WHERE WE ARE – 2021 – WEEK 48

WEEK 48 RUNS FROM FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 26 TO THURSDAY, DECEMBER 2. EMOTIONAL SPARKS ARE FLYING in WEEK 48, some of which may fire up our compassion, optimism, enthusiasm, and creativeness, while others may ignite bonfires of fear, rage, hate, and selfishness. As we try to move forward on the road of life, we are held back ...

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week 47

WHERE WE ARE – 2021 – WEEK 47

WEEK 47 is always a supercharged week, in the world-at-large and in our personal lives. Both 4 and 7 expose INACCURACY and the need for CORRECTION. The illuminating 11 energy that comes from 4 and 7 helps us to see through the darkness of denial, disinformation, and other deceptions. The 11th month of November ...

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WHERE WE ARE – 2021 – WEEK 34

WEEK 34 runs from FRIDAY, AUGUST 20th to THURSDAY, the 26th. "When times are this dark, remember to take a deep breath and stay grounded in what matters. What matters is empathy. If you're up against a monster, the way you defeat that monster is refusing to become one." - ANDREA CHALUPA These are the very ...

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We entered an interesting 10-day phase on AUGUST 8, (8/8), in which all the day numbers begin with 22. Sunday, August 8 is the 220th day of the year. Monday is the 221st day, Tuesday is the 222nd day, and so on, until we reach day 229 on Tuesday, August 17 (which is also an 8/8 day). 22 represents BIG ideas that ...

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Zero is sometimes a number - and an essential numeric function which enables numbers to move, expand, and retract. Without 0, there is no growth, no movement, and no life. 0 is the opening through which life emerges and flows.  We all passed through such an opening when we were born.  Although 0 has no number value ...

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