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WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 17

WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 17

WEEK 17 is an 8 WEEK (1+7=8). It runs from SATURDAY, APRIL 23rd to FRIDAY the 29th. WEEK 17 is the 5th week of a 7-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers are TEEN numbers and are therefore karmic in nature.

Karma is the learning of what we have been unable to learn – and must learn – in order to evolve. Karma represents the natural laws of cause-and-effect. We are likely to see large-scale karma at work in this 8 Week, because 8 is the number of investment. It returns to us what we put out into the world.

8 gives you what you want, according to your priorities. But knowing what you want – and which order to put those priorities in – is largely what this week is about. 17/8 teaches us how to combine one or more things of limited potential into something of greater value. This enables us to maintain balance by adjusting our priorities as needed.

8 represents POWER in all its forms, and the circumstances of WEEK 17 reveal the power that comes from ACCURATE UNDERSTANDING – which is one of the greatest powers we can possess. The old dying system of the male-driven 1000s maintains its power by keeping the population misinformed, and so, as we move further into the 2000s, we are being bombarded with disinformation, deception, and replacing the facts – with fiction. A confused population is easier to “steer” than a well-informed one.

Propaganda is a powerful and cruel weapon which can shape and alter our perception of reality. But that will change as we move more deeply into the 2000s because 2 is the number of both perception and transparency. The truth is in the details. But the illusion is in the way the details are presented and perceived.

Amid all the other wars and atrocities occurring in the world, it is the INFORMATION WAR that keeps it all going. We are moving from the corrupt INFORMATION AGE to the AGE OF TRUTH. The transformative decade of the 2020s is a hard road to travel – full of revelations and shocks. But of course, shock is inevitable when we consider where we are coming from – from out of denial.

2 represents FEELINGS and SENSITIVITY, and humanity is experiencing emotions on an accelerated and profound level. At the same time, 2 is helping us to develop the power of PATIENCE without which it will be impossible to evolve beyond the intolerance and impulsiveness of the 1000s. We wanted everything immediately. Instant gratification – at the click of a switch. We also wanted instant answers. But 2 is the number of DETAIL – and PATIENCE with detail. Therefore, we must allow adequate TIME to pass for the understanding to sink in.

TIME is a natural phenomenon, visible and measurable, by the duration of the seasons, the tides, sunrise, and sunset. Time is the very RHYTHM of Mother Nature. Remember that PATIENCE is one of the great powers of the 2 energy. Patience is the ACCEPTANCE of time.

1 and 7 emphasize the SELF. 8 emphasizes POWER.





8 is the RESULT you get from what you give.




The inner and outer power that WEEK 17 illustrates can help us stand up to hate and confront it with personal truth. If we don’t, hate will have a free reign to define and control us. 17/8 also shows us the ineffectiveness of passivity and indifference, (which many are mistaking for peacefulness). We have to assert our own power if we are to save ourselves from those who would take our power away. That is a major part of our evolution – actually BEING who we are inside.

“We will NOT let hate win.” ~ Mallory McMorrow

Hate is not an emotion. Hate is an infection OF the emotions caused by suppression – ill feelings – ill Will – the absence of love. But the tendency, even in the most loving hearts, is to hate hate – and that’s how the infection spreads. Hate thrives on hate and therefore needs you to hate it. That is our dilemma. When we equate justifiable anger with hate, it becomes frozen in guilt and cannot change or even understand the conditions that caused it.

The entire month of April 2022 is a 10/1 Month in a 6 Year:

April = 4



Throughout April, 10/1 clarifies what brought us to the point we are at. 8 gives us a more accurate understanding of why the current mayhem had to happen – because we have not yet learned how to prevent it.

 “Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.”  ~ Leo Buscaglia

The descent into fascism – nazi-ism – authoritarianism – is not new. It happens when those in positions of privilege feel threatened by an evolving population – male supremacy, white supremacy, wealth supremacy, and all the other ridiculous notions of superiority which use cruelty to control others. But cruelty is an extreme weakness of mind and heart, which, believe it or not, humanity is in the process of outgrowing. This evolution can be a painful experience – which we will get through. Meanwhile, unlearned lessons of the past keep dragging us backwards to show us what we must evolve FROM.

In this age of transparency, whatever is hidden will be revealed, whatever is false will meet the truth, and whatever is forced will meet resistance.

WEEK 17 creates a wave of curiosity which can help expand your awareness. Wherever you are seeking answers, or when certain aspects of a situation don’t make sense, don’t be tempted to rush things along to get a quick result. Go more deeply into the details and give yourself time to notice what you’ve been overlooking.

Fear is bound to arise as we move through the uncharted territory of the 2020s, so don’t be afraid to be afraid. Only by learning what needs to be feared – and what does not – can you develop the courage that will see you through this transformative energy.

The laws of cause-and-effect are simple. If you do something this way, this will happen. If you do something that way, that will happen. Understanding this natural law is the KEY to knowing how to deal with situations for which you have no previous experience. This may involve unnecessary guilt or confusion regarding your responsibilities or duties. This energy brings lessons about when to stay and when to leave; when to increase your involvement and when to withdraw it. We are learning to gauge how much of ourselves we are able to give to others while fully pursuing our own hopes, dreams, and interests.

What happens in WEEK 17 can help you to untangle yourself from a specific type of guilt which makes you feel responsible for circumstances that you could not have prevented or handled any differently.

This is a time of redefining your own existence – and living according to your own Free Will. This does not isolate you. It can include the most loving and caring relationships. 8 is the number of APPRECIATION, and only by understanding the value of what you already have can you recognize how gifted you actually are.

“What if you gave someone a gift, and they neglected to thank you for it – would you be likely to give them another? Life is the same way. In order to attract more of the blessings that life has to offer, you must truly appreciate what you already have.” – Ralph Marston


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