WEEK 17 (on the road to 2020)

Week 17 runs from Tuesday, April 23 to Monday, April 29.  2019 is the final year of the decade of the 10s  – and the 19 in 2019 produces another 10 (1+9=10). 10 is the number of innovative ideas and life-altering change.  The closer we get to 2020 and the decade of the 20s, the more pressure we are feeling to conjure up such ideas, actually CHANGE the way we live, and EVOLVE into the next phase of existence. And not just human existence. The existence of all life on Earth. We are 1 world – and humanity is just one species upon it.

On the road to 2020, it is glaringly obvious that in a system driven by contest and war, it is only a matter of time before it goes to war with itself. And it’s only a matter of time before a system driven by destruction destroys itself.

Week 17 is the 5th week of a 7-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers are TEEN numbers and are therefore karmic in nature. We are experiencing the results of previous choices and actions – from which there are massive lessons to learn. There is an emphasis on today’s teenagers – all of whom were born in the 2 energy of the new millennium. There is also an emphasis on our own teen years, (no matter what our current age), and what we still need to learn from what we experienced between the ages of 13 and 19.

The past is not something to be discarded. It is a source of experience from which we are meant to LEARN and HEAL. Until we understand this, we remain trapped in the gap between one millennium and the next – along with all our unresolved issues and unexpressed emotions.

Last week saw rioting in Derry, Northern Ireland, in which an inspiring young journalist, historian, and LGBT advocate, Lyra McKee, was shot and killed as she covered the event. It felt like a resurgence of those awful times that plagued Ireland from the 1960s until the Good Friday Agreement was signed on 10 April 1998. After 21 years of peace between Ireland and Britain, an attempt was made to start it all up again.

“The past is never dead. It is not even past.”  ~William Faulkner, Absalom, Absalom

week 17

Lyra McKee – edition.cnn.com

The tragic killing of 29 -year-old Lyra McKee is directly related to the TEEN aspect of these times. A letter she wrote as an adult to her 14-year-old self is now circulating as a short film which can make a huge difference in the lives of teenagers who are afraid to come out as gay. It can help us all better understand the depth at which young people feel, and worry, and deal with this vicious world into which they were born. (See link at the end of this page).  Young people are the futureand they’ve got a tough road ahead. But they’ve also got a LOT of innovative pioneering 10 energy in them – and they will find their way.

The unrelenting efforts of the old system to drag us back to the past is blinding us to the potential of the future, turning present time into a ball of confusion. And yet, nothing can stop the rise of the human WILL. This is the right time for it. It is happening. And it’s not going to be easy. If we focus only on the ‘news of the day’, we miss the deeper aspects of our evolution – and if we focus only on our own ‘peace of mind’ we remain oblivious to the vital lessons that the ‘news of the day’ has to teach. No one is immune to what’s happening on Earth. We are 1. And we each have our own individual role to play.

Part of our evolution is to expand our ability to take in and process information. We find this so difficult because we are so easily distracted – and actually seek distraction when our minds feel overwhelmed by our feelings. But our minds and feelings are the very parts of us that are evolving. 2 is the number of cooperation and equality – and outer peace starts within the individual – with the masculine mind and feminine emotions working together as EQUALS.

Week 17 brings many lessons that involve the misunderstood power of DESIRE. 8 represents POWER on the Material Plane, which we often confuse with ‘materiality’ and greed. The Material Plane is Mother Nature, our main source of sustenance and manifestation, which greed is constantly attacking, robbing, and throwing out of balance. Everything on Earth originates in nature. Whatever we desire, SHE provides.

DESIRE is our most basic and necessary vibration. We cannot exist without it because desire is the initial movement of life. The Will to live is the DESIRE to live.  And the fact that human beings often desire horrific and despicable things doesn’t alter the fact that desire is an essential part of life. It all depends on whether our overall intent is loving – or not.

Our desire to evolve from this barbaric system of male supremacy, white supremacy, and wealth supremacy, is vital. We have evolved enough to know that we cannot continue to embrace a system that runs on DENIAL OF REALITY. This system of lies, contest, and war is where all the horrors and atrocities of racism originate – and all forms of bias and injustice.

The 2 energy of the 2000s brings transparency and openness, making denial much harder to maintain. Our personal and collective awareness is expanding. 2 is the number of DEPTH, and the more conscious we become, the more we recognize the predicament we are ALL in!  3 is associated with SHALLOWNESS – and the constant motion between these two positions is an exhausting and brutal ride.

As we realize the enormity of what we are dealing with both in the world and in our individual lives, it often feels that we are being pulled inside out and upside down. Week 17 can bring clarity if we are determined to stay conscious and not deny the reality of it all.

The road out of denial is fraught with danger and viciousness. But the feminine 2000s are also filled with opportunity, potential, creativity, and the wonders we can achieve when we express ourselves from the heart – openly, honestly, and freely. Peaceful intent creates the DESIRE to transform this wretched system into something more caring, imaginative, intelligent, fair, loving, and joyful.

GREED is desire that is so out-of-control that it desires to control the desires of others. What craziness this is! Humanity’s insanity! We are programmed to believe that desire is the problem, while being bombarded with advertising and enticements which increase our desire – for material things. The old dying system cannot tolerate our desire for freedom, justice, peace, and harmony.

1 is outgoing.

7 takes you inward.

8 brings results.

1 expresses confidence and fearlessness.

7 expresses caution, sometimes to the point of paranoia.

8 incorporates whatever is useful to it.

1 takes action.

7 analyzes.

8 understands.

In Week 17, we experience both the chaos caused by lack of awareness – and the bigger picture that attention to detail creates. 17/8 highlights efficient planning, true understanding of existing information, and an intuitive ability to correct our own imbalances. But when the imbalance goes unchecked, 17/8 exposes extreme self-interest, arrogance, greed, jealousy, impatience with detail, denial of the facts, and bullying.

The main reward of 8 is the feeling of SATISFACTION that comes when you thoroughly appreciate what you already have. Greed is the inability to feel satisfied, the feeling that enough is never enough, and the constant craving for MORE.  

However, Week 17 may trigger cravings in us all – in areas where there is simply NOT enough – not enough food and water, not enough assistance to those in need, not enough fairness and justice, and not enough freedom to be our true selves.

The current upsurge of fascism, all over the world, is trying to prevent the unstoppable rise of humanity’s feminine side – the WILL. Free Will is our true power – and our only hope of peace and harmony on Earth.

As we move further into the transparency of the 2000s, the denials, lies, deflections, and underhand maneuvers are astonishing. So, on the road to 2020, we really must BE, emphatically and undeniably, consciously and determinedly, individually and collectively, “the change we want to see in the world”.

Letter to my 14 Year Old Self – Lyra McKee

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NOTE: I will write 2019 (Part 2) after we have experienced Weeks 20 to 22. It is possible that the transition from Week 19 to Week 20 will give us a glimpse of what we need to know about the transition from 2019 to 2020.






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