2020 is not to blame for what is happening in the world. 2020 is a time-track which emits the distinct vibration that we are currently moving through. 2020 is 4 energy. Restrictive. Big into detail – and because this 4 Year is made of two 2s, (which gives us the power of PATIENCE with which to look at the details), we are seeing reality more clearly than ever.

4 looks for fault so that it can keep things in order. 4 enables us to organize. 4 provides us with great determination – which needs a meaningful goal to focus on. With hard work and dedication, 4 brings breakthrough and success. Retrospective 2020 was always the right time for humanity’s transformation to reach a new level – and finally get underway.

“20/20 Hindsight” means looking not only at the effect that we are currently dealing with, but also, and most importantly, what caused it. To find our way forward, we have to be aware of past mistakes so that we don’t repeat them.

4 is the number of correctness and accuracy. Never before has humanity been so consistently and relentlessly bombarded with lies, head-games, heart-games, and all kinds of verbal and visual tricks. The old system is now fighting off persistent 4 which does not let us get away with deliberate distortion of the truth. The old system RUNS on the big lie that it’s “us against them”. The old system is one BIG competition, a contest, a RACE, the “human race” – the only species that is at war with itself. Our species is NOT the human race. The human race is this self-destructive racist SYSTEM in which we are all trapped. 

How noisy it all is right now as September’s 9 energy doubles the intensity of this 4 Year. Add 9 to 4, and you get karmic 13. Add 1 to 3, and you’re back to 4.

Karmic 13 means that there are vital lessons to learn from what’s happening in 2020 – lessons about Covid-19, systemic racism, justice and balance, economics, the natural world and how we are affecting it, and so much more. Therefore, we need to examine the details carefully, or we could get caught up in the great slew of conspiracy theories that present themselves as truth.

There’s big money to be made in capturing the attention of great swaths of the population. And there is no difference between capturing our attention – and capturing our hearts and minds. The conspiracy theory industry thrives on our need to be entertained, and have other people think for us. This prevents us from seeing the actual conspiracies – and atrocities – that are everywhere out there. Propaganda is one of fascism’s most valuable tools.

2020 is a switch-point in time that will help us evolve from will-less subjects of this self-destructive system, to purposeful BE-ings determined to free ourselves and each other. We are in the process of freeing our collective and personal Wills. The Will is our feminine energy, magnetism, gravity, emotions, urges, sensations, and instincts. That part of us, the Will, has always been kept tightly under control. So, in a world that unfolds according to the laws of cause and effect, what’s happening on Earth now is INEVITABLE. As the Will starts to free itself, the pushback from the old system is more desperate, more forceful, and more senseless.

I’m writing this on the evening of September 18, 2020, which is a 22/4 day in the world, (9+9+4=22/4) accentuated by the two 2s in 2020, which brings a 44 vibration into the numeric mix.

RUTH BADER GINSBERG died on this day. What a truly astonishing woman. To me, she was a beacon of feminine energy, intent on freeing the human Will. The name RUTH adds up to 22 (9+3+2+8=22/4). She was born JOAN RUTH BADER, a name that adds up to 44/8. She fought a good fight. If 2020 is teaching us anything, it’s that now is the time to pick up where she and other amazing human beings left off. A collective effort is needed when 22 is active. 2 is the number of partnership, cooperation, and consideration. 22 brings these qualities to global proportions. 2020 is shocking us awake – because we really do need to be awake right now.

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16 thoughts on “2020 HINDSIGHT

  1. Wolf

    It’s been so long I have forgotten how long I’ve been following your teachings. Anchored is the proper word. My late sister got me into this, and it’s been a blueprint for my life. Being heavily into astrology and numerology, I am a Leo, Scorpio rising, and in numerology I am a 1. My name is a 1. This year is a 3. My problem is, being Scots and Native American, I see things. I have seen these things coming since early 2015. 95% has been right.
    Even Covid. This is a trying time for all of us. I pray for us all.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      It certainly is a trying time, Wolf. It is important to remember that this precise time in the human journey is when the human Will must heal and rescue itself. We must learn as we go and discover how. That’s what the 5 energy is all about. We are all in a 5 Global Month in October, and a 5 Global Year in 2021. I am so pleased to know you have found some guidance from this work. Thank you.

  2. Damien Adie

    I have been reading your messages for just over a year now I think. The only thing that puts my own struggle into perspective is that this has been parallel to world events and I’m not the only one. Everyone is feeling something now. We all try to play it off in different ways, unless in our evolution we begin to look and question why these things are happening, what can we learn from them, and where to go next, this could be progress or stagnation. I’m saying this is because I feel something too big coming and I don’t know what it is. Perhaps It’s an opportunity to evolve, to transform, to grow out of the hardships and difficulties that have come, come to pass and are coming regardless. As we evolve and grow wiser and stronger, we can become more capable to address these world issues, which are our own issues enlarged. Thank you for your wisdom and insight, I’ve found this to be a good guide and beacon of light where I’m not feeling an abundance of it all around, there are some very strong shining figures which do a lot of good, you are one of them. When I read your writings I feel as though I am being briefed on a particular aspect of this life process which is not really available in a lot of places, I feel as though I am part of it and that what I do is important. So thanks for that. You are important.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      You sum it all up so well, Damian. I would say that’s exactly where we are, and we need to be increasingly open to it. That’s what Free Will is. Ever increasing openness. Developing your sense of personal involvement is such a vital part of the process. Thank you for such encouraging words.

  3. Laura Rose Gatley

    Your insights help keep us all anchored in the Truth, with knowledge to spur us on. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

  4. Jenn McLeod

    I just wanted to say Thank You for your writing and that I am grateful a friend suggested your page to me. I hope everything in your life is going with ease and love.
    Thank you again.?

  5. Kitty Hatcher

    Thank you for your wonderful, insightful articles.
    I just made a donation because I think you help a lot of people.
    I am an astrologer and my birthday add up to a 22 so this article was especially interesting to me.
    Many Blessings

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Kitty, I did receive your very generous donation. Thank you so much.

      I think the emphasis on 22 is going last for at least another 27 months – until the end of 2022 perhaps. We have LOT to learn from that number.

      Thank you again, Kitty.

  6. Katherine

    This was such a powerful article and so timely.
    Considering I’m born on April 13, and I’m a number 4, this talks to me even more. And yes, 2020 for me, with all the 4s, it’s been an incredibly restrictive year. Thank goodness I’m in a 3 years to help soften the blows.

    We must wake up, change paradigm with the economy and the environment.

    Thank you.


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