WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 28

WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 28

WEEK 28 runs from SATURDAY, JULY 9 to FRIDAY, the 15th.

This is an ideal week to:

*  Start something significant.

*  Bring an existing situation to a new level.

*  Adopt a more determined attitude without denying reality.

*  Recognize the new potential that is emerging out of an ending.

To do this effectively, not only must we develop the WILL to do so, but also understand what the Will actually IS, and what it’s up against. The Will is our magnetism, feminine energy, the entire emotional range, and our ability to FEEL.

The feminine Will is the natural partner of the masculine Mind, which is our ability to THINK and reason. MASCULINE MIND and FEMININE EMOTION, within the BIOLOGICAL BODY, regardless of physical gender, create the 4th dimension of TRUE BALANCE. That’s where the love is. That’s where the peace is.

And that’s why being our natural selves – who we really are inside –  is so vital to our evolution.

The ongoing attacks on democracies around the world reflect the lack of balance that exists within us. Attaining and maintaining that balance is what we are evolving towards in this segment of time (the early 2000s).

WEEK 28 is likely to demonstrate the panic of male dominance (the patriarchy), as it realizes that balance will erase its’ delusional sense of “superiority”. Balance is EQUALITY and FAIRNESS, and “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE” is a simple law of physics.

Male supremacy/White supremacy will not disarm itself. On the contrary, it is arming itself like never before, and laws are being passed at the highest levels to legalize it.

This 10/1 WEEK (2+8=1+0=1) begins on the 190th day of the year (1+9+0=1+0=1)

Followed by the 10/1 energy from Sunday, July 10th.

1 represents beginnings and origins, how things got started, and how to start something new.

10/1 represents innovation, systemic change, and significant trends.

This TRIPLE-10/1 energy brings us into uncharted territory and may change the status quo considerably. The WILL of humanity is discovering its deeper purpose and is starting to fight back – fighting to free itself, without stooping to the level of those who are trying to kill it!

FREE WILL is the ever-expanding openness and spontaneity that exists in us all, which we have been programmed to subdue. 1 is the number of the SELF, the Latin word for which is EGO.

When we blame the ego for everything that is wrong, we blame ourselves, which is misplaced guilt. Ego is not something to subdue or kill, it is the gauge by which we develop a balanced appreciation of our own worth as individuals. Self-acceptance is among the principal lessons of 1. To become our true selves, the masculine mind must let the feminine feelings know that it not only accepts them, but loves them, too. This is self-acceptance.

The balance needed involves the over-inflated ego and deflated ego. This imbalance in our species is causing the absurdity of white supremacy, male supremacy, wealth superiority, and a competitive streak that would rather destroy everything than lose anything.

Consequently, what we are doing to Mother Nature (the ultimate feminine vibration) is ignored, and she is tortured even more.

WEEK 28 is likely to bring matters of EGO into focus – along with the dangerous disease of egomania and narcissism.

This involves the maneuvering and changes that are occurring at the British Government headquarters: 10 DOWNING STREET, (or simply “Number 10”, as it’s called in Britain). Boris Johnson announced his “intention” to step down, but he is still there – clinging to power, which is very much a case of the ego being so inflated that it cannot let go of what’s already gone.

Power clinging to power is causing so much of the mayhem and violence on Earth. Both the USA and UK are in the 8 National Year, (the number of POWER), in a 6 Global Year (the number of BALANCE and EXTREMES). This suggests that a great reality-check is occurring in both countries, which is now reaching a much wider array of people.

The UNITED STATES is often associated with #1, and 3 of its states align directly to this week’s 28/10/1 energy.

Texas is the 28th State (2+8=1+0=1).

Virginia is the 10th State – (1+0=1) home of the Pentagon, the CIA, and other government agencies.

Delaware is the 1st State (1) in which Twitter is suing Elon Musk for reneging on their 44 billion dollar deal.

“She’s 10” is trending on social media, in reference to a 10 year old Ohio girl who was raped and impregnated but was denied an abortion under the new abortion ban and had to travel to Indiana to get the procedure. Not only was this child’s Will already violated by a rapist, but it would have been taken away from her completely by Ohio’s insistence that she gives birth to her rapist’s baby – against her WILL.

In Akron, Ohio, on June 27, 25-year-old Jayland Walker was killed by the police in the all too familiar “traffic stop”, in a hail of 90 bullets, 60 of which penetrated his body. Of course, racism is saturating the world, but there is nothing more imbalanced in the USA than the continual killing of black men and women by the police – while mass killers who are white are taken into custody alive, and often without a scratch.

OHIO is the 17th State (1+7=8=POWER).

This is a 6 Year (2+0+2+2=6), and 6 is the number of JUSTICE (which is balance). It would seem that the U.S. Supreme Court has thrown away the balancing scales with which JUSTICE is measured. The disempowerment of women is the extreme fragmentation of society, and all of our cultures and diversity.

No matter where in the world you happen to be, this could be a week of fundamental, systemic, CHANGE – and a whole different way of doing things. This could be a week of many “FIRSTS”.

JULY 2022 is a karmic 13/4 MONTH in the world. 4 is the number of WORK and how things work. 4 is the number of restriction and obstacles. 4 also represents dedication, great effort, precision, method, strategy, attention to detail, correction, dedication, persistence, and hopefully, eventual BREAKTHROUGH.

Humanity cannot make any progress at all until it loves itself as a species – until we love each other.

1 = Each

2 = Other

For as long as we continue to hate each other, we will remain trapped in the past – unable to reach the potential of present time. Recognizing this emotional/mental bottleneck is the first step to healing from the wounds that hate inflicts. Hate is a disease of the emotions, not an emotion in itself.

This week, we are learning things we simply didn’t know before. Not just in a political sense, but in many different aspects of life. Although there is a personal element as to what can be achieved, it is tied to matters of the past which must be put right before we can put them behind us and move on.

Our fears are real and necessary because they help us to understand what we’re dealing with. Fear is not meant to imprison us. Fear is a natural emotional response that we must learn to interpret more accurately. The purpose of fear is to alert us to danger… and these are indeed dangerous times. But of course, fear is also being used as a weapon to keep us under control.

This is a time to steer yourself in the direction that you want to go – in the light of new insight and information. In the 10/1 energy of WEEK 28, one small adjustment can change your course significantly. At this stage of our evolution, facing reality – and feeling how it makes us feel – is an unavoidable experience. Ignoring reality narrows our minds and reduces our awareness.

Fear is not the problem. Not being able to FACE our fears is the problem! And the more we refuse to face our fears, the more we attract conditions that force us to do so. We have to stay awake.

“This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never afford to lose – with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”   ~Jim Collins, “GOOD TO GREAT – “The Stockdale Paradox”

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  1. pam

    Your words each week are some of the most TRUTH-filled moments I experience during these times. Not only do I want to acknowledge and thank you for that, but I would like to say that this week’s message is unusually clear, concise, and potent. My heart is smiling with gratitude!


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