WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 31

WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 31

WEEK 31 is a 4 Week (3+1=4). It runs from Saturday, July 30 to Friday, August 5. WEEK 31 is also the second week of a 10-week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 3.

31/4 is a result-producing energy – breakthrough energy – which helps us to move through restrictions and barriers. As the world continues to face crisis after crisis, we are moving through a whirlwind of potential in which hard work and persistence pays off.

3 = people, communication, outward expression, outer appearance, creativity, the arts, the platform, the stage, to stage something for the sake of appearance, to ‘put on’, like a play, a film, a book, storytelling. 3 represents Illusion, and the mind-numbing consequences of deception, rumor, and propaganda. 3 is the number of JOY, but to reach that level of happiness, we have to move through our misery, figure out what we’re doing wrong, and stop doing it! 

1 = the individual, the ego, independence, masculine energy, action, speed, competition, winners and losers, selfishness, dominance, and change1 is the starting point. 1 is the energy from which we have the most to learn at the present time, especially when it comes to Free Will – and living creatively instead of destructively. The fact remains that WE ARE 1. We are humanity – which should never be confused with the human ‘RACE’.  The human race is simply the competitive racist system which we are in the painful process of evolving from.

4 = obstruction, limitation, organization, detail, dedication, persistence, fact not fiction, discovery, and correction. Practical 4 makes us look at ourselves as we really are and helps us to expand our natural skills and qualities. 4 represents our sense of IDENTITY and PURPOSE. 4 pinpoints what is holding us – and each other – back.  4 is symbolized by the square or box, and yes, we are still boxed-in – by viral disease, climate catastrophe, political mayhem, economic instability, disinformation, and the various aspects of our own personal situations. But 4 also gives us the power of DETERMINATION and DEDICATION, which bring their own rewards. When 4 is derived from 31, determination and dedication are rewarded with GROUNDBREAKING PROGRESS. Keep this in mind as we move into AUGUST on MONDAY.

2022 IS A 6 YEAR – the number of responsibility, love, family, community, priority, healing, education, problem solving, justice, fairness, equality, and balance.

AUGUST 2022, IS A 5 MONTH – (8+6=1+4=5), the number of freedom, resourcefulness, courage, change, and above all, learning from past and present experience.

Also on MONDAY, AUGUST 1, your weekly forecast DOUBLES as a daily forecast. This occurs when the month and day add up to 9. (8+1=9). 9 represents endings, dramatic events, deep emotions, increased awareness, global matters, empathy, giving, and compassion.

These DOUBLE DOSE DAYS help us to LET GO in order to MOVE FORWARD. When 9 is derived from 1 and 8, the focus is on power, business, economic, and military matters – and getting the facts straight. 1 = LEADERSHIP. The focus on world leaders and where they are leading us continues, along with our ability to LEAD our own lives. 18/9 shows us that when the self-centered side of 1 and the greedy side of 8 combine, they can push LOVE right out of the equation. But when 1’s ego is balanced (self-accepting), and 8 appreciates what it already has, they create a space through which love and abundance can flow freely.

More insight can be gained this week by reading the 12, 34, 5, and 6 forecasts, as well as your own. In fact, there is insight to gain from all of this week’s forecasts. And may this be a week when at least some of your efforts and determination produce an encouraging result, or at least a measurable step in the right direction.

Read your Weekly Forecast for WEEK 31.

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