The Iran Agreement

Creative Numerology – The Iran Agreement: when an event affects us on a global or national scale, its impact sends out clusters of numbers which expose a specific theme, revealing how various aspects are connected.

2 was the most obvious number that jumped out as this historic agreement was announced, between Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, and other members of the UN Security Council.

We are in the 2000s – and 2 is the number of diplomacy, partnership, dealing with complex issues, tireless attention to detail, great patience, cooperation, partnership, teamwork, flexibility, and a deep desire for peace and harmony. 2 is the number of AGREEMENT.

2 brings new understanding about the power and purpose of time, relativity, and balance. 2 also slows us down so that we can see the reality of the matter instead of racing past the vital details. In order to change something, we must first understand it. We are in an 8 Global Year in 2015 (2+0+1+5=8), which emphasizes the power of accurate understanding.

Barack Obama was born on the 2 Destiny Path, and he is in a 2 Personal Year in 2015. He is in what I call a “Destiny Year”.

John Kerry was born on the 22/4 Destiny Path – (December 11, 1943 = 3+11+8=22/4).

He is also in a 22/4 “Destiny Year” in 2015. (December 11, 2015 = 3+11+8=22/4).

Kerry was born in an 8 year, and this April, he is in an 8 month. 22/4 is the number of the mover and shaker, the skillful negotiator, the architect and master builder. The mission of 22 is to improve conditions for the masses.

11 is the number of illumination, and is the most balanced form of 2. The only way to arrive at 2 is through two 1s. That is why people see the number 11 everywhere. It has been quite a phenomenon in the world since the end of the 1980s.

11 = nuclear energy – 1 split in 2. The splitting of the atom. This agreement is deeply symbolic of the choices open to us. We can destroy ourselves with ignorance of our own origins (the atom) – or we can strive to understand ourselves, and evolve beyond the tendency to self-destruct. We can have yet another war in the Middle East, or a nuclear arms race in the region, or we can take a different road entirely, as laid out so thoroughly in this agreement.

Communication is taking place in a way that informs rather than confuses. Facts are being explained in whole sentences and paragraphs, rather than the usual deflective sound-bites.

And then there is 8 – the number of POWER in the material world. 2015 is an 8 year in the world, and it is in an 8 year that humanity is most able to empower itself and free its Will – its feminine energy. 

The most balanced form of 8 comes from the master number 44 which, again, connects this event to Barack Obama. He was in an 8 personal day on April 2. It should also be noted that Barack Obama recently made similar strides in the direction of peace in Burma and Cuba.

8 gives power to correctly understood facts, enabling us to enhance life, not destroy it. Our endless wars have done a lot of damage throughout time, and humanity must find a way to stop its senseless fighting and heal – if we are to survive. The violence in the world is the manifestation of heartlessness. It is cruelty and hatred, given form. And those energies, as terrifying as they may be, must come to the surface if they are ever to leave this planet.

Nuclear power wasn’t the only form of power at issue in the Iran Agreement. A group of intelligent determined people decided to use their personal power to cooperate, work together, and persist, until they found that set of steps which would lift us out of this rut of endless war and suffering. This was a solid first step.

8 is the number of manifestation – making something happen – bringing something into being. 8 represents the material world – a world of atoms and nuclear energy. Iran will never have a nuclear weapon because it vowed to annihilate its neighbors, and there are still some who hold this vow dear, just as there are people in every country who do not want the old war-torn system to end.

At some point, the ONLY way forward is through forgiveness. Just knowing this can set in motion our intent to forgive, let go of the past, move with the times, the 2000s, and evolve into a more peaceful, loving, abundant, and satisfying way of life. Of course, we are nowhere near such a scenario, but on April 2, a firm step was taken which changed the course of humanity in that direction.

In many ways, 2015 is bringing us back to issues of the 1980s so that we can resolve them. The Iranian Hostage Crisis began in 1979, which was also an 8 year. And then came the decadent decade of the 80s – that’s when greed started to justify itself, and the philosophy that ‘greed is good’ became mainstream. 8 represents abundance, not greed. 8 does not cause greed. That is caused by our inability to feel satisfied. The more we have, the more we want.

52 American diplomats and citizens were taken hostage on 4 November, 1979, and the American Embassy in Tehran was taken over by a large group of Iranian students who were followers of the hardline Ayatollah Khomeini. That was a 5 day in the world (4+11+8=2+3=5).

The hostages were held for a total of 444 days, and those multiple 4s connect rather obviously to the 44th president of the USA. 5 fours = 20, which brings us back to the evolutionary, feminine, magnetic energy of the 2000s – and times have certainly changed.

5 is playing a very big role right now. 5 brings a merging of time – the past to the present and the present to the future. The karmic vibration of 5 comes from the number 14.

April 2, 2015 was a 14/5 day in Calendar Week 14. The karmic implications of 14/5 are greatly intensified because this number encapsulates the whole concept of karma – learning from mistakes, from success, from experience – learning as we go. Shock, sometimes pleasant, sometimes not, is also involved here because this vibration happens in spurts of sudden and unexpected activity. The depth and magnitude of this announcement was indeed unexpected.

14/5 reveals our inability to find kindred spirits, like-mindedness, or common ground because of our fear of those who are somehow ‘different’. It sometimes triggers a fear of the feelings of sex and orgasm, and produces unrealistic/idealized beliefs about love and romance. 14/5 brings to light an inner detachment in which recognition of one’s true self can be truly terrifying. We are experiencing this energy so that we can learn what it has to teach us, and evolve.

On April 2, 2015, we experienced real movement in time, instead of the repeated history we have become accustomed to. Real change. We finally learned something from history and took a different route. In the chaos of 5, we learn that there is no road to peace – there is only the road of peace.

The USA was born in 14/5 energy on July 4, 1776. (7+4+3=14/5). Freedom and change is her destiny. In 2015, the USA is in a karmic 19/1 National Year (7+4+8=19/10/1), which is ALSO the number of change, but of a different kind. Changes that occur in 1 are a matter of step-by-step progress. The changes that occur in 5 are sudden and unforeseen, and are often the result of several of 1’s changes all happening at the same time.

It took 19 rounds of negotiation in 18 months to reach this agreement. That level of resolve, patience, and optimism is what it takes. (There are links to information on the 19/10/1 and 14/5 karmic energy at the end of this page. Also to an article of the power of 8).

5 helps us to create change – 14 points out what is preventing us from doing so, and we can appear most incompetent until we do – and dangerously so. That is why trains are blowing up all over the place, planes are crashing, ships are sinking, pipelines are leaking, as negligence and greed combine. This karmic number exposes our deep-rooted fear of discovering our own hearts, our center, our authentic selves, and what we are really ‘made of’ inside. And because we do not fully trust ourselves, our fear of “others” is automatic.

Of course, we are programmed to believe that fear is a weakness and therefore deny our fears to a large extent. But denied fear is what makes a bully a bully; denied fear morphs into terror; and terrorism is the act of transferring one’s own fears onto others. However, the bully is easily identified now that we have moved into the transparency of the 2000s, and is being exposed accordingly. Bullies are so afraid of being seen to be afraid. Fear is a natural emotion. It is not the problem. Our misunderstanding and subsequent repression of fear is the problem. We have to face our fears and use our intelligence (knowledge) to solve the difficulties we encounter. By not facing our fears, we push this natural emotion into the oblivion of denial. Then fear’s magnetic energy attracts and draws the very thing we fear until we are forced to face it. There is much denial in focusing only on upliftment and ‘feeling good’.

For as long as we mechanically repeat the messages we received from old outdated programming, we cannot progress; we can only go around and around in the same old rut that we’ve been forever digging. “That’s life”, we tell ourselves, and sure enough, there we go on another spin around the karmic wheel.

Well, that wheel got a jolt on April 2 because a group of people got together, determined to release us from that old programming that never ever worked, and develop a real thought process towards freeing the world, not controlling it. On that day, we moved. Progress was made. And yet, as big as this event is, it is only the first step towards healing the damage that humanity inflicted on itself because we could not face the feelings that facing reality would inevitably create.

That’s what 14 is all about: learning from our mistakes and habits, and using what we’ve learned to change our behavior, and thus our direction. 14 teaches us how to learn. It teaches us to be patient with our perceptions and give our feelings and thoughts the time they need to develop fully. As Einstein so famously said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” Humanity is indeed moving to a different level of thinking – because we are feeling more deeply.

14 leaves us standing there, looking at the wild, exhilarating, and frightening unpredictability of life. That’s where we are. Coming out of the darkness of denial and seeing not only how cruel and senseless life on Earth is, but also actual solutions and workable strategies for change – based on the value we place on ourselves and each other.

The agreement of April 2 has yet to be formalized. The expected date for its completion is 30 June, 2015, which is the last day of a 14/5 month. It is an 8 day in an 8 year.

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