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YOUR YEARLY FORECAST – 2024 – Each year, on January 1st, we enter a new calendar cycle which holds a distinct personal theme. A simple calculation lets you know which yearly numerology cycle you are in. Just add the numbers in your month and day of birth to the numbers of the current year.

Example Birthday = July 13


DAY = 1+3 = 4

YEAR = 2+0+2+4 = 8

ADD  7 + 4 + 8 = 19

Keep adding until you get a single digit.

1+9 = 10

1+0 = 1.

In this example, someone born on July 13 is in the 1 Personal Year in 2024. Click on your yearly number below… and discover the nature of your personal journey ahead.

MASTER NUMBERS:   If your Yearly Forecast Number is 2, 4, or 6 and your sub-total is 1122, or 33 , there is additional information at the end of your Yearly Forecast which explains how these Master Numbers are likely to affect your journey.

Use your YEARLY FORECAST NUMBER to read your monthly and weekly forecasts, too…

Click your Yearly Forecast number, below:

Yearly Forecast 1 Yearly Forecast 2 Yearly Forecast 3
4 Year 5 Year 6 Year
7 Year 8 Year 9 Year

Why do you say that the yearly cycle starts on January 1st when some numerologists say it starts on your birthday? 


I have used both methods of calculation and have found that these cycles are most accurate when calculated ‘calendar year to calendar year’. Naturally, people can use whichever method they prefer, but here is what I have discovered over many years of working with this energy.

Numerology does not work like astrology, although there are some similarities. The astrological year is based on the position of the Sun at the time of one’s birth, which is why one’s birthday is often referred to as a ‘solar return’. This makes perfect sense.

However, in numerology, the new year is based on the change of NUMBERS (not planets) from one cycle to the next.

2020 = 4  

2021 = 5

2022 = 6

2023 = 7

2024 = 8

2025 = 9

2026 = 1+0 = 1

2027 = 11/2

2028 = 1+2 = 3

2029 = 13/4

Each year is an individual and unique cycle. Each year begins on January 1st – and our individual dates-of-birth occur at precise points within that cycle.