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October 10, 2020, not only contains the current day, month, and year, but also the energies of the decade of the 20s, and the millennium of the 2000s. And because the previous decade and millennium (the 10s and the 1000s) are also represented, this appears to be a transitional day – another switch-point in time – with a specific purpose in humanity’s evolutionary journey.

However, we may not be able to understand those specifics until we have actually experienced the energy. Every date is unique, but this one has a powerful pattern and tone to it – including the fact that it is occurring in a 5 week, in a 5 Month (double-5 – 55).

October: 10 = 1

Year: 2020 = 4

Month: 14=5

Week: 41=5

5 is the number of freedom, unexpected development, and sudden change.

At this critical time in the human journey, there is SO much to learn from the numbers. After all, it is a journey in the flow of time – and time is made of numbers. A year is a segment of time, and this one, 2020, has gained the reputation of the worst year ever. But the same was said about 2019, and 2018, and all the way back to 2001. They have all been increasingly tough years, and 2020 is where we have a chance to change the way we live, to survive, to learn, and evolve into much better versions of ourselves.

Right now, we are stuck in time. We’re not moving. And it’s painful. But we cannot move forward by scrambling to get life back to the way it was. That cruel depraved world is what we are evolving FROM. We cannot move ahead by pulling ourselves backwards. Only when 1’s lessons are learned, can we leave the toxic masculine age behind in the past where it belongs, and move into the enormous potential of present time.

We are in the feminine 2000s now, and all this madness and mayhem is the result of humanity refusing to change from 1 to 2, from dominance to equality, from cruelty to kindness, from hate to love.

Dealing with change is what both 1 and 5 are about. But there is a difference between them. 5 brings change suddenly, while 1 brings change through gradual 1-step-at-a-time progress. Sometimes, the jolt that 5 produces is the result of all the small changes made in 1 – finally connecting at the same time. This creates situations that have been long in the works, but because we could not look at reality, we could not see it coming and are therefore unprepared. 

10 often brings matters to fruition that were once considered impossible or ‘before their time’. 55 forces 1 to let go of what it is clinging to, so that energy can flow freely, and life’s greater potentials can be recognized.

55/10/1 can bring true innovation as it breaks through old barriers to create something unique, original, functional, and lasting. It can also produce the opposite effect, which is standstill and stagnation. Another opposite would be total chaos.

1 is the number of the SELF, THE INDIVIDUAL, and we are learning major lessons about SELFISHNESS and the role of EGO. This is why Donald Trump is front and center on the world stage. He is even known as “INDIVIDUAL 1”.  There is nothing wrong with ego – unless it is inflated and out of balance. Then it becomes EGOMANIA, narcissism, cruelty, and the need to deflate the egos of others. Ego is our sense of who we are. Some of the most inflated egos on Earth have surfaced to somehow prevent our advancement into the 2000s. They are a reflection of humanity’s insanity.

2 is emotional energy – feminine energy. Magnetism. Gravity. Urge. Sensation. Honesty. Response to experience. 2 represents the WILL of life. And each of us has WILL energy that needs to be free. 2020 is pushing us, emotionally, slapping us awake with jolt after jolt, so we can finally recognize our own WILL – the feminine within us all – our ability to FEEL.

The magnetic feminine Will is EQUALLY as complex and powerful as the electrical masculine Mind – and in this electromagnetic world, they must learn about the power of partnership and cooperation.

2 is the number of connection, and each 1 of us has to make that inner connection to experience true inner balance. It is not something we can be taught. 1 represents your uniqueness, and you will find your own way to inner-connect. That’s the point. Originality! FREE WILL!

So, yes, it’s an interesting day we have here on 10 10 20 20, in the 5th week of a 5 month. I wonder how we will respond to it.

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9 thoughts on “10 10 20 20

  1. Kellye

    If some one wishes expert view concerning running a blog then i recommend him/her to pay a quick visit this website,
    Keep up the pleasant work.

  2. Em

    Thank you Christine, once again, for providing an insightful frame for this moment in time. Despite all the personal and national changes in the air the big one is CLIMATE CHANGE. Today we watched the amazing international 5+hour live TED Event, “COUNTDOWN to a better future.” Hard to imagine anyone who watched could walk away without an understanding of both the urgency to act and the possibilities present in this critical moment; and fail to link climate issues with justice, equity, the sacred, the common good, individual brilliance, cooperation, wellbeing and peace. There are other climate countdown events as well today. Yes, feels like a pivotal day in planetary history. I feel hopeful, (and reservedly optimistic).

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      The healing of the natural world is imperative to our survival, since it is she who gives us life, and sustains us in every way. A big problem lies with people wanting to get things back to the way they were. That’s the wrong direction. I believe we will get where we need to be, but this evolution will not be easy. Thankfully, there are some brilliant people out there shining their light… Thanks EM.

  3. Soraya


    Since I got the chance to read your book i had many insights to drive me to a better place.

    This article is arriving in my confusing mind in my birthday (oct 9) and it is a perfect gift.

    Thank you so much.

  4. Naulene

    Dear Christine,

    Thank you for your guidance.

    I’m quite excited. The themes you describe for 10 10 20 20 are building inside me as Arundhati Roy is quoted “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

    Warmth, Naulene


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