WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 26

WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 26

It is important to understand that fascism is not “rising”. Fascism is the underworld at its worst and is therefore something we descend into – something that drags us DOWN. Driven by greed and a devious sense of superiority and entitlement, its’ sole purpose is to hold all the POWER – by disempowering others. Fascism is hate gone wild, cruelty, terror, suffering, and death.

What is rising, however, is the HUMAN WILL – feminine energy – magnetism. Of course, the agents of fascism are doing whatever they can to stop this natural BALANCE OF POWER. 2022 is a 6 Year (2+0+2+2=6), and 6 represents both BALANCE and EXTREMES.

Women and girls – feminine energy – are being targeted and have always been targeted – throughout history. Feminine energy IS the Will. She is the Yin to the Yang of the masculine mind. She is the dark matter, the gravity, that we all carry within. And we cannot be whole without it.


Our differences, including our different cultures, are life’s chemistry. And for that reason, there are very few absolutes. We are yet to discover our true potential as a species, but we are subjected to a group of narrow and judgmental minds who are preventing people from being who we really are deep inside. Becoming our true selves – our WHOLE selves – is what this evolutionary surge is all about.

This week gives us an opportunity to expand any narrow thinking of our own by noticing more details and seeing a bigger picture. Without a deeper self-awareness, we, as a species, cannot see beyond surface appearances – and there is SO much hidden beneath the surface (and in plain view, too)!

Remember all that political jargon about “capturing the hearts and minds of the people?” Well, that’s how we’ve been “living” – with our hearts and minds captured by an unfeeling, un-evolving, self-declared “ruling class” – white males, mostly.

There is a well-coordinated attack going on against our feminine feelings and senses, one thing after another, making us go numb and unwilling to feel what we most need to feel in order to strengthen our individual and collective WILL. Fascism always attacks the WILL. That’s its’ nature. That’s its’ job!

Fascism is an extreme – of extreme proportions. Right now, its’ attack on the USA is visible and significant, with a supreme court that is taking human rights AWAY, rather than strengthening them – and political divides which threaten to destroy democracy and let us sink into this nazi horror. And it’s happening around the world, not just in the USA.

Last week (Week 25), I wrote :

“The world-wide assault on democracy is real and dangerous. If we think things are bad now:  war, political mayhem, cruelty, hate, violence, environmental extremes, high prices, declining health-care, and so on, this is NOTHING compared to how rough it will be if fascism really does get the upper hand. Democracy is only the beginning of FREE WILL. It is extremely fragile right now, and is being attacked all over the world, by those whose interests depend on destroying Free Will for everyone but themselves.”

And that seems to become more relevant each day.

WEEK 26 runs from Saturday, June 25 to Friday July 1. This is an 8 WEEK – the number of POWER (2+6=8). This is the 7th week of a 10-week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 2. This amplifies the huge concentration of 2 energy that we are currently traveling through: the millennium of the 2000s, the decade of the 2020s, and the three 2s in 2022.  2 represents the feminine feelings and senses. 2 is MOTHER energy.

These vibrations enable us to recognize what we are dealing with, what we are up against, and what we have to work with.  8 = POWER through accurate understanding. Humanity is gaining a deeper awareness of how the system controls the human Will by keeping us divided. And how the Will cannot free itself until it learns to accept the diversity of life, and the fact that there is no “superior race”.

In fact, there is no race.

Our species is humanity, not the “human race”. We are made up of different cultures, not races. A race is a contest. Contest is war. The race is the system. Therefore, EVERYTHING in the system is racial. From the moment we are born, (and in some places, conceived), we are set up in a pointless race, which we have to keep running until the day we die, the winners of which are those with the most money, and therefore the most power. 


WEEK 26 takes us to the exact MIDPOINT of the year on FRIDAY, JULY 1 at 12 noon. At that point there are 182 days + 12 hours behind us, and 182 days and 12 hours ahead of us.

1+8+2 =11, and those two 11’s bring another burst of 22 into the numeric mix. (11:11=22).

This week’s    2   6   8   vibrations are likely to evoke an awakening in which we see just how corrupt politics has become, with its’ bullying, intimidation, blackmail, bribery, cruelty, and strongmen, and how it can be transformed into something more genuinely loving, and caring, inclusive, and intelligent – something dedicated to improving conditions for all of humanity – and all the life on the planet. The old dying system of the 1000s will try to prevent that with all its might, and yes, it does have might. But here in the 2000s, time is not on its side. However, we cannot afford to look away.

26/8 represents many forms of power.

THE POWER OF 2: being willing to work for something we want in partnership with others. This is 2 heads are better than one” energy, and “it takes 2 to tango” energy. The 2 in 26 shows us that more can be achieved as a team than by trying to go it alone. The more we look at the details, the bigger and more revealing the picture becomes.

THE POWER OF 6: seeing the situation for what it is and looking for appropriate remedies. 6 is the number of problem-solving and getting results. 6 represents responsibility, accountability, and caring about others and how certain outcomes will affect them. 6 = home and family, and a sense of belonging. 6 = healing, education, equality, and BALANCE. 6 also represents EXTREMES of all kinds, including the tyrant and control freak, the likes of which are increasingly visible and emboldened in the world. 6 exposes the horrors of patriarchy, white supremacy, and all forms of prejudice. 6 is the number of JUSTICE and JUDICIAL SYSTEMS. This week, 6 reaches a peak because WEEK 26 is the last week of June – the 6th Month of this 6 Year.

THE POWER OF 8: material and physical POWER; military, business, money, politics, and our own individual power in this rapidly changing world. 8 represents the clarity gained by correctly understanding who and what you’re dealing with. 8 represents the abundance of Mother Earth and the way she is exploited by power-hungry individuals, and an indifferent population. 8 is the number of abundance, manifestation, and satisfaction. 8 is also the number of greed (which is the opposite of satisfaction). Unfortunately, 8 also represents the bully and manipulator. 

Your weekly forecast DOUBLES as a daily forecast on THURSDAY, JUNE 30th. This occurs when the month and day add up to 9. (6+3=9). This brings us face to face with old patterns of behavior and beliefs that keep us tied to the past. We have to LET GO in order to move forward. In order to let go, we have to trust ourselves and our abilities. 9 brings endings and completion, drama, deep emotions, increased awareness, and a focus on global matters. Be sure to re-read your Weekly Forecast on June 30th.

FRIDAY, JULY 1, 2022 brings us into a karmic 13/4 MONTH (7+6=13/4), which focuses on work, how things work, and the effort it will take to achieve our objective. 13/4 can be extremely limiting and exhausting at times. But it also indicates BREAKTHROUGH and NEW POSSIBILITIES.

Meanwhile, in WEEK 26, 8 can send us on some extraordinary guilt-trips. Guilt is not an emotion. Its’ purpose is to keep things at a standstill. No significant progress can be made when guilt stands in our way – unless we deny having this guilt. But that is a dangerous route to take. Denied guilt enables psychopaths to enjoy the cruelty they inflict. So, we must find a way to untangle ourselves from guilt without denying its’ existence.

Guilt looks for emotional wounds and weak spots for the purpose of keeping them raw and open. Guilt prevents the inner healing that enables us to evolve. Guilt often disguises itself as love, but it is not love – it is JUDGMENT – against yourself, which is self-condemnation – self-hate.

Judgment wants to punish. Love wants to heal. To release the love you hold within, you must first let go of the judgment. That means, you must forgive yourself for whatever triggered the guilt.

Read your Weekly Forecast here.

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