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  The USA is in an 8 National Year in 2022 – the number of POWER. Gun power, in particular. (7+4+6=1+7=8). At least 19 precious innocent children (7 to 10 years old) and 2 teachers, lost their lives on May 24, 2022, at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. 

  10 days earlier on May 14, 2022, a mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, at a neighborhood market store, 10 black people were killed. Older people. Not children. And yet, when they were killed, as with the two teachers in Uvalde, they were also helpless and innocent, along with all the other victims of gun violence since the massacre at Columbine High School in 1999, which is when this deadly “trend” of mass shooting began.

Something significant is likely to break through at the end of May, and into June, (a 5 month in the USA), the number of sudden change, the unexpected or unfamiliar, and both freedom and recklessness. June is a 3 month in the world (6+6=1+2=3 – the number of COMMUNICATION), and the overall conversation appears to be changing drastically now.

Instead of accepting and normalizing these heinous events, people are truly feeling their anger now, which is a positive sign. Anger is the most judged against emotion, but it is also the emotion that most effectively brings about positive change when its purpose is correctly understood and directed.

  2022 is a 6 Year in the world – the number of FAMILY, PARENTS, CHILDREN, PETS, THE HOME, RESPONSIBILITY, NEIGHBORHOOD, HEALING, EDUCATION, and BALANCE. It must also be remembered that the world itself is our HOME, and we are ALL one human FAMILY.

This horrendous event occurred in Week 21 – a 3 WEEK – the number of CHILDREN.

   1 is the father

   2 is the mother

   3 is the child.

  Giving birth to a child gives birth to the future… and what “pro-life” really means is that every child must have nutritious food, clean water, love, nurture, and protection – including protection from the evil insanity of gun violence – and the guns of war all over the world. The slaughter of children – and the conscious decision to do nothing to prevent it – attempts to hold back time – by attacking the future. Children ARE the future.

  But if it can’t be the future that the old system wants, (which is a continuation of the past), they are determined that there will be no future for anyone. “If I can’t have it, no one can”.

   This is the insanity of HATE, which is not an emotion, but an ILL FEELING. A disease of the emotions – an infection of the mind. When the mind cuts the emotions off, empathy is squeezed shut, and the ensuing inability to FEEL, (heartlessness), enables people to kill and harm with great ease and believe they are justified in doing so. GREED is also a form of hate – a form of insanity.

  The world is in a huge concentration of feminine 2 energy. The millennium of the 2000s. The decade of the 2020s, the year 2022, and the 2 Month of May (6+5=1+1=2). Next week, Week 22 brings us into the 3 month of June in the world, (6+6=1+2=3)  and a karmic 14/5 month in the USA in which we either learn from past mistakes and make the appropriate changes, or the situation can only get worse.

  So yes, in the United States, something is about to break through, or perhaps many things are about to break through. Whatever the case, guns are involved, and choices must be made. Obviously, 2 is where CHOICE begins. In the weeks ahead, America must CHOOSE its order of priorities, which, whatever they happen to be, will set the course.

  2 is the number of SENSITIVITY, and people are extremely sensitive right now – and exhausted. But until we allow ourselves to truly FEEL how all this hate and killing is making us feel, and turn our raw emotions into constructive determined action, we will continue to attract situations that force us to express the denied feelings we are holding inside.

  Emotional evolution (the development of our feminine energy) enables us to turn lead into gold – emotional alchemy. The 2 energy facilitates this. But it is essential to understand that in the process of emotional healing, there is never a need to harm yourself, or anyone else.

  If life on Earth is to change for the better, WE ourselves, each one of us, must BE that change.

“Don’t let yourself become numb to this. Don’t let them bombard you with so much inhumanity that you just tune it out. Don’t give up on the dream of living in a humane world, where people in need are cherished and lifted up rather than turned away. They want you to give in. Don’t.”    ~Elad Nehorai

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4 thoughts on “WHERE WE ARE – American Guns

  1. Nelda Sparks

    I agree with Jayne. Knives kill. Machetes kill. Automobiles kill. Hands kill. NOT just guns!!!! My heart is crying over this slaughter. It does no one any good to bad-rap Police or disinfranchise them either. I believe Mental Health is more in line as the answer also. The boy who done this also needed help and no one knew or cared which is a sad thing to me. And with help this could all have been avoided. We need to help each other and teach our children this concept also. I offer my condolences for all.

  2. Jayne

    I feel we need to address mental health in this country. This young man posted his guns, ammunition, hatred.
    He was bullied in school. No father figure.
    If people want to take revenge on innocent people they will make homemade bombs, knives, etc. They will buy guns illegally.
    Drugs are numbing people’s “pain”. It’s a bandaid. Not addressing the problem. Hatred/anger still festers.
    Self esteem, self love, love for each other needs to be taught in school. Anyone posting signs of mental health issues should not be able to buy a gun/ should be confiscated.
    Just my suggestions.

  3. Wolf

    As long as we keep having people like the governor of Texas urging people to buy guns. “We are 2nd in gun ownership behind California, we can do better.” Things will happen like this. This is when people like us have to step up and change the narrative. They are being the ‘hate-mongers.’

    I don’t have to name names here. They are all over the news. Change can happen. If only we let it and want it. It starts with us.

  4. Dee Halpern

    How do we change the “haters of the world?” Yes, I am mad and angry but trying to make the madmen of this country give up their weapons is futile. And forcebly taking guns away makes a madman even crazier with hate. Every time this happens we all think that this time the “controllers” of this country will step up and do something to save us and the U S. And every time …. Nothing happens. I am still waiting for the change.
    Thank you for giving us some hope, Christine.


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