WEEK 48 – 2020

WEEK 48 runs from Wednesday, November 25th to Tuesday, December 1st. WEEK 48 is the 9th week of a 10-week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 4. 48 can help us manifest something really worthwhile by expressing outwardly what we are feeling inside. It gives us a sense of enthusiasm and the willingness to ...

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week 46 2020

WEEK 46 2020

The 46th week of 2020 is a 10/1 week which denotes a new level of innovative, systemic, change. This goes way beyond the old left/right political march of repeated history, ongoing conflict, and war. WEEK 46 brings everything to a NEW LEVEL. It brings deeper understanding, determined collaborative action, and a way ...

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10 10 20 20

October 10, 2020, not only contains the current day, month, and year, but also the energies of the decade of the 20s, and the millennium of the 2000s. And because the previous decade and millennium (the 10s and the 1000s) are also represented, this appears to be a transitional day - another switch-point in time - with ...

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2020 is not to blame for what is happening in the world. 2020 is a time-track which emits the distinct vibration that we are currently moving through. 2020 is 4 energy. Restrictive. Big into detail - and because this 4 Year is made of two 2s, (which gives us the power of PATIENCE with which to look at the details), we ...

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2020 – WEEK 24

WEEK 24 runs from Wednesday, June 10 to Tuesday June 16. It is a 6 Week (2+4=6) in the 6th Month of the year. This double-6 vibration represents both balance and extremes, which suggests that we have arrived at some kind of tipping point - not just in the world at large, but also in our own personal lives. People are ...

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