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January 20, 2017 - Turning Point
2017 THE POWER OF 10
2017 ~ WEEK 15

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The 7 Destiny

The 7 Destiny


...the life-long path of INTELLECT

"Simplicity is the most difficult thing to achieve in this world:
it is the last limit of experience and the last effort of genius"

George Sand

7 is the energy of WISDOM and TRUTH.  As your destiny number, it is taking you on an extraordinary journey in which your quest for wisdom is the main factor behind everything you do and everything that happens to you.  You are the reality-seeker who will accept nothing but the truth.   But until you recognize and accept that the attainment of wisdom is your very purpose in life, you may be left confused about life itself and frustrated by the actions and attitudes of other people. 7s are seeking perfection.  But, in this imperfect world, you can only aspire to what is perfect for you and, even when you have found what you believe is perfection, you will soon discover its flaws and become dissatisfied again. Even if you cannot, at first, recognize this trait in yourself, just study your own actions and needs for a while, or ask someone who knows you well. You will soon realize that you are, indeed, an exacting soul whose standards are often too high for others, and even you, to keep up with.

7s question authority and can make valid and moving arguments as to why the status quo is unacceptable.  They often remove themselves from the frays of the "common man" to maintain their dignity and privacy.  To others, your need for privacy can appear to be secrecy or aloofness, and this misunderstanding can make you difficult to get to know or even approach at times.  There is a "differentness" about you which others can find unnerving and intimidating. But once you, yourself, become more comfortable with  your "differentness", others will soon realize that this is actually your uniqueness - your inner beauty - the very thing that enables you to stand out from the crowd and be remembered.  This precious gift of the 7 destiny brings "mystique" to your personality.  You are intriguing to a lot of people.  Puzzles excite you, mainly because you, yourself, are a puzzle - a fascinating and sometimes confusing enigma.  And unraveling the puzzle of you is a large part of what your journey is all about.

7s live in their minds, constantly going within to find answers to their constant and diverse questions; always looking for the truth that could bring about the changes they visualize.  As a 7, you probably have profound beliefs and strong feelings about many aspects of life, and your intellect is so active that you often astound others with your unusual perspectives and insights.  But you are also prone to great stress and worry when matters seem to be beyond your comprehension.  It is not unusual for 7s to suffer from excruciating headaches, which are the result of the sheer pressure that comes from thinking so hard about matters for which there seem to be no acceptable answers, or from having to endure environments, people, or situations which go against their dignified grain. 

Very often, your quest for answers seems only to produce more questions.  But isn't that the basis of higher intelligence?  Answering questions with questions until the truth is uncovered?  Just as the physical 5 destiny often places great stress on the body, the intellectual 7 destiny stresses the mind beyond what it believes is its capacity.  This will continue until you learn what needs to be learned about your particular mind.  Your 7 mind must allow itself to expand so that it becomes so capacious - so open - that its boundaries do not press down on you and create physical pain.  This state of ease can only come when you learn to accept the reality of every experience you have.  It comes when you accept the imperfections that are in you as well as in other people.  It comes when you do your learning in private, when you release your emotions in private, and when you accept the fact that you are actually a very sensitive and emotional person.   You, of all people, experience great pain, great embarrassment, if you think you are being scrutinized or criticized publicly.  There is so much that others do, quite openly, that you must do behind closed doors.  7s are not generally known for being open-minded and, yet, that is what you have come into this life to achieve.

Others may see you as a serious individual.  The truth is that the only serious thing about you is your desire for respect, dignity, and truth.  You prefer the company of those who are refined, educated, and tasteful, and your need for high quality is probably one of your better known characteristics. 7s possess a certain "flashiness" and panache which could never be mistaken for gaudiness. 

Although you often place yourself in "conservative" environments, you, yourself, answer to no clique, philosophy, or law, unless it is your own. With even the most foolish or undignified behavior to your discredit - yes, this too can occur on the 7 path - you instinctively know that you are a wise soul who must dance to the beat of your own drummer, your own mind, your own wisdom.  You are a deep thinker, an excessive worrier, a clever planner and orchestrator, a keen investigator, a creative analyst, and an impressive problem-solver.  In order to expand these gifts to their full potential, you must learn to be at peace within your own thoughts and feelings.  Indeed, you must learn to tell the difference between your thoughts and your feelings. Much of your inner turmoil is caused by listening only to the mind and ignoring your feelings.  Balance is achieved when your thoughts and feelings align and agree with each other.  At this point, inner harmony is reached and solutions are found. 

Paranoia is not an uncommon condition for a 7,  Usually, though, the "Big Brother" you sense is always watching you is nothing more than your own feeling of fear which you have been too afraid to admit to.  And what are you afraid of?  Poverty is one of the monsters under your bed, and the thought of having to endure scandal and indignity is another.   However, your ability to forge master plans, with no detail left to chance, can provide the inner security you need. 

However, if your plans become plots and schemes, you place yourself in the vulnerable position of possibly being "caught".  Then, the paranoia starts all over again.  There is always some form of intrigue in the life of a 7 because 7 is the number of secrets, conspiracies, and behind-the-scenes activities.

You were never meant to live on the "edge", 7.   Your were never meant to become involved in fast, loud, or chaotic activities or underhanded complicity.  Your true potential cannot be realized in cold environments in which others are consumed by envy, aggression, or self sabotage.  You need quiet and elegant surroundings in which you can think without interruption, admire quality, and soak up beauty and tranquility.  You need calm and quiet, and you need inner peace, so that your remarkable power of intuition can be developed and strengthened.  Your intuitive skills give you the ability to "sense" or "feel" your way through any situation, with unexpectedly positive results.  Unexpectedly for others, that is.  When you learn to master your inner voice - the voice of your feelings - positive results will come as no surprise to you. 

While others sit perplexed and confused by a particular problem, you can produce the right answer, as if by magic, in one intuitive flash.  And once you have the solution, your intuition will take you inward and backward to show you how you arrived at it.  Yours is the probing mind of the analyst and scientist who will not rest until a question is answered in full. 

You are often afraid of your own thought process and of the depths to which you know your mind is capable of going.  This means that you are afraid of your spirituality.  And what exactly is your spirit?  Spirit is your mind.  It is your consciousness.  You can become a master of spirituality, if you care to expand upon this potential and incorporate your WILL - the power of your emotions - into your personal equation.  7 is the number of science.  7 Is the number of knowledge and intelligence.  Those on its path must learn to accept their emotions as natural.  They must move away from the cold detachment which their unaddressed fear creates.  It has been the denial of emotion which has always kept spiritual reality out of the realms of scientific explanation. This is because scientists are secretly trying to find God - the originator of life. 

But fear of what they may find has deterred the most brilliant minds from finding the solutions which will make this planet livable and safe.  This makes the emotion of fear a challenge that neither they, or you, can afford to discount any longer.   Do not be afraid to be afraid.  Feel your fears. Then you will be able to discern those things which need to be feared from those which do not.  Without this understanding, a 7 can live an entire lifetime in a state of worry, concern, or paranoia.

You may think you are not a scientist, or you may think you are not a spiritual individual, but you cannot deny that you LOVE to delve into that mind of yours to see what it is trying to show you.  But, oh, how you hate and fear the ordinary and the mundane.  You can be a cruel critic at times, and can damage the feelings or even lose the love or friendship of others with that scathing tongue of yours. 

Or, perhaps, you are one of those 7s who does not confront others directly but waits until they are out of earshot before you tear them to shreds.  Sorry, 7, but your tendency to criticize is one of your great imperfections.  However, this can be rectified.  First, you must acknowledge that you are, indeed, extremely critical of those you feel do not meet your high standards and tastes.  Then you must realize that your standards and tastes, although perfectly natural for you, are not just higher than average; they are extraordinarily high, lavish, and uncompromising.  There is no need to lower your standards because it is your nature to desire and seek perfection in all areas of your life.  But you must realize that very few others will ever meet your high expectations, even if they desire to.  An understanding of your "differentness" in this regard will help you to curb that critical tongue of yours.  It will enable you to replace your inadvertent snobbery with a remarkable dignity and presence which exudes warmth, friendliness, serenity, confidence,  intelligence, compassion, and poise.  You are at your most beautiful and your most impressive when your knowledge is expressed with a little humility.

You may never truly understand how other people can accept less than the best, or how they "put up" with situations which, for you, would be intolerable. Your criticism of others will not help them, but your genuine desire to understand them will earn you their respect which, in turn, may create a desire in them to understand themselves.  Do not be surprised if some individuals try to follow your example and seek to become more like you.  It may amuse or annoy you to see others copying your lifestyle, your look, your expression, or anything else of yours they admire.  Never forget that imitation is the highest form of flattery.  And you can be sure that they will never pull it off with the same measure of perfection as you, nor will they be able to maintain their facade.  And, when they can no longer keep up the pretense, they will probably criticize you for being so pretentious.  But, of course, it is not you who is trying to keep up with the Jones'.  You ARE Jones! 

You are seeking wisdom on this 7 path of yours and one of the first great wisdoms that 7 has to offer is this: Do not shoot your mouth off if you are not sure of what you are about to say.  Your careless use of words can create havoc in your life.  You are extremely intelligent and to be labeled a "know-it-all" or an "ignoramus" would be a devastating affront to your dignity.  7s enjoy intelligent discussion, but cannot bring themselves to partake of ignorant exchanges.  This can leave you conspicuously silent at times, especially in debate or other forms of argument.  7s become introverted, shy, insecure, or boorishly loud and aggressive when they are unsure of themselves. Where there is heavy or unproductive argument, the most intelligent 7s leave it to others to do the shouting and convincing.  They will sit quietly, looking very dignified, and appear to be listening.  But what they are really doing is escaping from it all and venturing inward to the tranquility of their own minds.   Or, they will get up and leave the scene entirely.  There is always the element of "loner" in a 7.   But when  7s really do know their stuff, not only are debates won, but also the respect of those with whom they were debating - because they have shared their wisdom instead of arguing their point.  Yes, you are seeking wisdom on this elegant and slightly eccentric 7 path of yours, but what is the point of amassing so much knowledge if it is not shared with those who need and want it?

When you realize how blessed you are within the 7 energy, when you learn something profound from each of your experiences.  When you find the courage to share your knowledge, and dreams with others, and when you realize that it's o.k. to want to be alone and that aloneness does not require you to be lonely, your impressive contribution to life will be recognized by others. You will be sought out for your special knowledge and compensated accordingly. There will always be the mundane and the mediocre; the crude and the rough; the ignorant and the evil, but as long as you accept these "irritations" as part of your reality, without ever compromising your own position, the 7 path can take you wherever you want to go.

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