Something strange happened, on a global level, on November 11 which seems most significant. But it received very little attention in the press. November 11, 2018 was an 11:11:11 day – a 33/6 day. A day on which ALL the Master Numbers from 11 to 99 were active in one form or another. What happened on that day is strongly connected to the Earth Changes that are happening, and will continue to happen in increasingly extreme ways.

National Geographic Magazine  reported that some mysterious waves – seismic waves – had emerged from the small island of Mayotte, in the Indian Ocean (between East Africa and Madagascar). These vibrations rang half way around the world for more than 20 minutes. It seems that almost no one was aware of this – except for an earthquake enthusiast in New Zealand whose Twitter name is @matarikipax, (and who does give credit to other amateur observers as well).

 Can you imagine something moving so fast that it takes just 20 minutes to move half way round the planet?

The Island of Mayotte ©National Geographic

 I found this paragraph from National Geographic interesting, too:


Based on the scientific sleuthing done so far, the tremors seem to be related to a seismic swarm that’s gripped Mayotte since last May. Hundreds of quakes have rattled the small nation during that time, most radiating from around 31 miles offshore, just east of the odd ringing. The majority were minor trembles, but the largest clocked in at magnitude 5.8 on May 15, the mightiest in the island’s recorded history. Yet the frequency of these shakes has declined in recent months—and no traditional quakes rumbled there when the mystery waves began on November 11.”

May 15 = 5+6=11

2018 = 11

making it an 11:11 day.

It is impossible to ignore the fact that the day before the earthquakes in Alaska and Argentina, was November 29, 2018, which had the same 11:11:11 vibration as the day those mysterious waves occurred on November 11.

The Alaskan Earthquake occurred at 8.29 a.m. on November 30, 2018. Its magnitude of 7.2 made this a major event.  On the same day, a smaller quake (3.2 magnitude) also hit Argentina, (where the G20 Summit was taking place). 

This was like a flashpoint in time, not only from an environmental standpoint, but political and personal, too: this is what I posted on my FaceBook page for November 29, 2018.


DAY: 2+9 =11
MONTH = 11
YEAR 2+0+1+8=11

11:11:11 =33/6
33 = 111:111 = 6

November 29 is the 333rd day of the year, with 33 days remaining.
111 : 111 : 111 = 9
3 + 3 + 3 = 9

Not only is this a 9/11 day of revelation, reversal, and change, it is also a 369 day of continuance, habit, pattern, and survival – all moving with today’s extraordinary 11:11:11   111:111:111:111:111 vibration, reminding us that 1 is the number of the individual – and multiple 1s = multiple individuals.

WE ARE 1. EVERYTHING IS 1. And those TWENTY-ONE 1s give us another 3. (2+1=3).

3 represents the power and plight of people and population – creative skill – the power of communication – and the pursuit of HAPPINESS.

WEEK 48 is a 3 Week (4+8=1+2=3). It began on November 26, which was the 330th day of the year (another 33). November 26 2018, was also a 3 day in the world (11+2+6+11=3+0=3).

November 30 = 11 and 3 – and we move into the 12th month of December (1+2=3), on Saturday. DECEMBER 2018 is a karmic 14/5 month in which we have a chance to stop destructive behavior and take a different route. Unexpected things occur in 14/5, the outcome of which depends a lot on how we respond to suddenness.

When 3 and 5 mix, imaginations open, ideas flow, babies are conceived, and we are at our most creative. It is time to figure out how to break harmful patterns, and set a new course.

THERE IS SO MUCH 3 ENERGY GOING ON HERE AS WE GET CLOSER TO 2019, WHICH IS A 3 YEAR IN THE WORLD. (2+0+1+9=1+2=3), and connects us to the 3 energy of the 21st century (2+1=3).

See my FB post of November 27 regarding the role DENIAL is playing in our lives, and in the world at large … and my last two articles (“11:11:2018” and “Week 47 – Leaving November”) which describe some of what we are meant to learn from these extraordinary vibrations. (See links at the end of the page).

(Note that when the name MAYOTTE is converted into numbers, the vowels add up to 3, the consonants add up to 6, and the whole name adds up to 9. So there is additional 369 energy in the name). 

November 29 was also the day on which mysterious waves of a different nature – political – started to erupt in the USA, as Donald Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, became the 33rd person to be charged with a crime in the Robert Mueller probe. The sentencing memo issued by the Southern District of New York Court, was 33 pages long. When numbers occur in ‘clusters’ like this, a significant IMPACT usually follows. 

The 22 energy that comes from 11:11 reminds us that we are moving rapidly towards 2020 – which I believe, is when the most significant changes to date will occur on Earth. 22 represents the ‘masses’, and shows us how balance, equality, and justice are the same thing. 

The masses are simply people – and as people evolve emotionally (feminine 2), our WILL expands, and the current system which depends on our having no Will of our own, cannot survive. 22 is the number of BIG ideas, and major accomplishment, which benefit the many, rather than the few. In the 2000s, these BIG ideas and major accomplishments are likely to come from ordinary people like you and me. 22 reinforces the fact that where there’s a WILL, there’s a way.

 But first we have to make our way through 2019, which is a 3 Year. So perhaps all the 3 energy that occurred on November 29, 2018, is trying to tell us something. After all, 3 is the number of COMMUNICATION.  And it really picks up speed here in DECEMBER – the 12 month – 1+2=3.

dolphins jumping over breaking waves. Marine animals in natural habitat. © willyam bradberry

On November 30, it was announced that the Trump administration is about to approve seismic tests in the Atlantic in order to open up the ocean floor to offshore drilling for oil and gas. The sonar frequencies involved deafen ocean life, including marine mammals such as turtles, dolphins, and whales. It’s not just plastic that is causing these magnificent creatures to beach themselves and die, but also military, oil-industry, and internet SONICS. We are destroying OCEAN LIFE, without which there is NO life.

As an intelligent and ever-evolving species, the energy we are meant to use comes from above, not below. Below is the past. That’s why we bury the dead. Fossil fuel is dead matter – matters of the past, put to rest.

mysterious waves

the power of the SUN

As we move from one millennium to the next, the horrors we are experiencing on Earth right now, are the result of trying to exit the past before we have learned what the past has to teach. So, the past keeps repeating itself until we learn. Meanwhile, time moves forward. That is its nature. It is WE who stand still – until the lesson sinks in, and the damage is healed.

Cover Art: – © Vadim Rysev 

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5 thoughts on “MYSTERIOUS WAVES

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      Hello Anarka,

      I usually write about November 11 each year, but I feel that it’s different this year. It seems that the 11/11 energy that occurs on November 29 is more significant – perhaps because we are so close to 2020 and the decade of the 20s. So stay tuned, I will be writing about it closer to the 29th.

      With love,

  1. Megan dawson

    Also look up the campfire in paradise ca. I am not as good at this but i see some serious patterns and numbers there. Warnings that stem into well into this year(2019)and next year(2020).?? Could you let me know what you think? Thank you

    1. Christine Delorey Post author

      That’s true Lianne. I saw the pictures and was heartbroken. There are so many different things happening (good and bad), that it’s hard to keep up with it all..

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the website. Thank you.

      With love,


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