Much of the chaos happening in the world today is the result of Feminine Energy breaking free from its restrained position, in order to take its rightful place of equality, alongside Masculine energy. But the rise of SHE is not just about women gaining more power in the world, although that is a vital and inevitable effect. The rise of SHE relates to the emotional energy that exists in both women and men, which has always been stigmatized and suppressed. Emotion is our honesty, but our honest feelings are often ‘cut off’ before they have a chance to express themselves, and this has caused an enormous problem on Earth. As a result, the world is rife with dishonesty, trickery, lies, indifference, cruelty, and confusion.

However …

SHE is the changing of the guard. 

She is woman “out of control”.

And she’s here to turn the world’s trauma into gold.

~Tanya Markul, The She Book

Our emotions are the WILL of humanity, but our inability to express what we honestly feel feeds into the erroneous belief that FREE WILL does not exist. It most certainly does – but we have never truly experienced it. FREE WILL is the result of expressing ourselves freely and developing spontaneity instead of the rigidity under which we currently exist.

“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality,” Gandhi said.

He also said

 “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable Will.”

The rise of feminine energy is about the negative power and the positive purpose of emotion. It is the next great frontier of human consciousness. Even our understanding of “negative” (YIN) and “positive” (YANG), and how they relate to electricity and magnetism, is extremely lacking.

Yin and Yang symbolize BALANCE, and until this is achieved within each of us as individuals, and as a species, we will continue to attract situations which reflect our differences and inequities. Without this vital evolutionary adjustment to the way we live, breathe, think, and feel, there can be no fairness; no justice; and no peace (which are the natural gifts that come with BALANCE).

2022 is a 6 GLOBAL YEAR (2+0+2+2=6), and 6 is the number of BALANCE and STABILITY. But in order to achieve this, we must first find our way out of the EXTREMES which are currently overstepping their right place (at the outer edges) and are poised to consume all of life – which would be the end of human life itself – self-destruction. This is reflected in the recent threats by Vladimir Putin to employ nuclear weapons in his horrific but floundering war on Ukraine.

In this chaotic and violent “man’s world”, women are rising to save the day – and the next day – and life on Earth. The feminine energy in men is rising, too, as they feel more profoundly, as well as think. Masculine energy is the MIND of humanity. Masculine energy is our ability to think and take action. We all possess both masculine and feminine energy, regardless of our gender.

MOTHER EARTH is the source of everything in this material world, but humanity’s greed has turned the SOURCE into “RESOURCES”, and greed doesn’t understand or even care about the damage that its’ constant quest for “more” imposes on “the hand that feeds us”.

Some people still believe that we are somehow “separate” from nature, when in fact, we are dependent on her for our very existence. Mother Earth is our ultimate life-support system. She enables our existence in physical form.

It should be remembered though, that as feminine energy rises, there is no point in merely reversing the positions and changing this man’s world into a woman’s world. If peace and justice are to form – and actually last – we need a BALANCED world in which masculine mind and feminine emotion work together – in harmony and equality – for the good of all, not just the greedy few. Electric masculine and magnetic feminine are very different but necessary energies, and neither is superior to the other.

“Woman needs to be equal to man – neither low nor high – and for that man is not ready, because to make the other equal means you cannot control her anymore. You cannot control an equal. Low and high can both be controlled but the equal person is free; the equal is equal.” ~Osho

This understanding will change the role of governments on Earth so that the complex task of maintaining the balance will enable ALL of life to flow freely in the abundant energy that MOTHER EARTH provides. And this balance does not apply only to human life. The way we treat the animals is cruel beyond belief. SHE is emotional. But she is not cruel.

The rise of SHE is the only thing which can bring balance to our dangerous, top-heavy, unfair, male-driven, war-ridden, ever-suffering world. And of course, the patriarchy is ruthlessly fighting this evolutionary movement. The patriarchy is terrified that women will bring peace to the world. That cannot be allowed in a war driven, male-managed system. Vladimir Putin is a major player in the patriarchy, which is racist by nature simply because the patriarchy is where the first race – for superiority between masculine and feminine – and the primitive thirst for POWER over others – starts.

No matter where we live in the world, the current numerology urges us to PAY ATTENTION to what is going on, even though the pace of events is contradictory, confusing, and hard to keep up with.

WEEK 41 is a 5 week (4+1=5) which sparks our intellectual curiosity – and a strong desire to be better informed. In this 4 1 5 vibration, we want to get things ‘right’. We want to understand.

Practical 4 seeks out and corrects inaccuracy. 4 represents challenge, restriction, and success through determination and hard work. 1 represents the individual, the ego, one-step-at-a-time movement, and progressive change. 5 represents suddenness, unusual developments, the physical world, our physical bodies, “all walks of life”, variety, variation, and freedom. 5 can also be extremely chaotic, with so much going on in so many different directions.

There may be a strong element of suddenness now, but if we look carefully at the details, we are likely to see that what’s happening is the result of aspects that have been building over time – all coming together simultaneously.

Both 5 and 1 give us options, choices, the ability to make changes, and do things differently, while 4 gives us the WILL (and the intelligence) to make the best of the hand we have been dealt.

WEEK 41 is the second week of a 10-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 4. This is a very practical vibration. It brings us down to Earth. 4 is symbolized by the square or box. Its restrictive energy can make us feel trapped and boxed in. But 4 also helps us to understand our limitations, and in some cases, break through them. 4 is the number of BREAKTHROUGH.

4 also shows us that we can’t just sit this out and do nothing to help steer the course. None of us can afford to be dead weight in this monumental shift, no matter how ‘light’ or enlightened we think we are. 4 represents the WORK that must be done to manifest what we desire. If we don’t know what we desire, it is because we are not feeling as deeply as we can.

4 is often associated with the mechanics of life and can make us quite mechanical in our habits and behaviors. It can narrow our minds to the extent that there is no space for NEW information to come in. We must be cautious in that regard, especially where we allow modern technology to set our pace and rule our lives. There is no freedom in that.

4 represents LAW and ORDER. When laws are broken by the very people who enacted them, or by those who have sworn to uphold them, the laws of law itself are breaking down. The more politicians, the police, and other “authorities” break the law – the more lawless the world becomes. We are likely to see quite a few examples of this, this week and beyond,

With so much focus on nuclear matters this week, we are reminded that 1 is the first number, and like the atom, is the first component of life. The splitting of the atom is symbolized by splitting 1 down the middle, which gives us two 1s.

11 forms the path – the bridge – that takes us from 1 to 2. Which is where we currently are in the journey – evolving from the 1 energy of the 1000s into the 2 energy of the new millennium.

In October (of any year) everything begins to shift in the direction of the incoming year. For instance, if you are in a 6 year, you will start to feel the vibes of 7 coming toward you in October. You will start to feel the tide turning, just as it is now in the world. We are moving towards the end of this 6 Global year and are starting to feel the introspective 7 energy of 2023. 7 is the number of intellect, knowledge, wisdom, information, study, analysis, seriousness, orchestration, making arrangements, pride, snobbery, behind the scenes and under-cover activity, hidden matters, exposure, scandal, secrets, conspiracies, lies, and blackmail.

7 is also the number of DIGNITY, and is likely to be very helpful in the 2020s, as the rise of SHE expands.

Obviously, the innovative 10 energy is active in the 10th month of October. We often relate “innovation” to technological advances but that is a limited understanding. To innovate is to make beneficial changes or do something in a different and more effective way. This includes being aware of what we are doing wrong – and putting it right. Remember this on MONDAY, OCTOBER 10th, (10/10) because 10 + 10 = 20, which connects us directly to the decade of the 2020s – a 10-year cycle in which all the Year Numbers begin with 20.

Also on MONDAY, OCTOBER 10, North Korea celebrates “Party Foundation Day”, one of its most important national holidays – the 77th anniversary of its ruling political party. 10/10 is a very potent set of numbers.

As the rise of SHE continues to affect the world, it is inevitable that the gigantic autocratic egos of so-called “strongmen”,  Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, and other autocrats will rise against such drastic change and threaten the world with their ballistic and nuclear weapons.

It is in this decade that feminine energy has been most innovative by standing up and fighting for its freedom. Right now, the focus is on Iran and the USA, but women are rising all over the world, and are increasingly supported by men who are feeling their own emotions strongly, including a feeling – a desire – for a more peaceful, just, caring, balanced, and compassionate world.

Throughout time, humanity’s WILL has been so “pushed down”, vilified, twisted, and tortured, that what it needs more than anything right now is to heal, understand itself, and gain strength. 2 represents the Will, feminine energy, feelings, senses, urges, impulses, and LOVE, and it does seem that this essential healing is already underway for many people. One of those feelings is fear, which, when you consider how imbalanced and dangerous the world is right now, you’d have to be emotionally dead not to feel it.

As I have written many times before… fear does not always stop us in our tracks. Fear can also spur us on. This is because fear and courage are opposite ends of the same emotional string which measures, interprets, and expresses our sense of security as we make our way through life. And very often, fear indicates that we are awake and aware, and ready to take action.

And in the words of Susan Jeffers, author of “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”:

“Pushing through fear is less frightening than living with the underlying fear that comes from a feeling of helplessness.” 

Masculine 1 also needs to heal – from the erroneous programming it received in the course of time which told it that the urge to compete, and WIN, is what life is all about. But because masculine 1 stands alone, it was unable to fully connect with other 1s. And that is where the power of 11 worked its magic in recent years. Those two 1s ARE the connection that masculine energy needs in order to heal and evolve. 1+1 = 2, and this simple arithmetic connects us to present time – the 2000s, the 2020s and, right now, the triple-2 year of 2022.

2 is the number of CONNECTION – not only in an abstract “feel good” sense, but as a matter of balance – a matter of survival.

This inner healing process is not a temporary fix, but an ongoing way of life. This awakening of the feminine within us all is the fuel that will make a massive expansion of consciousness possible. We are evolving at the same measure that our awareness of reality is expanding. It is an obviously slow process, but it is very much underway.

Week 41 is a 5 Week, and 5 is the number of all things ‘different’ – diversity – variety – the ‘spice of life’. 5 is physical, sexual, and sensual. The 5 vibration helps us to LEARN from past and present mistakes and mis-steps, so we can stop repeating them – and evolve.

5 brings contrast to the transparency and openness that life is supposed to be – and enables us to see things more clearly, and many things for the first time, even though they have been there all along. We are all in the evolutionary process of understanding the concept of FREE WILL, and the absolute necessity to rescue and protect it.

As mentioned in previous articles : 1 is the nucleus of all the numbers…. therefore, nuclear matters cannot help but surface as we move through the millennial shift between the electrical 1000s and magnetic 2000s. We must experience our most basic realities – our atomic nature – if we are to understand the extreme danger of nuclear energy in hostile or inept hands.

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  1. Zora Zubko

    In the interests of balance I would like to mention that every time the American Government says “all options are on the table” when it comes to the wars it has involved itself in, that is a threat of using nuclear weapons. Is it any wonder that the countries most vilified by the USA develop nuclear weapons in defense?


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