WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 30

WHERE WE ARE – 2022 – WEEK 30

WEEK 30 runs from Saturday, July 23 to Friday the 29th. It marks the beginning of a 10-week cycle in which all the week numbers begin with 3, (ending on September 30).

3 represents all forms of COMMUNICATION, but because this includes trivia, superficial matters, gossip, hearsay, and disinformation, the true power and purpose of communication are often overlooked.

One side of 3 is shallow. The other side of 3 is profound. And since the 2 energy of the 2000s represents dimension, perception, and proportion, it is not surprising that we often feel that we are  mentally, emotionally, and physically, out of our depth.

Communication is a vital part of Mother Nature. Human beings are a vital part of Mother Nature too, but we behave as if we are somehow separate from her, and dominant over her. The drastic Earth Changes we are now experiencing are Mother Earth communicating to us – as she heaves, churns, shivers, and burns.

3 represents art in all its’ forms, including the platform, the stage, the world stage, and the biggest stage of all – outer space. In this age of transparency (the 2000s) what’s happening on the planet, is clearer than ever. Humanity is dealing with the messes we have made. These are the things we must learn from and evolve from.

In WEEK 30, and for a long time to come, our understanding of THE POWER OF COMMUNICATION will be instrumental in deciding our direction, personally, and as a species. We will be learning a lot about 3, along with its trios, triangles, triads, and other groups of 3. This “magic” number teaches us about pattern, repetition, and the ability to gain and hold the attention of others.

3 enables things to SPREAD … such as happiness, enthusiasm, confidence, optimism, humor, word-of-mouth, information — disinformation, rumor, gossip, pessimism, fear, anger, and illness. The spreading factor of 3 not only refers to viruses and their variants, but it is also what sends something “viral” on the internet.

One major communication that is expressing itself to the world right now is how billionaires and their corporations are working together, and at the same time competing against each other, to destroy unsupportive governments and take total control of everything and everyone. This is the most hostile takeover ever attempted.

That’s what the corporate world does when its’ greed reaches extreme levels. The outright ownership of life on Mother Earth. Starting with the animals. They would have no rights AT ALL. It would further curtail the freedom of women and minorities – and then work its way up the social framework so that, in the end, no one can escape its’ net. An even crueler system would evolve out of this one, (which is already as cruel as we can imagine).

Another major communication in WEEK 30 is reflecting just how complex the circumstances of the Middle East have become – not that they were ever simple. They have dominated world affairs since the beginning of the industrial age – the fuel of which is OIL. The winds of change are blowing through the region, the political sands appear to be shifting quite drastically, strange alliances are forming, and people are still suffering.

In 2003, Whitehouse Press Secretary, Ari Fleischer, gave a briefing with regard to OPERATION IRAQI LIBERTY – literally, O. I. L.  It’s fascinating how communication works sometimes. The truth steps in wherever it can. And the George W. Bush administration quickly changed the name of that horrific event to the “Iraq War”.

3 is the number of EXPRESSION and OUTGOINGNESS. And how we use this energy really does matter. Deceit is an indispensable tool of the 1000s, but it cannot work in the transparency of the 2000s. Not for much longer.

When we talk without thinking, we become shallow, unaware, and easy to see through. And when we over-think, we live in a state of disbelief, asking the same old question, unaware that we already know the answer. Either way, this condition must be repaired if we are to evolve.

Gandhi said, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable WILL.”

Our feminine energy IS our Will – our ability to FEEL. The feminine energy of the 2000s is helping humanity to free its own Will and break away from the chaos that the “man’s world” of the 1000s turned out to be. Of course, men have feelings, too, and are also finding a balance between mind and emotion. Men are evolving.

Inner balance is achieved when the electrical mind makes space, within the body, for the feminine, magnetic, emotions to express themselves. Not in words, but with feelings, senses, urges, and instincts, which the mind depends on to generate new ideas and understandings, but seldom gives them credit for their essential input.

The power and purpose of feminine energy must be given not only credit for her life-sustaining function, but also equal footing and fairness. That’s what this inner balance requires. And that is what balance in the outer world requires, too.

Until we learn how to heal our inner turmoil, war and destruction and the continued abuse of humanity and mother nature are all we will see – until Mother Earth intervenes and puts humanity in its’ right place. For as long as we are divided inside, we will always be conquered by outer forces. It is time to heal ourselves – and cooperate with the Mother as she heals herself, too.

“Hope will never be silent.”  ~Harvey Milk

3 is the number of OPTIMISM – the fundamental belief that an acceptable or positive outcome is possible. That’s an aspect of 3 that we should respect and hold on to. Without HOPE, there is no hope!

However, a balance must be reached between blind optimism and despair. We have to look at what we’re dealing with realistically, without simplifying complex issues. If we believe that nothing can change, we have no incentive to try to change it. Hope is often our last lifeline.

Not only is this a 10-week cycle in which all the Week Numbers begin with 3, but we are also in the 3-infused 100-year cycle of the 21st century (2+1=3), the potential of which is creative wonderment and a level of happiness that we have not known before.

In WEEK 30, the three 2s in 2022, and the two 2s in the decade of the 2020s provide the depth, perception, and proportion with which to clearly see what we are up against. This will mean different things to different people because it is all too easy to manipulate information in 3‘s triangular energy – through the different “angles” it provides, as well as the fact that creative 3 facilitates illusion and “staging”.

3 depicts the enormous power of words, sounds, images, and the ability to move our emotions. 3 represents population, populism, popularity, social interaction, social media, and all social matters, including the fascist obsession with social engineering. 3 represents both friends and enemies.

While words certainly have power, they are totally inadequate without concerted ACTION and a drastic change in the way we cohabit this Earth. NO ONE is immune from this. There is much truth in the saying ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. And that necessity is upon us now.

There is a certain “innocence” about 3 – the number of the child. Matters of children and childhood loom large. And as we know, children can be brutally but innocently honest. Be aware this week of how people are expressing themselves, yourself included.

3‘s unpleasant underbelly is shallow, deceitful, spiteful, judgmental, and dishonest. The shallow end of 3 lacks empathy – and is entertained by the suffering of others – or is “indifferent” to it. 3’s extreme vindictiveness includes bullying, slander, blackmail, and even kidnapping. Instead of the innocence of the child, we see the ‘spoiled brat’ being reflected as ignorance, stubbornness, and infantile behavior in adults.

We are going to learn a lot about the power of 3 in the upcoming weeks and months, and it is worth remembering that the change of atmosphere that occurs when MIND, WILL, and BODY align, produces one of 3‘s main characteristics – PURE JOY – which is what life has the potential to be.

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