WEEK 33, 2019

Week 33 runs from August 13 to 19.  33 is the most balanced form of 6, and 6 represents balance itself – through equality and fairness. And, whenever BALANCE is involved, so are ‘EXTREMES’. 

This is a week of contradiction, deep insight, and the sharp adjustments that balance requires. 6 represents responsibility which often entails being held responsible for something – taking responsibility for something – or demanding to know who is responsible. The Master Number 33 reminds us that without justice, there can be no peace.

33/6 represents communication, education, community, problem-solving, healing, and generally making things better – on a very large scale. It represents the master healer, caregiver, communicator, educator, and community leader. It teaches us about the power of friendliness and caring. 33 decreases the need to control and manipulate – and helps us to stand up to those who do.

We all have lessons to learn this week about peace, division, family, reconciliation, forgiveness, and the healing of our broken hearts. Courage comes from the heart, and humanity cannot evolve while it is so heartless – and therefore, helpless.

As with all numbers, 33 has its own ‘shadow-side’ which brings out the urge to ‘take over’, go beyond established law, normalize oppression – and act deliberately against the Will of others. 33/6 is one of the principle energies behind the cruelty of dictatorship, patriarchy, and misogyny. 33/6 typifies the authoritarian and tyrant. And because 6 represents justice, some extreme flaws in the judicial system itself may emerge this week.

This hostile form of 33/6 enables individuals to grab us by the emotional heartstrings, and beat us up while telling us how amazing they are and how much we should thank them. With so much fear, anger, and desperation expressing itself in the world, we are becoming more aware of our own and other people’s obsessions – those things we cannot let go, including old beliefs which the system programmed into us.

Old buried feelings need to be soothed and allowed to heal. But when they are held in, squeezed down, and not allowed to move, they clog up our natural lines of communication. Much will be expressed this week, some of which may burst out dangerously, and some of which may open minds, and soothe hearts.

Recognize just how widespread this is.  It is happening EVERYWHERE on this abused, defiled, beaten up, and constantly raped planet. However, Mother Earth is the embodiment of feminine energy – and as she rises to defend herself – so does our own emotional charge.

The sheer terror of being made obsolete or ‘replaced’ has knocked the old system off its axis and they must bring this uprising down at ALL costs. They will do a lot of damage. We know that – and it’s terrifying. As we resist them – they resist change. 

Ego-mania or narcissism is based on the unmoving belief that everything revolves around “ME, ME, ME”. It comes from undeveloped 1 energy which cannot accept change – even though 1 is the number of change. It is accustomed to being #1, and therefore, FIRST. But time has moved beyond 1. Now, 2 is showing us that power must be shared.  2 does not wish to control. It wishes to be EQUAL – through love and caring – and bringing balance into this chaotic imbalance. 1 is also the number of SELF – and this old 1 energy is extremely SELFISH – terrified of losing its ‘position’ in the human RACE. 

In a race, position is everything. The human journey is not a “RACE”, but that’s what this system of division has turned it into, and this is where racism originates, in all its forms. I mention this a lot because it’s such an important aspect to grasp if we are to understand our own identity as a species. We are NOT the human ‘race’. A race is a contest, and a contest sets people against each other. 

We are free evolving beings who have been so disempowered by the judgments of the class system that we are unable to recognize or imagine our higher potential. The system must be transformed so that government’s role is clearly defined as providing the balance, fairness, and justice in which ALL people can, in safety, discover and become their higher selves. 

The 2000s take us from the age of “ME” to the age of “WE”. An age in which competition is replaced by COOPERATION and PARTNERSHIP, not just between people, but between ALL life-forms on Earth. The cruelty must end. In the 2 energy, progress is made by working together

As we move from the 1000s to the 2000s, we will remain ‘stuck’ until we learn what 1 has to teach, much of which involves our sense of SELF and the true purpose of EGO. 1 is the number of the INDIVIDUAL. The fact that Donald Trump was named “INDIVIDUAL #1” in the Mueller Report, was indeed a vivid reflection of SELF-ABSORPTION – which is an unavoidable effect of a system that runs on greed, male dominance, and the absurdity of white supremacy.

The reality of what’s happening on Earth is often unbearable to look at because it sends our entire emotional range into a spin. And when we spin something, we are denying something. Denial of reality is the problem. And denial is what many governments are running on right now. 

This week, China’s grip on Hong Kong is getting more violent. Italy’s right-wing premier, Matteo Salvini, is calling for a snap election which would open the door to lead Italy out of the European UNION. What’s happening in the UNITED States is being mirrored in the UNITED Kingdom.  I capitalized the words ‘united’ and ‘union’ because 2 is the number of UNITY. But the foremost tactic of the old system is DIVIDE AND CONQUER, and it cannot function when people are united. That’s why governments are often against workers unions and organized opposition. 

We have to know what needs to change, and then WILL it into being.  Resistance is a function of the WILL. The Will is our feminine energy, which includes our emotions, senses, and instincts. THAT is the power within us that these governments are so afraid of, and must suppress. 

We have to create our way out of the messes we are in. 3 represents people, population, communication, optimism, social matters, social-media, words, images, hearsay, gossip, appearances, the stage, the staging of events, humor, friendliness, entertainment, shallowness, spite, kidnapping, blackmail, and, for better or worse, the art of influencing the masses.  

3 3 3 3 energy also emerges now because Week 33 is the 4th week in a 10-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 3. And, of course,  2019 is a 3 Year.

Quadruple 3  adds up to 12, which adds up to 3.

One of 3’s magical qualities is its ability to SPREAD.

Add the 5th 3 to 12 and you have 15, which gives you 6.

Add another 3 and you’ve got 18 = 9.

Add 3 to 18, and you’ve got 21, and yes, you’re back to 3 again – and so on…

In WEEK 33, the 3 6 9 sequence is helping all kinds of things to spread (good and bad alike). 

FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 2019, is a 27/9 day in this 33/6 week – the combination of which can help us to see things more clearly. 9 is the number of increased awareness. Both 2 and 7 relate to the power of INTUITION which comes from the sensitivity of feminine 2 making contact with intellectual masculine 7.  In the 27 vibration, MIND and EMOTION find agreement – which brings inner balance. Who knows what will trigger this, but with 3 6 9 vibrating this week, with its nature of survival, continuance, and honest self-expression, a huge opening of hearts and minds is possible. This is the 228th day of the year which gives us (12) 3. This is a time of  BIG ideas and finding ways to implement them.


is the square root of (3 x 3). This week’s concentration of is enhancing our ability to communicate – from our feelings and not just what has been programmed into our minds. It’s likely to get very loud. The world as we know it is falling down around us and people everywhere are suffering – some much more than others. is perhaps the most emotional of all the numbers – the number of endings, conclusions, upheavals, deep feelings, and new potential coming out of the old. helps us to LET GO in order to move on.

helps things SPREAD, such as  rumor, disease, and outrage, as well as enthusiasm, kindness, and joy.  3 6 9, gives us the ability to KEEP GOING. We can accomplish a lot this week if we remember that the unbearable conditions we find ourselves in now – are what we are evolving from.

ANNIVERSARIES HAVE POWER – if we learn from them

In 1961, 58 years ago this week, and 16 years after the end of WW2 in 1945, the building of the BERLIN WALL began in order to separate Europe. The BERLIN WALL was the physical barrier, while the IRON CURTAIN was the non-physical barrier of the COLD WAR. 1961 was an 8 Year and is connected to present-time through the concentration of 8 energy that exists in August . Separation through WALLS has never worked – not even the Great Wall of China.

So, yes, we are still learning about the consequences of separating people, and the devastating long-term effects of occupation all over the world, the curtailing of freedom, the futility of war, and the splitting of families and communities for the sake of racial and regional “purity”, or collective punishment.

This concentration of 3 produces a visible historical connection which takes us back to the rise of nazi Germany in the 1930s. Fascism is not mere political ideology. Fascism, nationalism, authoritarianism, nazi-ism, call it what you will, is total control of the people by government, and the extermination of those they do not like. Genocide.

We are experiencing the ‘winner-takes-all’ corporatization of government, cloaked by vague promises of “freedom” and “great” times ahead, along with a flood of CONSPIRACY THEORIES to keep the population emotionally ‘charged’ and confused as to what the truth is. “Divide and conquer” in the extreme. Mind control.

Over the years, I have written many times about the dangers of the multi-billion-dollar ‘CONSPIRACY THEORY INDUSTRY’ – the great propaganda machine. And because 3 represents all forms of communication, it is vital that we stay aware of its power to influence.

Fascism will be resisted. It is always broken in the end. But knowing the true nature of what we are up against is paramount at this time. We can learn a lot from people who have resisted this energy in other countries, but because times have changed, we also have to learn as we go.

Meanwhile, the old system is cracking down hard on the human WILL – emotional energy – the feminine principles of life – which all men and women possess, just as all men and women possess the masculine energy of mind – spirit – light. But when light has no love in it, the world has a major crisis on its hands. 

6 is the number of FAMILY and LOVE, and reminds us that humanity is one species – one FAMILY – made up of diverse individuals. Life IS diversity.

If the entire system collapsed, we would have to start again – from the rubble – and we would then have to make the same old tortured journey all over again. But as problem-solving 33 implies, the system does not have to collapse if we use our evolving intelligence to TRANSFORM it – on the basis of BALANCE and PEACE.  

2 thrives on cooperation not competition. And 3 operates with friendliness, not aggression. That is the balance point we have an opportunity to arrive at this week, if only in a simple preliminary way. The individual has power that we seldom use. 1 individual can indeed make a difference. And masses of individuals UNITED in a specific cause can make a massive difference.

As 33 helps us to put what we’re feeling into words in a way that we ourselves can understand, there is an emphasis on sending and receiving important MESSAGES. Feelings are running very deep, and our intuition is awake. Don’t let the need for ‘certainty’ shut it down. Remember that your feelings are MESSAGES you send to yourself – and that every feeling, emotion, instinct, and urge, is teeming with information about the reality of your situation.

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  1. Tamara

    I enjoy reading your posts. But a correction seems important: the bombing of Nagasaki was performed on August 9, 1945, NOT August 8.


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