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Master Number 66

WHERE WE ARE ~ March 7, 2023 ~ a flurry of numbers

Sometimes you can physically see and FEEL the metaphysical energies working in the big world – or right there in your own individual life. TUESDAY, MARCH 7 is a day to be aware of a flurry of powerful energy that is affecting us all in some way.

MARCH 7, 2023 is an 8 DAY (3+7+7=1+7=8), and 8 represents POWER in all its forms. One such form is the power of CORRECT UNDERSTANDING, and if we pay attention not only to what we see and hear, but also to what we feel, this energy can provide an abundance of information about our current reality.

8 also represents DISEMPOWERMENT and OVERPOWERING others. The shadow side of 8 produces the BULLY, the INTIMIDATOR, the OPPRESSOR. This is a good time to consider what life on Earth would be like if POWER was driven by LOVE, CARING, and RESPECT for life’s magnificent diversity – instead of the greed, division, racism, hate, cruelty, and never-ending war that is trying to drag everything backwards.

3 represents people, population, communication, social matters, creativity, friends, enemies, focus, distraction, and the scattering of our attention. 3 represents happiness and sadness, beauty and ugliness, attraction and repulsion, empathy and spite.

Double-7 brings us firmly into the 7 energy of 2023 (2+0+2+3=7), the number of the mind, spirit, and our ability to LEARN. Mixed with 3‘s focus on people and communication, the effort to prevent people from learning must be seen for the mind-controlling and soul-destroying authoritarian tactic that it is. When and 7 combine, there is a tendency to be over-critical of others, while overlooking our own faults and failings. Both 3 and 7 can be overly judgmental at times.

Double-7 also gives us the karmic number 14/5, which focuses on how we deal with sudden or unexpected situations. It spotlights our addictions and destructive habits. 5 is the number of CHANGE and FREEDOM, and the purpose of karmic 14/5 is to help us break free from our self-imposed chains, to learn from past mistakes, turn them into solid experience, and then learn as we go.

3+7+7 = 17.

1 represents the individual – the self – change, new beginnings.

7 represents belief systems, the mind, and the expansion of consciousness.

1+7 brings powerful 8 back into the equation.

MARCH 7, 2023 is also the 66th day of the year. 66 is the most balanced form of 3. (6+6=1+2=3), and because 6 is the number of balance itself, as well as responsibility and justice, this energy can help us develop the courage to take full responsibility for our own lives, and how to solve the mayhem that imbalance generates.

Master Number 66 helps us to stop worrying about being judged, and simply get on with what we need and want to do. This level of self-acceptance leads to a deeper understanding and acceptance of others.

However, when 66 is misunderstood, it can also be used to control and manipulate. It can result in being too eager to help in situations in which your help is neither requested or needed.  So, be aware of the ‘messiah complex’ that this energy can produce.

While 3 is the number of the child, Master Numbe66 is 3’s most balanced form and is therefore the number of maturity – the wise and loving parent who understands the wisdom of children, and encourages their development. 66 is a conduit for forgiveness – especially where there is pain, confusion, and/or animosity regarding your own parents.

6 is the number of education, and 66 is the Master Teacher. As such it enables you to ‘parent’ yourself and act in your own best interests, and the best interests of any others involved.

3 represents creativity and friendliness, while 66 provides the potential of the Master Communicator and Networker. When 66 is active, great responsibility is attached to what and how you communicate, and with whom you connect. If healing and justice are not part of this, then the whole concept of balance and fairness (peace) is lost.

3 is the number of JOY, and 66 makes you want everyone to experience happiness – people, animals, and the planet herself. Joy can be found in causes that help to alleviate suffering. 66 enables us to bring hope and optimism to dismal situations, provided we are realistic about how improvements can be made.

Master Number 66 = 12, which represents our current position in the human journey – the gap between the 1000s and the 2000s. The very special energies of this 66th day (and beyond), can open our minds and hearts to our own power to move ourselves forward in the journey of life, not back to how it “used to be”.

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