But this occasional perspective will help you understand the true nature of what is happening, the need for continued patience, and the fact that other people’s lives are more complex than your own this year. You are about to leave the human “race” and become the human being you may have forgotten you are.

As your understanding of other people increases, you will realize that even those who appear aggressive may be covering up great unhappiness inside. You will need to be tactful and sensitive to their feelings and find a way to create harmony. Even if you are the one who feels vulnerable and unsure of yourself, try not to respond with aggression or defensiveness. Be patient with yourself, and you will find it easier to be patient with others. A little lightness and humor will go a long way in easing this year’s unavoidable tensions.

Correct timing and patience are major aspects of the 2 Year. Your goals are either being taken care of behind the scenes where premature action cannot harm them, or they are dependent on other factors which first have to ‘happen’ before you can proceed.

Patience does not mean merely putting up with adverse conditions. You must stand up for yourself when circumstances call for it. But mostly, this is a year in which to quietly and conscientiously pave the way for future success. This entails careful and tireless attention to detail, as well as really listening to what others have to say.

Take the emphasis off you. Achievements will develop through teamwork. Use your abilities in ways that will benefit others. You will be unable to move forward unless you are patient; unless you wait for developments to happen in their own time, and unless you relax your tensions and long-term concerns.

You will feel a need for more warmth and affection, more acceptance for your feelings, and for the feelings of others. True prosperity and security cannot be realized through war-like competition and aggression. Truth, peace, cooperation, and tolerance are now your only means of moving forward.

From this quieter, more peaceful perspective, you will find ways to change what you do not like. By living on a moment-by-moment basis, you will understand that the present is your only exit from the past, and your only gateway to the future.

The past and future are connected by the decisions you make and the actions you take in the present. This year you must decide to quiet your mind, develop your intuition, and rely on it to make decisions that are right for you. You will know if something is right by the way you feel about it. Despite the slowness of the 2 Year, you will be making significant progress. You will become more sensitive to the metaphysics of life and be able to sense reality rather than rely on others to tell you what is what.

You may experience intense flashes of intuition and inner knowing. Strange dreams are not unusual in the 2 Year. Don’t be afraid of them. They are trying to tell you something important. It would be a good idea to keep an ongoing record of your dreams. Write them down upon waking. No matter how abstract or bizarre they seem, you will soon see a pattern emerging which will provide valuable insight into the issues of your everyday life.

When you recognize and feel the nurturing energy of the 2 Year, you will want to relax into it. You will want to flow with it. In this gentle state of being carried along, your understanding of freedom and love will expand. You will know that aggression and denial of reality have almost killed our capacity to think, feel, move, and enjoy. This year’s events will show you that Free Will is the next step of human evolution. Free Will is the future. Without it, we are enslaved.

This year’s distractions, delays and diversions are designed to develop your power of patience. Each situation contains an important lesson or opportunity. Patiently assess everything that is going on around you and inside you. Learn to feel and sense your way through life instead of forcing your way through it or going into denial. Be sensitive. Sense your reality.

Little effort is required when it comes to your personal ambitions. This year’s process of delay and intrusion is actually helping them along. If you do succumb to frustration and surge ahead, you may force yourself into the wrong place at the wrong time, and you will need more than diplomacy to get yourself out of the mess.

Teamwork is highlighted, and you are likely to have a specific role to play within a group, partnership, or relationship. Be diplomatic and considerate while you figure out what these people have to teach or show you. Some will be teaching you ‘how to’, while others will be teaching you ‘how not to’.

Cooperate. Learn to be comfortable in a back-seat role. It may be difficult to see someone else taking credit for your ideas or efforts, or stealing the limelight or what you consider to be your rights away from you. You may even feel that someone is deliberately keeping you in a subservient position.

If anger arises, allow yourself to feel it, preferably when you are alone. Get it out of your system. Do not confront people unless you feel it is absolutely necessary. Listen to what your anger or any other feeling is telling you, and you will soon understand why your circumstances are as they are. Ask yourself, “What is really going on here?” And then hear all the fear and judgment contained in your replies. A strong intent to feel what your feelings are telling you will activate your intuition and provide the answers you seek.

There is no need to lose dignity or be a doormat in order to cooperate. This year, you are developing a confidence and grace that will allow you to deal with all situations calmly and efficiently, without becoming enmeshed in other people’s problems. Your ability to notice and take care of details will make you respected and indispensable. That is a powerful position to be in, but do not become so indispensable that you cannot walk away from or change an adverse situation.

If you do not develop a warm and willing attitude toward others, you will find that your main experience is nervousness, conflicting relationships, blame, guilt, anger, fear, oversensitive and insensitive reactions, and unrelenting criticism. If any of this occurs, you may be trying to control another, or you may believe that others have the power to control you.

Interacting with others requires you to feel their singular presence; to listen not only to the words they are saying, but also to the overall message they are trying to convey; to see them as they are in their entirety, instead of focusing on one aspect, and to become aware of how you are connected to them.

Even the slightest act of control or manipulation is likely to work against you. In the 2 Year, you must release your control over others – or break free of their control over you. You will discover how much more loving and lovable you have become in the process.

Last year you learned about the importance of your individuality and independence. This year, you will learn that everyone is operating according to their own unique energies; everyone has their own story to tell; everyone is of equal importance; and everybody feels. The way we treat and relate to others affects feelings and behavior – and the quality of life.

The 2 Year will make you aware of patterns of behavior that impede your freedom or someone else’s. In these turbulent times, being able to tolerate, understand, and cooperate, is an exact and extremely valuable talent – and this is your year to show just how talented you are.

If your 2 Year is derived from the Master Number 11, here is some additional information:

11 is the number of ILLUMINATION, and when it occurs as a Year Number, it seems that you can ‘see’ things more clearly, mentally, emotionally, and physically. An 11 Year increases your empathy and overall awareness.

2 is the product of 11, (1+1=2). Therefore, it works with the 2 energy – not instead of it. Throughout the 11/2 Year, 2 is always present, whereas the 11 energy occurs less frequently, but more intensely.

11 provides more light, more clarity, and more incentive. It opens the imagination and provides inspiration and innovative ideas. 1 is the number of the individual – the self – and because there are two 1s here, other individuals are involved. 11 provides the means to CONNECT.

It is through 11’s power of connection that 2 is formed. 10 takes us to the next level. 11 reminds us that we are so much more than we’ve been led to believe we are. In an 11/2 Year, you realize how unfulfilled you have been, while your potential for personal growth expands considerably.

The 11/2 Year is full of connections and possibilities. To be successful, it is best to approach your endeavors as partnerships rather than competitions. If you focus on what you have to offer rather than comparing yourself or your progress to others, you can make great headway.

In the 11/2 Year, you may become indispensable to someone – or many people – and this gives you an uncommon power. But discretion is essential when people entrust you with their private concerns. You must also be careful that their reliance on you does not consume so much of your time and energy that you have none left for yourself.


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