WEEK 35 is the 6th week of a 10-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 3. The combination of 3 and 5 produces a fast-paced, creative, physical, and sexual vibration. 35/8 produces the passion to persevere until all the different factors align, a path opens, and a result is arrived at.

We are moving through FERTILE GROUND this week, which enables us to sow seeds of the future, by making something significant happen in the present. 35/8 is the pregnancy vibration in which a baby – or a ‘brain-child’ – is conceived.

3 = happiness, communication, creativity, the stage, the world stage, entertainment, illusion, appearance, friends, enemies, depth, shallowness, truth, and lies.  3 = people, children, fun, social structure, social media, news, gossip, hearsay, blackmail, storytelling, and the enticing power of the arts.

5 = freedom, diversity, sudden and unexpected development, changes of direction, expansion, attraction, and adventure. 5 = the fast lane, the physical body, sex, attraction, the different and unusual, gambling, indulgences, habits, addiction, impulsiveness, and learning from experience.

8 = POWER in the material world, and matters of economics, government, military, and industry. 8  gives us a return on whatever we have invested into life. 8 is the number of results. When abused, 8 is the number of the cold manipulator.

8 is also the number of the bully. When power is used to overpower the Free Will of others, there is always guilt – in denial. And denied guilt is the most dangerous form of denial because it justifies the chaos that selfishness creates, and feels emboldened by its own meanness.

There may be at least one situation where we say “I didn’t see that coming”, only to realize that all the signs were there, but were ignored through distraction or disinterest. There are important lessons to learn this week about inevitability, and the laws of cause and effect.

In this 8 Week, as we leave the 8th month of August, we are reminded that 8’s lower vibrations include greed, arrogance, and a sense of entitlement that is based on material worth, social position, or physical strength. 8 represents the coldness of a purely materialistic outlook.

You do not have to be rich to be greedy, and you do not have to be greedy to be rich. But wherever greed exists, it jeopardizes the entire planet. Hard line economic tactics (austerity) make things worse. If humanity does not establish balance – at some point everything will topple over. Then it will not matter how much money or influence you have, because you’ll be going over with it.

So, it’s in everyone’s interest to reverse this backward-slide. Time moves forward, and when we don’t move with it – when we remain stuck in the past – the future catches up with us and kicks us out of the way.

When we are pushed backwards, we must find a way to pull ourselves forward, and we need to be strong for this, especially emotionally. It is the WILL of the people that is evolving in these early days of the sensitive transparent 2000s. The Will is feminine energy. It is made of our feelings and emotions, which the system has controlled and subdued throughout time. The Will is our principle means of resistance.

If we return to the way things were, history will repeat, and we would simply end up back where we are now, having to travel this barbaric karmic circuit once again. What’s different now is the timing. The 2 energy of the 2000s gives us a chance to change things – if we can develop our courage to do so, and study the situation deeply enough to find the best way to make those changes stick.

“Dear Americans, if you want to know what you REALLY would have done in the early years of the nazi regime, consider what you are doing now.” ~Werner Herzog

This is a time to be honest with yourself about your own individual values and priorities. There is nothing wrong in not knowing the answers, provided you are willing to learn. So let down your guard and admit, to yourself, how you really feel.

Take care of yourself. Guilt will tell you that you cannot rest – but common-sense tells you that you cannot proceed successfully until you do.  A huge infusion of kindness is needed now – which starts with being kind to yourself.

3, 5, and 8 are all material numbers which enable manifestation. Week 35 draws us into the material world, and provides answers and remedies to this precarious time in the human journey. Keep in mind that Mother Nature IS the material world. There is nothing on Earth that does not come from HER.

35/8 teaches us how to create the results we want, rather than leave the quality of our lives in the hands of others. End results are not set in stone. End results are created by the decisions and choices we make. Of course, many of the obstacles we are now facing are the result of previous choices. We are all in the evolutionary process of releasing ourselves from old programming – and embracing the truth. Consequently, the very notion of truth is a major issue.

We can see how corrupt, misleading, and circus-like the ‘INFORMATION AGE’ has become when Rudy Giuliani tells us that “truth isn’t truth”, and Kelly Ann Conway tells us that there are “alternative facts”. But truth will always be truth. Fact is fact; fiction is fiction.

3 = people

5 = change

8 = power

The power of the people to change things is more apparent now as we become more aware of what we are up against. This is why attention to detail is so important.

Only the greater awareness of an evolving global population can counter the lack of awareness of the ‘supremacist’ mindset. A closed mind is incapable of learning anything new and therefore unable to evolve from its belief in its own superiority.

The very idea of different ‘races’ is also part of our ancient programming. Humanity is made up of different CULTURES which provide variety and richness to the experience of life. But the competitive class system turned our precious diversity into ‘races’ – against each other – in order to divide and conquer. Races are contests – the very essence of battle. Racial division is what keeps us in a state of constant war. I mention this often because it is so important to understand: THE HUMAN ‘RACE’ IS THE SYSTEM, NOT THE SPECIES.

We are human beings, one species among countless others. The ‘human race’ has been moving so fast in the great race to nowhere, that the reality around us has been nothing but a blur. And as we move closer to 2020, the full horror of our racial programming is staring us right in the face. WE ARE ONE – but we are not all the same! Without our beautiful diversity, humanity would be unable to hold itself together, unable to expand, and unable to survive the sheer weight of such monotony.

That old way of living can never be restored. It doesn’t allow for change, and it always leads to another world war which kills millions of precious lives, only to clean it all up, start anew, and repeat the same mistakes all over again.

Saturday, September 1 is the 79th anniversary of World War 2 – the date on which Nazi Germany invaded Poland in 1939. This reminds us that for as long as wars must be ‘won’ rather than diffused, war can never end.

The current rise of nazi-ism/white supremacy in the US, UK, and around the world is horrific, but our entry into the 2000s gives us a chance to put an end to that tired old pattern of suffering and stagnation, by doing things very differently this time around. Revenge is never the answer. Revenge is what keeps the old system going.

While certain leaders may be able to make significant changes, it is humanity itself that must push itself forward with the power of our WILL. The Will is made of feelings, emotions, instincts, intuition, caring, detail, patience, teamwork, cooperation, connection, and all the other attributes of the 2 energy.

As the Will continues to rise, as it must do in the 2000s, people are hungry for fact, not fiction; reality, not ‘reality show’. We have it in us to transform the corrupt ‘information age’ into the age of TRUTH. That is why the battle to control the internet and all forms of communication are inevitably part of today’s turmoil.

With correct understanding, we gain a BALANCED VIEW, and that is where freedom, fairness, justice, and equality begin.  You don’t have to change yourself. You just have to BE yourself. This is where honesty and trust begin. We cannot evolve any further until we develop this level of self-acceptance.

Until then, a mix of karmic and evolutionary vibrations will continue to reflect this almighty split in human values. Our basic choices are very few right now.  We can focus on the greater good of people and planet. Or we can allow fear of change to keep us locked in the past. We can also ignore it all, but Indifference is often a form of hatred – in denial.

Hate is not a natural emotion. Hate is the result of natural emotions such as anger, fear, and grief, that have been twisted and tortured in the process of denial, to the extent that they infect the other emotions. Hate is the absence of love.  In the process of coming out of denial, hate must rise to the surface so that we can accept its reality in the world – and most importantly, in ourselves. All hatred starts as self-hatred. And hating hate produces more hate. 

 One of 8’s most magical powers is the power of APPRECIATION. This means making the most of what you already have. Appreciate it with all your senses. Combine this with the creativeness of 3, and the resourcefulness of 5, and we realize that APPRECIATION transforms what we already have into something of greater value.

Week 35 is a time to release yourself from issues that have been holding you back or dragging you down. The way you conduct yourself in the outside world – the way you communicate and interact – can have a lasting effect. You are here for a reason, and these powerful vibrations contain creative sparks that trigger forgiveness, enthusiasm,  ideas, the ability to let go, and make a move in a direction that is right for you. In this fertile energy, whatever you imagine is a valid possibility.

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