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WHERE WE ARE ~ 2023 ~ WEEK 24 ~


WEEK 24 is the 5th week of a 10-WEEK-CYCLE in which all the WEEK NUMBERS not only begin with 2, but also correspond to the 10-YEAR CYCLE of the decade of the 2020s:

WEEKS: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, and Week 29.

YEARS: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, and 2029.

This cluster of 2 energy is emitting dramatic vibrations in many different areas of life, both in the world, and in our own personal lives. And yet it is all inked in some way, because 2 is the number of CONNECTION.

2023 is a 7 YEAR (2+0+2+3=7), the number of LEARNING, WISDOM, PLANNING, MYSTIQUE, and INTRIGUE. 7 is also the number of SECRETS, BEHIND-THE-SCENES AND UNDER-THE-SURFACE ACTIVITY, SCANDAL, SPYING, BLACKMAIL, THE CLASSIC FALL FROM GRACE, PARANOIA, PLOTTING, EXPOSURE, ILLICIT PARTNERSHIPS, CONSPIRACIES, and of course, CONSPIRACY THEORIES. (This is all likely to reach a peak in JULY, when the 7th month of this 7 Year produces a powerful karmic 14/5 vibration – the number of sudden and unexpected developments, which forces us to LEARN from the experience).

Meanwhile, WEEK 24 is a 6 WEEK (2+4=6) – the number of FAMILY, HOME, RESPONSIBILITY, JUSTICE, THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM, ACCOUNTABILITY, and PROBLEM-SOLVING. 6 is the number of BALANCE. It is also the number of EXTREMES.

2 is the number of PARTNERSHIP, and while this can bring people together in pursuit of a common cause, it can also involve the conflict that comes from taking a stand and choosing which side you’re on, or which direction you intend to take. Feminine 2 is the principal number of our times (the 2000s), and its magnetic vibration is very different from the electrical 1 energy of the masculine 1000s. So, ultimately, we will all have to make such a choice as the human journey unfolds.

In these early days of the 2000s, we are experiencing the chaos of the past colliding with the present, and the exhausting dilemma of living in two different segments of time, simultaneously. As we travel this concentration of 2 energy, we are caught up in the OUTCOME of a greedy and violent system whose time is over, but won’t leave.

Many of our old ideas about success have resulted in failure. Therefore, our very definition of “success” must change drastically – and realistically. In many instances, what we once thought were the solutions to our problems, are what caused our problems in the first place.

The double-2 energy of the 2020s is forcing us to face the reality of the past, so that we can learn from the experience, and evolve. As the old sports analogy tells us, Hindsight is always 20-20. And because learning from the past is essential, a massive effort is underway to rewrite history, distort language, muddy the waters of reality, and prevent our ability to evolve into a higher level of consciousness.

The 4 in WEEK 24 emphasizes WORK, MECHANICS (how things work), SYSTEM, ORDER, EFFORT, METHOD, ORGANIZATION, DETAIL, IDENTIFYING THE PROBLEM, CORRECTION, and our sense of IDENTITY. Purpose-driven 4 teaches us about the importance of DUTY and PRIORITIES. 4 also throws obstacles on our path to prevent us from taking a wrong turn, or to remind us that we have more to learn before we can proceed effectively. If we try to push through 4‘s LIMITS and BOUNDARIES without knowing exactly what we’re dealing with, we become stuck – in time.

6 represents BALANCE, which is a science in itself. Without balance, we are exposed to life’s EXTREMES and WOBBLES. Without balance, there is no stability and things fall apart. We have never experienced true balance on Earth, and since the 2000s began 24 years ago, a relentless open stream of misinformation and lies have been penetrating whatever stability we had, resulting in a new level of chaos on Earth. But the transparency of the 2000s is helping us to see through it.

6 is a powerful problem-solving and loving vibration, but because both balance and extremes are involved, it also represents control-freaks, tyrants, egomaniacs, and warmongers. 6 represents JUSTICE and FAIRNESS – which are essential elements of both BALANCE – and TRUTH. That’s why, in a court of law, witnesses swear to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”.

JUSTICE brings healing. INJUSTICE keeps the wounds painfully open. BALANCE puts everything in its right place so that energy can flow unobstructed to where it needs to go. IMBALANCE obscures our understanding, creates clashes, and prevents forward movement. There is much focus right now, all over the world, on matters of JUSTICE, JUDGMENT, CRIME, PUNISHMENT, GUILT, FAIRNESS, ACCOUNTABILITY, and the dire need for TRUTH.

Many of the world’s judicial systems are under scrutiny because the old system thrives on the imbalance of DOUBLE STANDARDS. But such unfairness is not as easy to hide as it once was, and this is rattling those in power-positions who see themselves as “superior”, “above the crowd”, and “above the law”.

What extremes will they go to in order to keep the old system in place? In this 6 WEEK – and throughout the 6th month of the year – we may get an answer to that question. As life on Earth swings between one extreme and another in its quest for balance, major upheavals and violent reactions can be expected.

(And then there is next week – WEEK 25 – a 7 WEEK in a 7 YEAR, moving steadily towards the 7th month – and the exact midpoint of 2023, on July 1st and 2nd. But that’s another story).

The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge. ~ Daniel J. Boorstin

6 emphasizes matters of HEALTH and HEALING – physical, mental, and emotional health. All three aspects are quite separate and yet they all work together – the masculine mind – the feminine emotions – and the biological body. We must not lump them all together until we more fully understand how each of them work and integrate. Until we give the feminine emotions equal status, there can be no inner balance, and consequently, imbalanced unfeeling individuals will continue to create chaos and grief.

JUNE is the 6th MONTH of this 7 YEAR, (2+0+2+3=7), which makes this a karmic 13/4 MONTH in the world. (6+7=13=4). We have much to learn!

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”  — Albert Einstein

The 7 YEAR is the learning year – and down-to-Earth 4 insists that we learn about EARTHLY matters – the natural world, the impossible-to-deny EARTH-CHANGES, the animals, the oceans and waterways, the forests, the mountains, the air we breathe, and Earth’s inner core.

Feminine 2 is MOTHER ENERGY, including MOTHER EARTH herself – and she’s been speaking to us for a long time. Right now, she is screaming at us with all her elements, to notice, learn, change, and heal. 6 is the number of HOME and FAMILY. MOTHER EARTH is our home, and HUMANITY – ALL of humanity – is our family. The fact that WE ARE 1 is one of 1‘s principle lessons.

We cannot move safely into 2 until we learn what 1 has to teach. As the first number, 1 naturally leads. But leadership is not a matter of controlling others or being controlled, often by unscrupulous and unqualified people, but of learning how to LEAD one’s own life – peacefully – among others who are trying to do the same.

We are in the painful process of freeing our feminine energy (our WILL), and reinventing ourselves as a species. Where there’s a WILL, there’s a way. Once we accept that we cannot survive without major systemic changes, our imaginations will be able to “image-in” our way forward. There is so much more to human life than we have been programmed to believe.

“What we’ve long thought to be everything is actually only a small part of something much much bigger.” ~Physicist, Brian Greene

Let’s not destroy ourselves through lack of imagination. To discover our true potential, we must separate ourselves from what we are addicted to. However, in letting go of the “old you”, there may be moments in which you will feel completely out of your depth, and lost. It helps to have like-minded and supportive people around you, but that is not always possible. Therefore, as individuals, we must be determined to go it alone if necessary. Very often, being alone is what is needed for new ideas to form, good ideas, workable ideas.

The 6 energy of WEEK 24, with its emphasis on family and children, reminds us that there are always differences between one generation and the next. But now, not only are we dealing with the differences between the decades, but also the differences of the millennial shift that occurred when 1999 completed itself, and the 2000s began. Consequently, the children born into the 2000s are operating on a different wavelength than the rest of us. There are numerological aspects that most of the children of the 2000s possess which simply didn’t exist in the 1000s.

This is a time to NOTICE this great generational divide and more deeply appreciate the importance of young people in general. They have a lot of healing to do, after all, they were born INTO this mess, with no recollection of it being any different.

Young people are the future, and they do indeed have an enormous task ahead of them. Many born in the 1990s and early 2000s are already stepping forward, with a new kind of intelligence, vision, and courage.

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”, ~ Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda.

As we move slowly and painfully towards an age of TRUTH, we first have to contend with the power of the BIG LIE – a well-known fascist tactic which preys on people’s feelings and thoughts. The Big Lie is a massive fraud – aimed at the masses – spouting lies SO big that people cannot believe that anyone could possibly tell lies of such magnitude. The “Big Lie”, and people’s gullibility, keeps the chaos (imbalance) in place.

Seeing through the BIG LIE is easier in the transparent 2000s, than it was back in the 1930s and 40s when the nazis triggered World War 2 in their attempt to control the world. Understanding this devious approach gives us the incentive to keep pushing in the opposite direction and continue trying to “BE the change” that the world so desperately needs.

Both the USA and the UK are in a 9 NATIONAL YEAR in 2023, which means that these countries are experiencing the end of an era in their respective and connected histories. Both are in a 6 NATIONAL MONTH. Emotions are running in all directions as Britain and the United States face the reality of where the old system of the 1000s has taken them. They are changed forever. There’s no getting back to “the way things were”. It is now a matter of where the new system of the 2000s will take them – which depends largely on the WILL of the people and our ability to turn ILL WILL (hate) into GOOD WILL (love).

FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE USA, DONALD TRUMP, whose birthday is this week on Wednesday, June 14, was born in New York in 1946, on the 22/4 LIFE PATH – the path of the MASTER BUILDER – or the MASTER DESTROYER. He is now in the 9 PERSONAL YEAR, (endings and drama), and the 6 PERSONAL MONTH (responsibility and balance – or the need to control). 1946 was a 2 Year (1+9+4+6=2+0=2).

FORMER PRIME MINISTER OF THE UK, BORIS JOHNSON, who was also born in New York, and whose birthday is next week on June 19 (1964) was born on the 9 LIFE PATH – the path of the SELFLESS GIVER – or the SELFISH TAKER. He is in the 5 PERSONAL YEAR of change and learning from mistakes, and an 11/2 PERSONAL MONTH (connection, detail, patience, humility, realism). 1964 was also a 2 Year (1+9+6+4=2+0=2).

Both men are now involved in serious judicial matters, and both are claiming to be the victims of a “witch hunt”.

RUSSIA, CHINA, NIGERIA, SYRIA, AUSTRIA, ITALY, PORTUGAL, and LUXEMBOURG are also in the 9 NATIONAL YEAR in 2023, and are also undergoing significant endings and dramas.

And talking of 9 , be sure to re-read your personal WEEKLY FORECAST on MONDAY, JUNE 12, as it doubles as a daily forecast on that date. This occurs when the month and day add up to 9 (6+1+2=9). Circumstances and feelings reach a peak on these dates. 9 represents endings, deep awareness, emotional expression, generosity, compassion – and letting go in order to move forward.

LETTING GO is the critical issue here – letting go of this primitive, misogynistic, and racist system which survives by keeping humanity at war with itself. Ultimately, LETTING GO means FORGIVENESS. Without forgiveness, we remain trapped in the past, and cannot move into present time.

Current events remind us that BALANCE requires a realistic PERSPECTIVE. We have to learn to look at history through the lens of human experience, and not just the generals, politicians, monarchs, aristocrats, billionaires, imperial acquisitions, and the outcome of war…

As James Baldwin put it:

“History is not a procession of illustrious people. It’s about what happens to a people. Millions of anonymous people, is what history is about.”

When money, possessions, and position are “GOD”, the sentient existence of people – and animals – and the planet herself – simply don’t matter. Everyone is “beneath” them. Everything is to be exploited – capitalized on. The mind becomes so narrow that there is no space for feelings of empathy, caring, decency, or love.

As Paul McCartney so aptly wrote:

In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

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