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WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 16

WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 16

  WEEK 16 is a 7 week (1+6=7), and 7 is the learning number – the number of the mind and intellect. When 7 is derived from karmic 16, what we have to learn is usually serious, urgent, and evolutionary. Unless we are completely cut off from reality, we instinctively know that these are perilous times. And 7 reminds us that there are answers, some simple, some complicated, and some yet to be discovered.

  7 affects our ability to learn. When 7 is used with loving or friendly intent, it educates and inspires. This mysterious and intriguing energy holds our attention – and gives us something to think about – food for thought.

  WEEK 16 begins on Saturday, April 16, which brings a DOUBLE streak of karmic 16/7 energy into the world. April 16 is also the 106th day of the year, which brings even more 1, 6, and 7 energy into the picture.

  7 teaches us how to make things materialize by executing meticulous PLANS. 7 teaches us the amazing arts of ORCHESTRATION and STRATEGY (pulling it altogether perfectly, note by note, detail by detail).

  But karmic 16/7 can also bring some very different “arts” into being, such as trickery, conspiring, plotting, and playing cruel games with people’s minds, emotions, bodies, and lives.

  16/7 affects matters of SECRECY, PRIDE, and the ABUSE OF POWER. It exposes self-centeredness, lack of responsibility, and the need for accountability. Genuine feelings of love can become unreasonably conditional in this vibration.

  Without loving intent, this karmic energy results in the normalization of criminal tendencies. It produces an appetite for deliberately cruel, secretive, and illicit actions. In this “revenge” energy, people justify their wrongdoing by insisting that those they hurt somehow deserved it – or that their wrongdoing simply “didn’t happen”. Such behavior is usually well hidden, (7 represents secrecy) but in the transparent 2000s, these tendencies are clearly visible all over the world.

  16/7 can produce paranoia among the general population, and especially among those who are afraid of being “found out”. Desperate people are capable of doing unimaginable things. But 7 also teaches us that fear has a positive purpose if it is correctly understood. It is not a matter of being fearless. That would render you helpless in dangerous situations. It is a matter of discerning what needs to be feared, and what does not.

It is also a matter of never letting go of hope. As the old saying goes, “hope is the last thing to go, so hold on to it…”

  Or, as “Rebecca Solnit wrote in her book “Hope In The Dark”: “Hope is not like a lottery ticket you can sit on the sofa and clutch, feeling lucky. Hope is an axe you break down doors with, in an emergency.”

  Of course, 16/7 is not always this extreme. But, right now, transparent 2 is exposing the lengths to which people will go to achieve their objectives and hold on to POWER.

  1 is the number of the individual, (you and me), and every 1 of us is involved in humanity’s evolution. Masculine 1 is the number of FORWARD MOVEMENT and PROGRESS. 1 also represents the beginning – the atom – which enables physical form. The atom is what makes us – and it is also what can destroy us. There is an ominous emphasis on nuclear weaponry right now, and when we talk about the power of 1, we must remember that in autocratic systems, it only takes 1 individual to initiate a nuclear strike. 1 is the nucleus of all the other numbers.

  6 is the number of BALANCE. And in order for balance to maintain itself, it must understand the nature of the EXTREMES. And, of course, the world is in a 6 YEAR (2+0+2+2=6).

  6 represents RESPONSIBILITY, ACCOUNTABILITY, JUSTICE, PATERNAL ENERGY (both loving and patriarchal), relationship, parents, children, pets, and all matters of the home and heart.

  The combination of energies at play in WEEK 16 can help us to SEE THROUGH the lies, ruses, and cover-ups – not only in the world at large, but also in our own personal lives.

  2 is the number of CONNECTION. 2 slows everything down so that we can see reality more clearly. 2 is a gentle slow-moving energy, but if you try to push against it or speed it up, it pushes back hard and slows you down even more! 2 is the number of patience, caring, attention to detail, and right timing. shows us the reality of a situation, but it is up to us whether we look at it and study it – or not.

  Time itself is not slowing down. There are still 60 seconds to a minute and sixty minutes to an hour. What is slowing down is the pace at which we live our lives – as if life is forcing us to NOTICE and be conscious of our own reality. Without awareness of what’s happening, how can we know what to change or how to change it? Without the acceptance of past and present reality, we rip the most important chapter from the book of our lives – the part where it all starts to come together and makes sense.

  Gandhi told us to “BE the change you want to see in the world“, which is essential advice. But before we can make it happen, we have to ask ourselves, “what IS the change I want to see in the world?” and “what must I DO and what must I BE to bring it about?”  And because 7 represents the masculine MIND, represents the feminine FEELINGS, and 6 represents BALANCE, it appears that there is much potential this week for more inner clarity as to what WE, personally, can do to make the world a better place.

  Our evolution has been slowed down by covid, by never-ending social, racial, and economic injustices, and the terrifying Earth-changes (which we will be unable to withstand if we do not change our ways quickly). We have been slowed down by the political wars going on everywhere in the world. And then there are the military wars, which are extensions of the political wars – endless death and destruction, clashes of ideals and cultures, sexism, and heaps of other monstrous wrongs, all of which are slowly waking up the human WILL – our feminine energy – our ability to FEEL.

  The most basic aspect of the WILL is our survival instinct, which is activating our instinctive knowing (intuition), and all our senses. The WILL is our principal power (when it is free). It is the vital part of us that this cruel imbalanced system wants to render unconscious. 2 represents the WILL, and right now, the feminine Will is making a tremendous effort to will itself into its proper position of equality with the masculine MIND. Instead of just accepting male domination, she is fighting back in order to FREE herself. FREEING humanity’s WILL is the main objective of the 2020s. And that is why the power of women is steadily rising. It is also why the pushback against women is increasingly harsh.

  It is also important to recognize the indispensable role that black and brown women are playing in this evolutionary shift. There are many reasons for this, one of which is that they, more than most, understand the consequences of the great imbalance that we were “taught” was life. Their unique experience, input, and long-overdue repositioning is helping to facilitate the balance that is missing on Earth.

  7 is the learning number, and there’s a lot to learn this week about ourselves, others, and how limited we have been in understanding our true potential as human beings. And because we did not understand the magnitude of our ability as CREATORS, we became DESTROYERS instead.

  7 is the number of REFLECTION, and this week it is reflecting our reality back to us vividly. If our intent is to accept and deal with reality, then 7 will help us to do so.

  When REFLECTION is fused with EMPATHY, and when OPENNESS and HONESTY become “the way” instead of the barrier, we will have a chance to heal those misplaced feelings of superiority and snobbery (which are actually hate) and bring ourselves into balance with the rest of the planet.

  In order to heal, our emotions need understanding, acceptance, love, and outward expression, without harming ourselves or anyone else in the process. Emotional healing expands our capacity for empathy and caring, which are the key components of LOVE. Compassion is the healing balm of LOVE, and can prevent humanity from destroying itself . A change of HEART and a sense of urgency is where the healing begins.  Compassion is love of life…

“There is nothing as sure as a closed mind…” from the movie “Dean Spanley”

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