I wrote “An Urgent Message From Mother Earth” eight years ago during the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill – thought to be the biggest disaster in the history of the oil industry. The message resonates even more today  – because the warnings that this disaster gave us were not heeded…

Enough is enough, children! I am putting my foot down right now, and things are going to change. You just couldn’t be satisfied with what I gave you, could you. You had to keep digging and chopping and hacking and poisoning me. You do not even see me as a living, breathing, life-giving entity with my own needs, feelings and consciousness. I have been raped and robbed by my own children, and I’m critically wounded.

Be warned. The more you trample on me, the more I will fight for my survival. Your greed and ignorance have run roughshod over me for long enough. All that matters to me now is that I find a way to heal myself. How else can I hold on to that principle part of my nature which you call “a mother’s love”?

With your greed and your denials, you have drilled holes into me so deep that you don’t know how to stop the bleeding. You are so immature and incompetent that everything you do makes matters worse. You set me on fire and drown me in poisonous chemicals. And there you are in your ineptitude, pointing fingers at each other as you run around like chickens with your heads cut off.

You blow up my mountains to get to the minerals within, unaware that those mountains are the sacred symbols of abundance on Earth – and you wonder why your economies, and I myself, are falling apart at the seams.

Your greed even attacked my precious companion who illuminates the night and keeps my tides flowing as they should. You bombed the MOON for heaven’s sake!!

You want to play God, so you experiment on me – smashing atoms in your underground ‘hadron-collider’. You want to ‘own’ everything that’s in the ground, so you obliviously hack and frack away at me – at a time when the ground itself is already so unstable.

Don’t you feel me quaking? Don’t you see me desperately throwing off the pain I am forced to endure through the pressure valves you call volcanoes? Don’t you hear me screaming or see me writhing as you arrogantly have your way with me, every day and every night?

You chop down my forests which, you foolish children, are your own lungs manifest – and you wonder why you’re having such a hard time breathing.

You fight with each other like spoiled brats always finding some ridiculous justification for your putrid stinking wars. And you say, so pathetically, “I just want some peace of mind.”

You choke me with your putrid stinking garbage, unaware that your own consumption is now consuming you.

Oh, the damage you have done to my oceans and waterways which, if only you could see it, are your own emotions in physical form – and you wonder why the world has become such a feelingless heartless place!

Start to FEEL again. Open your heart to the love of life.

What you do to my precious animals is MINDLESS CRUELTY. They are trying to leave Earth as fast as they can. My heart breaks for them – the victims of your misplaced superiority complex. In a balanced world, as I intend it to be again, nothing is superior. Everything that lives has a right to be. On this planet, dear children, EVERYTHING is alive.

And of course, what you do to each other is a crying shame.

You wait for the next shoe to drop and pretend you’re not afraid, unaware that you have always been under the feelingless foot of materialism. I love the material aspects of myself, but there is so much more to me than you have ever given me credit for. That is where your own salvation lies.

Go within. FEEL who you are. Your true nature mirrors mine in every way.

Stop your racism. Stop racing. Stop competing, you silly children. You are not the human ‘race’, you are humanity. You are all part of the ONE. You are all part of ME. But you are not all the same. You are diverse entities, and you can never be happy until you embrace your differences instead of judging each other for them. It is time to free your Wills from ancient imprinting – and grow up.

You cry out for change, yet you seem unwilling to make those changes yourself. Are you waiting for me to make them for you? You are helpless only because you believe you are. What are you waiting for? The time is now.

You have dealt your mother a massive blow, but I will find a way to heal myself, no matter what I have to do. The question is:  WILL YOU?

(‘felt’ by Christine DeLorey)

© Copyright DELOREY 2010 – all rights reserved

Photo by NASA

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17 thoughts on “AN URGENT MESSAGE FROM MOTHER EARTH (re-post)

  1. Dee

    Thank you Em for your perspective. Sadly I doubt that I will be around in 2022 to see the change that your predicting so I will enjoy each day as it comes. I may sound selfish but I do my best to leave as small a footprint as I can while I reside on this beautiful planet. But I can’t worry about tomorrow or yesterday, only today. The present is a gift. Enjoy this moment.

    1. Krista

      Very well said Christine! I am an Avid recycling fan! I wish I could get people to understand this concept of recycling and how important it is to our universe! Thank you for reposting this article. I put it on my FB page. I am anxious to see what responses it gets.

      1. roberta

        I’ve pulled my finger out , I don’t eat meat anymore.
        I use fruit peels and veg for the garden
        I re use plastic
        i buy from second hand stores rather brand new mostly
        i plant tress, flowers and vegetables in my garden.
        i make soap from left over soaps
        it may be small what I’m doing compared to the big problems in the world with not respecting the planet but I’m doing something.

    2. Maureen Ducharme

      I am afraid for my Grandbaby…..I’m afraid that we won’t be able to leave her a living Earth….I’m ashamed of the human race and what we have done to our Mother Earth….
      I am First Nations and I have spent most of my life trying to protect Mother Earth in my own small ways. If we all did in some way it would make a difference.
      Let’s be the change NOW!!!

  2. Daniel

    Thank you Christine for these deeply touching words. We must stand up and demand an economic system that takes humans, the planet and living systems into account. It is no longer a luxury, it is a now a matter of life or death for humanity..

    Our current insane and immature economic system (with its mantras of ‘Growth is God’ and ‘Profit above all else’) sees things like pollution and disruption of earth’s life supporting systems as “externalities” and simply doesn’t take them into account…

    in other words, big business know that they create these effects but just pretend that it doesn’t really matter and that it’s less important than profits.. 

    Ignoring the ecocide effects of our actions on all living systems (including humanity) is the very definition of madness, isn’t it?

    We are all going to pay a very very heavy price if we just keep on going as usual with this insane childish destructive system. This sort of economic mentality (and the psychological mindset from which is arose) just has to change or we’re really doomed. And it is up to us to demand that change. 

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      The old system is indeed breaking down, Daniel, and we are experiencing the horrific extremes of the old ‘order’ clinging to power. Of course, it has always been this way. The difference now is that we are in the 2000s, and 2 is the number of transparency, and we can see it now with much more clarity. I feel that humanity will evolve and prevail as we continue to move out of denial and into reality itself. Thank you, Daniel.

  3. Shravaka

    Thank you Christine for sharing these insights and communications from our Beloved Mother… This resonates at the deepest levels and has been validated from other trusted sources very recently which validates the “Urgency” you speak of.

    The Mayan culture has name for Mother Earth: Ix Mukany. (pronounced: Eash moo-ka-nay). The Mayan Shaman have been conveying a similar message from her for a while now (i.e. about the same time as you have since Deepwater). Have learned from them the importance of Honoring and Recognizing here via ceremony which is based upon ones “feelings” as you have been emphasizing with your work… We all can do this wether she is referred to as Gaia, Madre Terra, Pacha Mama, or any other name, by simply taking the time to connect with her in whatever way feels right for each individual.

    Your presence and work is appreciated! Please continue to share these messages with us as they manifest.

    In Lak’ ech,

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Hello Shravaka,

      Your kind words are deeply appreciated. And these particular words “by simply taking the time to connect with her in whatever way feels right for each individual” add great perspective. Thank you so much !!

  4. em

    Thank you for your generosity in sharing your insights. My husband and I read it to help frame the nightly news as well as our personal day-to-day challenges.
    Back in the “new age”—1979ish— I discovered a formula in a numerology text I was studying that showed how to progress through the years. How fun! But despite the dawning of the Age of Aquarius the forecasts got more dark and dangerous through the years. Fires, wars, floods, earthquakes, political upheaval, droughts, countries breaking apart, systems falling apart and more. It wasn’t until I reached the year 2022 that there was any sign of balance between the light and dark forces. I was devastated by the exploration, however, and physically nauseous. I cooled down my study of numerology in reaction. But since then I’ve searched all over for that formula, without luck. Did it show that 2022 will be a turning point or did I not check out the trend further to be sure? I don’t remember. But my impression was that the deck wouldn’t be so formidably stacked by that year. We are in, as you explain so well Christine , a period of adjustment toward the feminine. The established power-over system will not let go without a mean and dirty struggle. When all looks hopeless I tell myself there will be a gradual balancing. But by 2022 will we still recognize our political system, will nature be so damaged it will take ages to repair? And is this horror just part of our evolutionary process? I share this to give Dee another perspective. I remind myself that the Hell isnt out there and that our own awakening isn’t separate from the whole. Thanks again for your work; it is helping me not sink into despair and resignation.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Hello em,

      I am not familiar with the numerology you mentioned, but my own assessment is not far off. 2022 is indeed a massive turning point, with its 6 energy made up of three 2s, pushing the extremes back to their right place – at the edges of life.

      But first, I see 2020, with its connotations of “vision” as a pivotal point in time which starts to bring order to the chaos. 4 = order and system. And of course, we can never go back to the old divide and conquer systems because they are what brought us to where we are now.

  5. Dee

    I think it has reached the point of no return now. Humans will destroy this planet and move on to another to do the same. A never ending story.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      I think you are right in many ways, Dee. We ARE searching for planets to plunder. And there was talk just this week of militarizing space. I think (and hope) that the timing is different now (the 2000s) and that there IS a chance of turning it around.


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