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Week 52 ends on December 30, which gives December 31st – New Year’s Eve – a unique stand-alone position in the calendar. So, we finish each year with an extra day. (2 days in a Leap Year). December 31st is the cusp of the 7 Global Year (2+0+2+3=7), and the 8 Global Year (2+0+2+4=8). Therefore, additional insight and ideas can be gained by reading the 7 and 8 New Year’s Eve readings, as well as your own.


If not ….

These EXTRA readings for New Year’s Eve are based on your Personal Year Number for 2023.

To calculate your personal number for 2023, simply add 7 to your month and day of birth. (Do NOT include your year of birth in this calculation).

Example birthday: March 27:

Month: 3

Day: 2+7=9

Year: 2+0+2+3 = 7

3+ 9 + =1+9=1+0=1

(Keep adding until you get a single number). In this example, the Year Number for 2023 is 1.

THIS IS THE LAST TIME YOU WILL USE THIS CALCULATION. YOUR YEARLY NUMBER CHANGES ON JANUARY 1st, 2024, (and you’ll be adding 8 to your month and day of birth instead of 7).

Your MONTHLY FORECAST for January 2024 and your WEEKLY FORECAST for January 1st, 2024 will be posted soon.

The following New Year’s Eve readings are from the CREATIVE NUMEROLOGY YEAR BOOK SERIES. Each book covers your personal year, as well as 12 Monthly Readings, 52 Weekly Readings, and 365 Daily Readings. To order your own YEAR BOOK, see the links at the end of this page……

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Weekly ForecstTHE LAST DAY OF YOUR 1 YEAR: How positive your situation becomes depends on how willing you are to accept your reality for what it is. And of course, some of it is totally unacceptable from a long-term standpoint. Changes must be made if you are to feel a greater sense of satisfaction or security. The urge to criticize or see only the negatives of the situation may be strong, but there is also hope and optimism on the horizon which must be recognized and accepted, too.

On Monday, January 1st, you move from the 1 Year to THE 2 YEAR. 

2 forecast

THE LAST DAY OF YOUR 2 YEAR: Relate one thing to another and try to find a common thread. Accurate understanding is needed. You can now learn something new and valuable as you conclude an uncomfortable issue that need not be carried with you into the new year. That doesn’t mean you will no longer feel its impact. It means that the pressure of denying its impact need no longer hurt you and others and, oh, what a relief that will be!

On Monday, January 1st, you move from the 2 Year to THE 3 YEAR.

Weekly Forecst

THE LAST DAY OF YOUR 3 YEAR: Diversity is the theme. Look for a common thread between matters of love, friendship, freedom, independence, security, past mistakes, future plans, duty, work, fairness, and global events. Put your priorities in the right order. Stay alert. You cannot proceed intelligently if you don’t know what needs to be done or changed. You do not have to discard a goal but, from now on, it must be dealt with at a more realistic pace.

 On Monday, January 1st, you move from the 3 Year to THE 4 YEAR.

Weekly Forecst

THE LAST DAY OF YOUR 4 YEAR: A promising situation is developing, but other sources of struggle must still be worked through. Patience and cooperation will help you better understand the unusual ideas that are swirling around in your head. Your intuition is right on target, so when the insight comes, believe it! And believe these wise words of Albert Einstein: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them”. 

On Monday, January 1st, you move from the 4 Year to THE 5 YEAR

THE LAST DAY OF YOUR 5 YEAR: Give credit where it is due, and compassion where it is needed. Accept the fact that you and someone else are in this together. If you want a successful outcome, and if you want this ‘team’ to operate in a mutually beneficial way, you must take the emotional pressure off each other by accepting that you do not owe each other anything. You are separate and unique individuals with different energies, needs, histories, and points of view. Real friendship feels so good because it is a form of LOVE.

On Monday, January 1st, you move from the 5 Year to THE 6 YEAR.

Weekly Forecast

THE LAST DAY OF YOUR 6 YEAR: Accept the fact that you are tired, and you really do need to rest. It is only guilt telling you that you cannot. From a more relaxed frame of mind, you will be better able to utilize the power of words, correct information, and, most importantly, the power of your own intuition. If you are too tired to take in the facts, a situation could arise that will make rest impossible. Choose to do what’s right for you.

On Monday, January 1st, you move from the 6 Year to THE 7 YEAR.

Weekly Forecst

THE LAST DAY OF YOUR 7 YEAR: Freedom, responsibility, and your power to reinvent yourself are the themes here. Taking a responsible route does not mean that you have to stop enjoying life. Much enjoyment can be found in testing your resourcefulness and making choices that are based on what you actually want, rather than on guilt or sentiment. Take a more centered approach. That means staying away from anything extreme or overbearing.

On Monday, January 1st, you move from the 7 Year to THE 8 YEAR.

Weekly Forecst

THE LAST DAY OF YOUR 8 YEAR: There is a sudden, unexpected, out-of-the-blue, and possibly accident-prone combination of energies at work here. An added emphasis on the body, suggests that extra care should be taken on the physical plane. So, slow things down physically and mentally – and be aware of everything that is going on around you. As you move into your 9 Year, you will benefit from a much deeper understanding of the laws of cause-and-effect.

On Monday, January 1st, you move from the 8 Year to THE 9 YEAR

Weekly Forecst

THE LAST DAY OF YOUR 9 YEAR:  With an emphasis on relationship and privacy, this is an opportunity to develop one of the most precious energies you will ever possess – compassion – otherwise known as warm-heartedness, empathy, and kindness. Compassion is love of life – and it starts with yourself. If you cannot feel compassion, it is only because criticism and judgment have become mere habits. Break them – and wallow in the healing power of LOVE.

On Monday, January 1st, you move from the 9 Year to THE 1 YEAR.

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Your Journey Through The Cycles Of Time.

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