2019 (Part 1) ~ WILL POWER

2019The numeric setup for 2019 is one of the most complex and unpredictable I have ever seen. Therefore, this article will come in two parts. This article is not a prediction. It is a description – of the energies we are moving through as we approach 2020 and the decade of the 20s.

2 is magnetic energy – and the pace of life on Earth is likely to grow even more intense as the 22 energy of 2020 continues to draw us to it. The Will of the people all over the world is rising up to  free itself, while old governmental and industrial entities fight hard to maintain their control over the people, and over Mother Earth and her resources.

The transparency of the feminine 2000s is opening everything up so that we can SEE what’s happening. And here we are – at this precise time in the human journey – having to make a vital choice:

(1) we can fall back into the primitive tactics and patterns that brought us to where we are – and perish.

(2) we can move with the times – and evolve.

2019 is a 3 Year in the world (2+0+1+9=3), and 3’s creative vibrations can help us understand HOW to create a better way to exist.

As the male-driven 1000s collide with the feminine 2000s, we are living in two different segments of time simultaneously. This emotional turbulence has increased human awareness significantly. The ‘old powers’ must concede that its time is up and move to its right place – in the past. However, as Frederick Douglass put it,  “Power concedes nothing without a demand” — and the demands of the world’s ‘strongmen’ and dictators are likely to be harsh indeed. Buckle up!

There is an important need for government – but not the corrupt and feelingless entities that currently control everything. An evolved government must be able to hold everything in balance so that the people are free to discover our true potential as a species. It must be based on compassion, wellbeing, and justice.

We are not here to be enslaved to some industry or other. Industry has its place in life, but industry is not life itself. Multi-national companies are not loyal to their country of origin. They are loyal to their bottom-line and are too engrossed in competition to have concern for the people – or the animals – or the environment. In the 2000s, the focus must change from competition to cooperation.

The natural power of people has been cruelly subdued. The scope of the old system is so limited that we are born as ‘units of labor’, some of which are more valuable to the system than others. The class system runs on a false sense of superiority, which supports the false premise of male dominance, white supremacy, and all forms of prejudice.

Hold fast to dreams. For if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. ~Langston Hughes

3 emphasizes the power of communication, entertainment, the arts, outer appearances, illusion, beauty, friends and friendliness, happiness, optimism, making the best of what you’ve got, continuity, survival, and the ability to thrive. We are about to discover a lot about ourselves, and what we are capable of.

3 is showing us the extent to which COMMUNICATION is used to control us. Communication is not an industry. It is an essential lifeforce, like food, water, and the air we breathe.

It is difficult to remain optimistic as the system continues to collapse, but without hope, we have nothing to hold onto when the going gets tough. And we all know it’s going to get tougher before it gets better. What will happen, will happen, including disasters and atrocities which will shake us and wake us. There will also be major breakthroughs in areas that contribute to the freeing of the Will. 3 can make us very critical though, and new ideas should be approached with an open mind and patience with detail.

The natural world can benefit from this, too. When the Will is genuinely free, empathy and kindness are its nature. The Will is made of feminine energy – emotions, feelings, urges, impulses, and LOVE. This does not mean that life will change from a patriarchy to a matriarchy. On the contrary, feminine energy seeks BALANCE, not control. This is why EQUALITY, at all levels, is so vital now.

Nothing is quite as it seems when the 3 energy is as concentrated as it is in 2019 – made more powerful by the 3 energy of the 21st century (2+1=3).  3 is the number of illusion. This is not new to us. We have been living in illusionary vibrations all along, and we thought it was reality. But the further we move into the realism and transparency of the 2000s, this hideous ‘reality show’ can be seen for what it is – and much more will be uncovered as the year unfolds.

3 is the number of people, population, and all things ‘popular’, including music and the arts. The old system depends on illusion and deception, not only to hide its cruelty – but primarily to maintain control of the people’s true potential – our natural power to create what we desire – and BECOME who we really are inside. We must learn to do this without harming ourselves or others – and without destroying the living, breathing, conscious, feeling, physical world, that enables our existence in physical form.

Mother Earth provides EVERYTHING we need, if only we could learn how to use her natural resources in a sustaining, not depleting, way. There is nothing more urgent in the world today than the effects of Climate Change – which the system has created but denies.

The 3 energy of 2019 is so close to the turning point of 2020, that it’s opening us up to new creative experiences, even if we believe we are already creative – or believe we don’t have a creative bone in our body. We have to get INVENTIVE. Humanity’s evolution is very much a case of REINVENTING ourselves – by BEING ourselves – and not what the old system tells us we should be.

The pull towards authoritarianism which is gripping the world is not a take-over of the system. It IS the system, at its worst. The entire system has to be transformed. We cannot change anything until we know what needs changing. Even if you are already deeply aware, the vibrations of 2019 will take you even deeper. 3 represents PETTINESS and SHALLOWNESS on the one hand, and INTELLIGENCE and DEPTH on the other.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for.”~ Alice Walker

No one is coming to rescue us – because the part of humanity that is evolving IS the human Will. As we move from the masculine 1000s to the feminine 2000s, we are learning the lessons of 1 and 2 simultaneously and, by simple inclusion, we are also learning about 3.

2019 is the most intricate 3 Year we have experienced to date, because it is the final year of the decade of the 10s. And 10 brings fundamental change. The chaos of life on Earth at this time is the result of a great inner imbalance in our electromagnetic nature. To achieve balance, masculine electricity and feminine magnetism must retain their different potentials, in a state of EQUALITY.

The rut we have fallen into is depicted by karmic 19, which means that the 19 in 2019 is particularly relevant. 1+9 = 10. (I will be writing about karmic 19 in a separate article). 

It is often at the very end of a long-term cycle that we have the most to learn from it, so now, in the 10th year of this 10 Decade, there is much to learn about the most basic number – 1 – the first number, the nucleus of all the other numbers, the number of the atom, beginnings, origins, and originality. Therefore, matters of nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and nuclear waste, are cause for great concern in the current global atmosphere.

If we are to move into the 2000s without destroying ourselves, we must understand WHY our journey through the 1000s has resulted in such turmoil. To begin with, the cruelty and unfairness of that system broke our hearts, broke our Will, and broke all its promises of a better world. And yet our Hearts and Wills are healing – which shows how powerful human beings actually are.

There are only 9 numbers in existence. Every number beyond 9 is a variation of the original 9 – even the Master Numbers. The natural path for 10 brings things to the ‘next level’, where we start again at 1 (1+0=1) – with the advantage of knowledge accumulated from all the other numbers.

10 is also the basis of the binary code on which our computerized lives are based. However, this code is so simple that we have started to think in binary terms. The more ‘user friendly’ technology becomes, the less we have to think at all. Binary thinking is based on a limited understanding of 1 and 2, i.e. that we only have 2 choices in any situation:

One extreme or the other.

This or that.

On or off.

For or against.

Us or them.

Black or white.

Love or hate.

My way or the highway.

Binary thinking reduces our choice to only two theoretical opposites. This leaves no room for detail, discovery, or expansion by combining ideas. Binary thinking simplifies everything to the extent that words no longer hold their true meaning.

Binary thinking focuses only on what is present. It cannot perceive what ‘could be’. Binary thinking lets us believe we are being creative when, in fact, we are trying to create situations in which everything happens ‘as expected’, unaware that this is stagnation. Our computers are only as advanced as what is programmed into them – by human beings!

3 represents communication, and the combination of numbers at play this year send strong warnings about the importance of language and how words are used to deceive and manipulate — and how truthful words can be twisted and misrepresented. 3 is the number of the arts and the stage – and how artfully things can be staged.

1 is the starting point. 1 is the ‘seed’, masculine energy, the individual, the SELF. It teaches us that we must love ourselves in order to know the depth at which we can love others. Self love is self respect. A common term today is SELF CARE, which suggests that we have actually learned something about 1, the number of SELF, and 2, the number of CARING. Caring is an essential power that we all need to develop if we are to change this uncaring world.

And because 10 contains the lessons of all the numbers preceding it, learning from previous experience is a central part of the 10 vibration. Right now, it is strengthening humanity’s ability to save itself from a total loss of Will. It is helping us to resist the horrors of fascism and stand strong in this tug of war between the past and present. Time moves forward.

There is also much to learn from the ZERO in 10.

0 is sometimes a number – but always an essential numeric function that enables numbers to move, expand, and retract. Without 0, there is no growth, no movement, and no life. 0 is the opening through which all life emerges and flows. We all passed through such an opening when we were born.

Although 0 has no number value by itself, it impacts and develops the basic 9 numbers, depending on where it is placed. For example, if you add 0 to 18, you have 108 – or 180. But if 0 precedes the number – as in 018 – ‘nothing’ happens – and you still have 18. Yes, 0 also means ‘nothing’.

After the basic 9 numbers, 10 takes us back to 1. (1+0=1), but at a new and evolved level.  0 is pure potential. Numbers are the framework of time, and 0 ensures that time does not run out.

There are two 0s in 2020 – which could turn out to be a crescendo that lasts all the way through to 2022. It also seems that the phenomenal 11:11 vibration is evolving into its higher form now, which is 22 – corresponding to the two 2s in 2020.

Only the WILL of the people can bring about the evolution of the people. We start by being honest with ourselves about what we are feeling. Our feelings ARE the Will. And the natural function of a feeling is to express itself outwardly. We must learn to do this without causing harm.

As our senses and feelings continue to wake, there is an increased effort to understand our emotions – instead of blindly shutting them down before they can complete themselves. As a result, human awareness is expanding in all directions. And yet, there is always so much more to learn. As evolving beings, the learning does not end.

Once you accept that something simply cannot continue as it is and make a commitment to change it, you develop your freedom to think, feel, and decide, everything for yourself. This gives consciousness to your imagination which, in turn, generates new ideas and solutions.

Humanity is evolving, but we are still figuring out where we want to go and how to get there. We must be patient with our progress, and very patient when it comes to detail and determining the truth. 1 reminds us that “action speaks louder than words”, and 2 teaches us about the power of PATIENCE and the importance of DETAIL.

Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.  ~Pablo Picasso

3 is the number of communication – the fountain from which all creativity flows. But it is in very destructive hands right now. Communication is being used to distort, deceive, and distract the population by manipulating our desire to be entertained. Entertainment is a wonderful thing and can be very healing as we make our way through this chaos. Life would be dismal without it. But our obsession with other people’s stories – instead of creating our own – has morphed into something sinister and dangerous. “Reality TV” has come to life in the real world. Life is scripted, choreographed, staged. The fiction of Orwell turned out to be fact. “Up is down. War is peace”. 

This is mind control on a global level. There are likely to be even greater attempts this year to stifle our ability to express ourselves openly.  

Those at the top of the old system can feel themselves sinking into the past and are becoming more desperate by the day. So, they grab onto whatever they can find to keep them afloat, relevant, and in control. But they are not in control. They are utterly OUT of control – and do not have the mental capacity to understand the gravity of the lessons they refuse to learn.

It’s important to stay aware of the communications we take into our hearts and minds, as well as what we communicate outwardly. Words matter. Accuracy matters. Truth matters. Honesty matters. 3 is a light, happy, creative energy, and these are indeed vital parts of its character. But 3 is also a river of ever-flowing communication – shallow at the edges and deep in the middle. No doubt we’ll be weaving in and out of 3’s shallows and depths a lot this year.

“Divide and Conquer.” ~ Julius Caesar

3 is the number of friendship and friendliness. It is also the number of enemies and animosity. We are already seeing the reemergence of old hostilities between nuclear-armed India and nuclear-armed Pakistan – which were once one country before Britain used the tactic of divide and conquer. There is also much concern about the consequences of Brexit as far as Ireland and Northern Ireland are concerned. They too used to be one country until divided in the same way – by the same empire. The Israeli occupation of Palestine has become more blatant and deadly than ever. And around the world, the old wars rage or smolder on. The divide and conquer era of EMPIRE is winding down – and yet here we are again as the old political system continues to divide the population with the same old arguments. The suffering is often too intense to comprehend. Humanity is ONE species – and the only species that is at war with itself. THAT is what we must evolve beyond. Some truly inventive thinking is needed here.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.  ~Buckminster Fuller.

We are transitioning from the masculine 1000s to the feminine 2000s = 1+ 2= 3

And we are in a Year  (2+0+1+9=1+2=3) which also forms the 1 2 3 progression.

1 2 3 reflects step-by-step evolutionary movement and the continuance of life. That’s where our numerology takes us in 2019. 1 2 3 shows us the progressive nature of our actions and how one step leads to another. And amid all that depraved and deadly distraction, people EVERYWHERE are actively helping to bring balance into life, in the most effective and sustainable ways. 1  2  3 represents flow – direction – the basic steps.

Of course, if we try to take a new path and stay on the old path at the same time, all we can achieve is standstill. is the number of the pioneer who leads the way by venturing into the unknown to discover what’s there. opens the way for others. is the number of others. provides depth, volume, and the powers of patience and cooperation. And gives us the ability to communicate what and discover. But the sequence does not end there.

1 + 2 + 3 = 6.

6 represents responsibility, problem-solving, relationships, home and family, teaching, healing, justice, fairness, balance, and doing what’s right simply because it’s right.

FOR EXAMPLE: the state of OREGON (the 33rd State) experienced a significant rise in homelessness because of huge rent increases. 33 is the most balanced form of (3+3=6). Oregon is the first U.S. state to pass a very strict rent control law. This is the obvious first step in combatting homelessness. Tackling a problem at its root – not its outer symptoms – expands our awareness and leads to lasting solutions. Both friendly and healing want to make things better.

Oregon has applied an actual REMEDY to one of humanity’s cruelest problems – having nowhere to live. Let’s hope a strategy is also reached to house the millions of displaced people around the world who are seeking refuge. Mother Earth is our home, and humanity is our family.

Our ability to express outwardly what we are feeling inside will propel us out of the karmic rut our species has fallen into. As we evolve, we are feeling the turbulence of electric 1 and magnetic 2 merging.  It is a JOLT to the psyche as we find ourselves “gapping”, here in the cruel gap between one millennium and the next.

1: father

2: mother

3: child

As 1, 2, and converge this year, unexpressed feelings of the past are being pulled into the present, and many people are realizing just how much they hate the people they say they love. Or how they misjudged people they thought they hated.

We have to bridge many gaps as we evolve, including the GENERATION GAP. Hate is not a natural emotion. It is a sick emotion. An Ill feeling. Hate needs to be healed, not hated. Some very ill feelings exist between parents and their teen/adult children, even though they may love each other dearly. Guilt and blame prevent healing. The gaps between us contain all the ill feelings we have held in over the years – and now they are coming out.

Young people all over the world are becoming more engaged in politics, some of whom have been elected to powerful positions. And there are some contentious gaps between them and their older counterparts. While it is true that experience comes with age, it is also true that youth is the future. We cannot change a thing by continuing on the same path. But there is healing to be done here. As I read recently in the NYT: “The older generations need the younger ones to reconnect them with their idealism. But the younger generations need the older ones to turn that idealism into more than pretty words.”  

And then there is the GENDER GAP, which affects us all in one way or another. This gave rise to the “me too” movement, and affects marriages, partnerships, and other close relationships at home and work. 1 2 3 exposes the childish and often spiteful games that adults play against each other – and are indications of immaturity and the need to ‘grow up’.

Hating hate adds to the hate. And yet, hate should not be denied. Ill feelings must be accepted for what they are before they can be healed. It is loving intent that prevents us from using hate to harm ourselves or others.

Without forgiveness, we remain stuck in the past. Forgiveness does not mean that you have to suddenly embrace someone who harmed you. It means accepting the PAIN that was inflicted until the feeling completes itself, leaves the body, and can no longer hurt you. You forgive for your sake, not the other person’s. And sometimes, these conflicts are multi-faceted. Perhaps you hurt them too.

Family dynamics come to a head in March and December, both of which are 6 Global Months in this 3 Global Year. 6 is the number of balance AND extremes.


~ 3 IS THE CHILD ~~ KARMIC 19 ~ 




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16 thoughts on “2019 (Part 1) ~ WILL POWER

  1. Dee

    If the 1000’s were masculine and the 2000’s are feminine, when does the actual balance of the two come together?
    Your articles are always so thought provoking. I always enjoy them. Thank you.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      That is what WE have to make happen, Dee, keeping in mind that ‘everything starts within’. Our masculine minds must allow our feminine feelings to express themselves fully and openly – and we must learn to do this in a way that will not harm ourselves or others. Notice how world events are pulling and pushing our emotions out of us. This will continue until we understand that the balance the world needs must occur within ourselves first. Equality is balance. Justice is balance. We have a long way to go, but we will get there.

  2. Mette Ottem

    I look forward to part 2. You are amazing, Christine. Yu share your wisdom and understanding about numbers with such grace and love.

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Hello Mette. That’s so kind of you. Thank you. I am working on Part 2 now, and the complexity of this transition from 1 to 2 is stunning. I am so glad you’re enjoying this work.

  3. Meyrene Dawn Cowell

    This is another one of your very thought-provoking and powerful articles; written with sincerity. I find that there is some comfort and hope in what you have expressed. May many, many of us choose to evolve with graciousness and consciousness during this challenging cycle.

    1. Angela Crowe

      This was very insightful. The information resonates with me so strongly. It points the way showing me that I am thinking on the right level. Thank God for someone like you who can teach and guide othes.


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