WHERE WE ARE – March 29, 2022

WHERE WE ARE – March 29, 2022

TUESDAY, MARCH 29TH is the 88th day of the year. Those two 8s represent POWER and add up to the karmic number 16. This highlights SECRETS, PRIDE, and the correct use or abuse of POWER.

16/7 can involve “strange” alliances that conspire to outdo others. Deception and conspiracy theories run rampant in this energy. This is likely to be more visible in WEEK 16 (April 16 to 22), but because 88 is such a powerful number, whatever happens then may have taken root on, or is somehow connected to March 29.

March 29, 2022 is a 2 Day in the world (3+11+6=2+0=2). 2 is the number of CONNECTION, and there are certainly a lot of numeric connections happening on this date.  29 adds up to 11, and 1+1 also = 2. This connects us directly to the energy of the 2000s and the transformative decade of the 2020s. 2 is feminine emotional energy, the number of sensitivity, caring, inclusion, Free Will, and balance. 2 is the principal number of our times.

March 2022 = 3+6 = 9. This remarkable sequence (369) pertains to pattern, repetition, continuance, survival, and creativity. This is occurring in WEEK 13, and when 13 merges with this 9 month, we find ourselves with two more 2s. (13+9=22). March 29, 2022 holds a multi-directional power which we can all utilize in some personal way.

The convergence of all these powerful numbers on March 29 suggest that we are adjusting to reality, each in our own way, even though for many people these days, it takes courage just to get up in the morning. But as each 1 of us adapts to our own nature and circumstances, and becomes who we really are inside, humanity transforms and evolves. Although we are currently divided and scattered, we are always 1.

Perhaps this will involve something that happens in the world at large, but whether that is so or not, it will be a matter of gaining the PERSONAL POWER that comes from BEING who we really are inside. 1 is the number of SELF, and we cannot evolve from the 1000s to the 2000s until genuine self-acceptance has been achieved.



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2 thoughts on “WHERE WE ARE – March 29, 2022

  1. Lianne Tiley

    Hello Christine,
    Thank You for your incredible insights. I am in awe at your depth of knowledge and I am grateful for your forecasts.
    It also occurs, that the WEEK 16 (April 16 to 22) is over the Full Moon – the Pink Moon – which coincides with the Easter Weekend (April 15 to 18), is halfway through Ramadan and coincides with Passover (April 15 to 23).
    Please let us know how significant Week 16 is going to be – as these major energies pan out over the coming weeks.
    Blessings and Gratitude,

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Thank you for such kind words, Lianne. Yes I will be writing about Week 16 when the time comes, and it will be interesting to see what weeks 14 and 15 contain leading up to it. We are moving through the karmic TEEN numbers now, which means that there is SO much to expereince and learn in the weeks ahead…


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